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Posts Made By: will gordon

June 5, 2021 02:47 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

This hobby is a disease!

Posted By will gordon

Hello all,

I just started this hobby this year - I had surgery a couple of years ago and now golf is not a possibility.
I'm happy with my new hobby, in fact had I known how rewarding this hobby was/is I'd given up golf for it decades ago.
Anyway, while I'm finding the hobby to be rewarding, I'm finding it also to be a "quest for perfection" disease.
I started with the traditional 8" dob, then sold it for a 10" dob.
Loved the views but kept reading about how refractors provide better views since there is no CO.
So I got a terrific deal on an Orion 100ED.  The 10" dob + the 4" refractor really gave complimenting views.
Of course reading up on the 100ED I found while it has the absolute best glass it is "doublet-limited" in color-correction and finer details.
So now I'm in the process of getting a Meade 115mm Triplet.  

I'm currently targeting planets at their best placement/times/positions but my question is when does this quest end?  
I feel once I truly compare the Orion doublet against the Meade triplet I'm going to trade/sell until I get an APM ED140 Doublet or Explore Scientific ED140 Triplet.  Will it end there?

I'm also comparing Maks - I have a 6" iOptron that gives great views up to 100x but haven't pushed it yet.  I aquired an Intes 7" F15 Deluxe M715 that I'm wanting to compare against the iOptron with.

I think when it's all said and done I'd like to keep 3scopes - the 10" dob, the best refractor for my eye and the best mak for my eye.

We'll see though.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from ya'll soon.

June 6, 2021 05:20 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

This hobby is a disease!

Posted By will gordon

I do.  When I stop and think about it  - it's really kind of insane.

All the effort I'm throwing into this and for what - a little more clear/true-color image at 4am.

Anyway - I'm hooked now.