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Posts Made By: Timothy McDougall

January 26, 2003 02:09 AM Forum: TeleVue

Old Genesis vs. new?

Posted By Timothy McDougall

In a side by side comparison of the genesis with newer models like the 85,101 and 102, is color correction the ONLY gain in the new models? I find it hard to believe that for RESOLUTION the 85 would be better, but can the 101 and 102 show MORE planetary detail, color correction is not that important to me visually, details are. That said, is the older genesis a hell of a deal??? Three times the amount for the newer ones seems silly. thanks all...

September 23, 2004 05:36 AM Forum: Refractors

D&G Achromat and Chromacor

Posted By Timothy McDougall

Anyone try this combination? I've been told by both parties it works well, D&G saying the color correction is almost perfect because of their well corrected lens to begin with. Considering a 6" f/12 for friendlier use vs. the f/15. The chromacor was optimized for 120mm to 150mm at f/8, but supposedly works with longer focal ratios too. Curious if anyone has experimented???

May 5, 2005 07:57 AM Forum: Solar System Observing

Jupiter 4 May...Oval

Posted By Timothy McDougall

Good views of Jupiter last night with average seeing. It is putting on quite a show! 195x showed Io eclipse, red spot, blue festoons and a large oval in the SEB following after the red spot but not associated with it. On CM ~0210UT. It had a very dark outline and very white interior. Very apparent in the genesis, actually had a wow factor to it grin . Anyone else see this with something bigger or image it?

May 5, 2005 08:03 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Help! Binoviewer...

Posted By Timothy McDougall

I purchased a new burgess binoviewer and liked the quality and the eyepieces seemed good. I cant seem to make the images merge??? I tried diopter adjustment and eyespan but can only briefly get the image to merge, a second or two. Then the image diverges.Are my eyes not allowing me to do this or is something wrong with the unit???

June 17, 2005 06:32 AM Forum: Astro-Physics


Posted By Timothy McDougall

Well, it would figure! After a five plus year wait, my delivery date has been moved from this month until JAN 2006!!! Anyone else get the same letter on this run? The explanation was vague at best citing "other" projects :S . That will bring the total time to over 6 years??? Ridiculous...Very disappointed... sad

November 25, 2005 09:40 AM Forum: Binoviewers

How large, how small???

Posted By Timothy McDougall

How large of an eyepiece can I effectively use on a quality (Denk) binoviewer? I'd like to use a TV 32plossl. Can I go as small as 8mm? Thank you for any input or experience. Any eyepiece types to avoid? Just getting started in this relm.

December 8, 2005 12:52 PM Forum: Celestron

C80 ED Spotting Scope-1st Light

Posted By Timothy McDougall

Its funny in this hobby how over the years you go full circle sometimes. In this case, a manufacturer. Had a C-8 years ago, very good example, and now I'm back to a celestron, apparently a fine piece again.
I have moved up to a large apo refractor, but wanted a light, no fuss grab-n-go. I'm hooked on refractor views,so when the price of these little ED's got appealing I had to bite. I'm satisfied!
Jupiter this morning was crisp and detailed with no color fringe. Saturn rings with cassini, equatorial banding, warm straw color with no PURPLE. TV 4.8 Nag yielding 125X nice for this aperature. I'll press it further and star test when time permits but it already lived up to what I wanted, high quality view, LOW price, quick and easy on an old Jason (EQ-2)mount I had laying around. Don't overlook this scope!
Negatives-focuser is abit stiff, cradle ring too tight, Aaahhh but Only 1/5 the cost of others,sweet wink

December 8, 2005 06:12 PM Forum: Refractors

C80 ED Spotting scope...AND THEN SOME!!!

Posted By Timothy McDougall

I started this first light report in the celestron section this morning, but moved here for more on tonights session. Iam not easliy impressed, but this scope has inspired me!
Tonight after sunset I was going to do a quick session again just to confirm the scope was fine, but ten minutes turned into two hours in 10 degree weather!!!
First I hit Venus for color eval, beautiful cresant no chromatic aberation up to 150x. Very high contrast. No color on the moon at 157x lots of detail.
Mars amazed me for this aperature! 125x looking good with maria seen, 157X better detail, hellas and north polar hood, I pushed 200X and still excellent! The maria turned mottled slightly, I couldnt believe the power this booger would take. There was a slight purple fringe off the planet edge, but I had to look for it, not a distraction.I have a celestron ST80 I would not try this with, but I believe the scope can go higher! The seeing crapped out and clouds rolled quickly in but I'm convinced without a star test this scope is a keeper. Pin point stars, nice wide fields( started with the sisters and the double-double ). With this planetary detail I have to believe the star test will be acceptable.
I cant believe that celestron markets this as a "spotting scope"!? I've seen more color in my old genesis than this puppy. Get the word out, ITS A STEAL!!! Anyone considering a high dollar apo, consider this or any of the latest offerings, I think the lens quality has caught up. This is my grab and go now! Wow, I want to use it more than the TEC just to see what it can do!!! grin

January 16, 2006 05:17 PM Forum: Refractors

Two New APO Refractors announced

Posted By Timothy McDougall

Stellarvue and APM(TMB) have the 90mm f/7 and 95mm f6.8 triplets on their sites now. I would have thought these would be the same lens/design, maybe SV version is of different manufacture. Priced at $1995 it is exciting. I always thought Takahashi hit the nail on the head with the Sky 90. These are bigger but still toted as airline transportable. SV has apparently dropped its above 4" apo line from its advertising, the website is changed to reflect new specs and the new scopes. Just a few more scopes to throw on the wish list! We all can have a "traveller" now!!! wink

January 21, 2006 04:48 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Denk Standard Vs. Denk II's

Posted By Timothy McDougall

Has anyone or can someone quantify the difference between these two viewers? I'm looking for high planetary detail with a high strehl(TEC140)scope. Please explain the visual difference between 1/4 wave standard to 1/8 wave II's. Isn't a true 1/4 wave diffraction limited or will it actually degrade the 1/8 or better the scope is capable of on planetary detail? ANY and ALL comments are appreciated. I'm putting the finishing touches on my setup...thanks.