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Posts Made By: fedele de marco

November 5, 2021 08:38 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Identify this EY please

Posted By fedele de marco

Hi to all. 
i'm new on AM

Hi. I need to find another of these eyepieces that i received with an used Intes Micro M500. on the plastic container is reported 12, but on the eyepiece I have no indications.
1) can you tell me the exact model and scheme?
2) where can I find another identical one?

November 8, 2021 01:58 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

i m not able to post a new Classified

Posted By fedele de marco

i m a new user of AM

if i try to insert a new classified, this happens (picture): an infinite "wait" status



November 9, 2021 10:23 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

i m not able to post a new Classified

Posted By fedele de marco

looks a problem with Chrome

November 11, 2021 12:50 PM Forum: ASTRONOMY

FC100DL vs TSA120

Posted By fedele de marco

Hi I'm new to AM
I have a fantastic FC100DL, 1st series (black focuser), first pieces sold which I am very happy with and which is superb as well as a pleasure to use. The diameter fever and the idea of "getting more" are driving me to sell the 100 mm and  to buy a TSA 120.

However, I begin to doubt that I'm doing the right thing. I also have a mewlon 180c and the idea is to sell them both for the TSA120. Do you think this step is silly of me? according to your diagnosis do I suffer from "instrumentitis"?

March 24, 2022 11:41 PM Forum: Refractors

Takahashi FS60CB: finally in focus with everything

Posted By fedele de marco

I recently bought an FS60CB and I immediately ran into the known problems of backfocus and short focuser.
The use I have to make of the telescope involves the use of heavy and accessorie very demanding  in terms of backfocus: solar observations with Quark+ turret, Diagonals of 2", Baader cool Ceramic 2 "+ turret, etc ....
The definitive solution I found, which solves the focus problems with all this in a SAFE and STABLE way, was to mount an FTF 2025 BCR (which I had from the previous FC100DL). But not with the dedicated SI flange, as it takes up space and in the end the system is 7.5 cm long as with the original fok.
Therefore I had a flange made here in Italy, by the "Officine Otttiche e Meccaniche COMA di Adriano Lolli", which:
- was ultrashort
- that guarantees solidity to heavy optical trains without bending
- that he did not do vignetting
Lolli has created this magnificent flange which at the moment still has to be anodized in the same color as the focuser.
To give you an idea of the system, I go into focus with Maxbright II turret + T2 32 Baader + 2 "nose (total backfocus 148 mm) and there is still 22 mm of travel left, and this WITH NO GPC!