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Posts Made By: Art Ciampi

January 7, 2003 11:32 AM Forum: Takahashi

Optron Division of Canon Cameras

Posted By Art Ciampi

Optron is a division of the Canon Camera company. They have been producing [growing] flourite crystals for over 25 years. Takahashi purchases their flourite lenses from Optron. A few months ago a member of the TakUnCensored Group published a link to Optron which described its history and information about flourite lenses.
Canon uses their own [Optron] flourite lenses. They were the first to multi-coat flourite in the early 90's.

April 22, 2004 06:17 AM Forum: Takahashi

Re: short FS78?

Posted By Art Ciampi

The tube is 50mm shorter than the previous model.

Art Ciampi

August 16, 2005 08:17 AM Forum: Takahashi

First Light TOA-150

Posted By Art Ciampi

Last night I got my first chance to look through Takahashi's new TOA-
150. This telescope is every bit as impressive as its Japanese
designers told us it would be. I did a star test on Deneb as it was
easier to point to than Vega from our front yard -- we have some
pretty tall pines. The Airy disk was textbook at 314X using a Vixen
Lanthanum 3.5mm SuperWide eyepiece. Deneb's diffraction image,
inside and outside of focus, was perfect and showed no trace of
astigmatism or spherical aberration. The slightly blue color of the
disk did not change at all when passing through focus. On this
point, it reminded me of a star test with my old 8in. f/7.3
Newtonian -- minus the diffraction from secondary vanes. Seeing
conditions were moderately good so two diffraction rings were
visible in focus with the second ring being very faint. Having used
Takahashi's FS-152 and FCT-150, I can say that the TOA-150 is better
corrected than its predecessors.

The next object I centered in the telescope was M13 in Hercules. It
was easily located in the LE-50 at 22X even though I didn't have a
finder on the TOA and was using a manual Tak. 160P equatorial
mount. Stars were pinpoints out to the edge with all three
eyepeices I employed: the Takahashi LE-50mm(22X), Tele-Vue 12mm
Type II Nagler(92X) & the aforementioned 3.5mm Lanthanum SWA(314X).
The views of this globular at 314X were amazingly crisp. The stars
looked like specks of diamond dust scattered across black velvet.
My only complaints were regarding the streetlight some 50ft. away
and that I wasn't out in West Texas. This telescope would be the
perfect companion under a dark sky. Perhaps I will get a chance to
view Mars with it later.

The TOA-150 is not a lightweight telescope, but at 42lbs., it is not
difficult for one person to set up. Because the of the retractable
dew shield, it is actually much easier to haul around than the FS-
152. The tube itself is only 32lbs.; however, one must use the
included 10lb. accessory ring to balance the weight of the
objective. The focuser is the same 4in. model as found on the FSQ-
106 and comes standard with Takahashi's Micro-Edge 10:1 fine-focus.
I used a VernonScope 2in. 1/20-wave quartz diagonal which works well
with the 72mm extension tube included with the optical tube

If any of you are on the waiting list for a TOA-150, you will not be
disappointed when it arrives. Takahashi has once again established
a benchmark telescope for the 6in. refractor class.


November 22, 2005 10:46 AM Forum: Refractors

Re: Need Help Understanding View on Tak

Posted By Art Ciampi

Your TOA-130 is decollimated.

Please contact me at TNR and we will make you TOA perfect for you. smile

Art Ciampi

June 29, 2007 10:00 AM Forum: Takahashi

Re: FSQ (NEW) & Scopeguard Case

Posted By Art Ciampi

All US FSQ's are supplied with a 72mm thread in end cap that fits in the center of the multi-adapter so there is no danger to the rear flattener

The case was made to be air line transportable.

I can imagine that if you want a longer case, Don Holcombe would be more than pleased to oblige.

Art Ciampi

October 6, 2009 06:36 AM Forum: Takahashi

Re: Focuser problems

Posted By Art Ciampi

Please call us and speak to Fred. He can help.

We can recondition the focuser for you.

Art Ciampi

November 2, 2009 10:30 AM Forum: Takahashi

Re: Help with TAKAHASHI EP Projection setup with F

Posted By Art Ciampi

The reducer was not designed to be used with the TCA-4. The TCA-4 was designed to be used at prime focus.

The purpose of the TCA-4 was to produce highly magnified images for imaging. Using a reducer with the TCA-4 defeats the purpose of the TCA-4.

If you want a smaller images used a longer focal length ocular like the LE-30.

Art Ciampi

April 1, 2010 01:02 PM Forum: Takahashi


Posted By Art Ciampi

We will have on display the new CCA-250 tri-focal astrograph. Its native focal length is f/5, reduced to 3.6 and extended to f/7.9.

We will also have samples of the Mewlon correctors and a surprise.

Art Ciampi

January 30, 2003 10:18 AM Forum: Takahashi

new Takahashi refractors?

Posted By Art Ciampi

These insruments will be around for a long time. The TOA's are separate and new.
Art Ciampi

February 24, 2003 07:21 AM Forum: Takahashi

Re: Help! I think I messed up my new FS102

Posted By Art Ciampi

The two small set acrews in the lens cell are there to keep it from unscrewing itself. So, I would recommed that you loosen these set screws beforer you turn the objective any further, because if you did no, you would score the thread that holds the cell to the tube.

Once having loosen the screws, tighten the lens cell until it stops turning. Do this with gentle pressure.

Then place a star in the center of the field and defocus it. It should look lkie a bullseye. If not it is just decollimated.

If it is contact me at TNR.

Art Ciampi

P.S. You have nothing to woryy about. It is a small thing and you can be assrued you have damaged at worst soem threads. We can take care of it for you.

Rest easy.