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March 30, 2020 04:20 AM Forum: Eyepieces


Posted By John Sabella

   They look like eyepieces for a Questar Telescope.

October 1, 2020 02:41 AM Forum: Eyepieces

Bright eyepieces?

Posted By John Sabella

Originally Posted by Jeremiah Cole
I have recently purchased several Nagler eyepieces due to the wide field of view and impressive reviews. However, I have seen in some reviews that they tend to be "darker" due to the amount of lens pieces. while I am definitely happy with the Naglers I have (3.5mm T6, 7mm T1, 9mm T1) My scope is a 120mm refractor so I definitely need something that also maximizes what little light does get through. <br><br>What recommendations do people have regarding the brightest eyepieces? Price is only somewhat of a consideration, if I can't afford it I'll look for it used or save up....
I use to work for EPOI which back in 1970's owned Nikon and many other companies like Bronica, Fuji...etc.
I asked their Head Salesman if I could purchase some Demo Nikon Microscope eyepieces. He went to the lower level
of the building and searched for a series of Nikon Microscope eyepieces. He found a Nikon 5x, Nikon 10mm WF, Nikon HKW 10mm with 
cross-hair reticle, Nikon HKW 15mm and a Nikon K20x. I also got a FM (Early model to EFM) and more all for $50!
I at that time had a Lafayette Galactic 70mm refractor. That scope had a 0.965mm eyepiece holder. In the 1980's, I had access to
a professional Metal Lathe. I was able to produce 3, 0.020" aluminum sleeves that I turned down from a 1.0" Aluminum round stock. 
I made these, so I could put these Nikon Microscope eyepieces to use with my Lafayette Galactic.  
   I sold off the Lafayette Galactic and every scope from that point had either a 1.25" or 2.0" eyepiece holders. I basically, mothballed
those Nikon Microscope eyepieces.   
   Currently, I own a Questar Duplex and a 10" Meade LX850 OTA. I recently remembered that I had the Nikon Microscope Eyepieces
and I saw on eBay a Seller(China based) that offered a 0.965" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter for $7.95. It also include a 1.25" to 0.965" 
adapter too.
    I have accumulated quite a few Televue eyepieces. I own a 4mm & 10mm Televue Radians and a Televue Type 2, 16mm Nagler.
The Questar came with 2 Brandon's 16mm & 32mm. Those were Erfle designs. 
    Up to that point, my 16mm Nagler was my prized possession and there are Many review about this particular eyepieces performance. Then that Chinese 0.965" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter arrived and I could finally use my Nikon eyepieces.
    The Questar Duplex's views are incredible to start with. When I dropped in the Nikon's into the eyepiece holder my mind
was absolutely blown away. These eyepieces were brighter, had more contrast and Detail than ANY eyepiece I own!!
     The Nikon K20x was very close in magnification to my Televue Type 2, 16mm Nagler. This little K20x blew the doors off the
Nagler! In fact, I noticed by comparison of view of Jupiter as my test bed, that the Nagler had a warm and unnatural tone.
The Nikon K20x had just as good eye relief and offered more detail and contrast.
      Now I'm not going to get into a debate with Televue Owners but I will ask Anyone who would like to perform a simple test.
These Nikon eyepieces are going for Dirt cheap on eBay. You could buy the same set and pay probably less than $160 for them all.
   Of course you will need that 0.965' to 1.25" adapter and a friend of my used some flexible Stainless Steel tape to increase the
Nikon's 0.913" OD up to the 0.965" OD.  These eyepieces will completely change your mind on what a Telescope Eyepiece will
deliver as far as imaging. So, if you are looking for a cheap but totally affordable way to improve your viewing, do what I did.
So far, to friends of mine, purchased these eyepieces and did the same test as I did. They were totally blown away too.