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Posts Made By: Reuben Otero

April 10, 2018 05:31 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

New format needs work.

Posted By Reuben Otero

The former website was better functionally in presenting classified info.  If the objective of this new web change is to provide a new look, then mission accomplished.  However, if its main objective is to “also” support your classified user community then in my opinion these changes missed the mark.  Depends on what’s your objectives with these changes.  Right now, a person has to deal with columns with headings running into two lines instead of one with no indentations to focus on what your looking for.  Fewer classifieds on the screen so more paging to the “next” page.  Lots of finger use to move the classified information back and forth to see further description of the item.  Very annoying.  Also, a lot of wasted visual space.  Yes, it visually looks better but your classified user base is “more concerned with the information”.  And quickly determining if we’re buying or selling something is our main concern.  The new format will simply require “more” navigating and to our way of thinking is less efficient.  Bottom line, I will take whatever you give me but, for me, I would like to quickly determine “what’s for sale”.  Everything else is secondary.  A good example of presenting information to a client is just about any financial website you use. Your former website format was hitting it out of the ball park doing the classified information job.