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Posts Made By: Brandon Vonk

October 8, 2017 11:54 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Finder Bracket Mounts for Meade StarFinder 10" Dob

Posted By Brandon Vonk

I just bought my second beginner scope secondhand: A 10" Meade Dobsonian that the seller said was very similar to the Meade StarFinder line of scopes.

The problem is, there is no finderscope or Bracket base for a finderscope. I have a green laser, so I got the idea that I might mount the laser to the scope to make finding very easy.

On the tube there are a line of three holes near the focuser. My guess is this is where I need to screw in a finderscope bracket base. However I don't know much about industry standardization when it comes to these Bracket bases. Which one should I get? Are all telescope finderscope Bracket bases created equal with holes spaced the same distance apart? Can I use any bracket base that I find online or do I need something made for my specific scope? Are the hole spacings for mounting screws standardized? Any recommendations? Should I get one for a T-type bracket or a Dovetail-type bracket?

Would something like this work?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!