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Posts Made By: Chris Nardone

May 14, 2002 06:41 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

10 mm eyepiece for planetary viewing

Posted By Chris Nardone

Has anyone done a direct comparison of a Celestron nexstar plossl and a Televue plossl. I am interested in a 10mm eyepiece for planetary viewing at 200x in my 8" sct. What other eyepiece models are good in this range.

June 18, 2002 09:32 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

moon crack

Posted By Chris Nardone

I had unusually good seeing in my backyard tonight and saw something on the moon that I've never seen before. I am refering to the crack in the crater just to the right and below the center of the picture. I took some 35mm shots but this digital pic was ok too. Any ideas what that is?

July 19, 2002 06:58 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

7 x 50's or 10 x 50's

Posted By Chris Nardone

I am trying to decide between the Celestron Ultima 7 x 50 and 10 x 50 binoculars.
1. Is the 10 x too much mag for hand use? I guess the reason I want the 10 vice the 7 is that I will also use the binos for terrestrial daytime viewing.
2. How much of a factor is the exit pupil difference? Most astro viewing will be from poor skies so the 10 x would be better, but I will occasionally have access to some very dark skies.

July 27, 2002 09:23 AM Forum: Film Astrophotography - Imaging and Processing

Ex+ non ED or bargain ED

Posted By Chris Nardone

I am looking for a used 300mm nikon lens. At KEH they have some good deals. Should I get a "bargain" ED lens or an "EX+" non ED lens at the same price.
Obviously I'll call and get details before I buy, but wanted some thoughts here first.

August 7, 2002 07:38 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Another filter question

Posted By Chris Nardone

What filters are available for piggy back photography that reduce skyglow and enhance nebulae etc? I have Nikon lenses with 52mm filter size.

August 19, 2002 09:52 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Megrez 80mm f/6 Refractor

Posted By Chris Nardone

I have a Celestron Ultima 8 PEC. The mount is even more solid than the newer Ultima 2000. I am taking good piggy back astrophotos. Prime focus is tough, except for the brightest objects because of guiding with a radial guider.
Do you think that the Megrez 80mm f/6 Refractor could work mounted piggy back to my SCT scope? I haven't heard of anyone trying this. I think the shorter focal length would give me a much more forgiving guiding tolerance and better field of view. I love my mount and it's capabilities, but since it is a fork, I am limited to the SCT unless I can come up with a good piggy back scope. The equivelent nikon lenses are just to expensive.

September 7, 2002 10:12 AM Forum: Film Astrophotography - Imaging and Processing

cygnus 135mm

Posted By Chris Nardone

Cropped to limit vignetting. 40 minutes at F/2.8 nikon 135mm with IDAS LPS-P1 light polution filter. My backyard is very poor. I highly recommend this filter. Next time I will stop the lens down. Kodak RG400 select. Anyone know the difference between RG select and just RG?
Scanned negative with epson flatbed scanner and transparency adapter (Not bad for flatbed). Adjusted with with photoshop LE.

March 10, 2003 04:49 PM Forum: Birding Optics and Photos

What is it?

Posted By Chris Nardone

I took this picture in my backyard. Two of these were hanging out on the roof of my birdhouse. I don't know much about birds, but it looked neat. What is it?

March 16, 2003 03:04 PM Forum: Birding Optics and Photos

white pelicans

Posted By Chris Nardone

Taken off the back of the ferry between Port Aransas and Aransas pass in Texas. No image editing done, just shrunk the image down from 4 megapixels. Sony DSC-S85 with tiffen 2x lens.

March 16, 2003 03:07 PM Forum: Birding Optics and Photos