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Posts Made By: Craig Buckingham

July 2, 2002 08:52 PM Forum: Astro Binoculars

Best 7x50 Binoculars for Astronomy?

Posted By Craig Buckingham

Hi Glenn,

Thought this may have been your thread.

As you know I have the Fujinon FMT-SX2 7x50s. Most of my comparisons have been done during the day in stores so I cannot vouch for nightime performance.

Of the binocs I have looked through I would say the best in low power were;

*Zeiss 7x42 BGA-T Classic (Roof)
*Swarovski 8.5x42EL (Roof)

The ELs had the best colour correction I have ever seen (including the Canon IS 15x50). Could not detect any colour on the most difficult targets. Only a slight violet tinge on a sunlit chrome street light fitting and it was very faint ghost of colour.

I have not looked throught any Nikon SEs or Prostars, Astroluxe or Venturer roofs. I have been told the Swarovski ELs outsell the Nikon Venturers like 10-1. No one stocks high grade Nikons in Sydney. Yet there are several stores that carry high-end Zeiss and Leica and a few for Swarovski.

The Zeiss 7x50 BGA-T porros were not in the same league as th Fujis and I think you would find the same. I will have a look through some Nikon Prostars 7x50 in the next few weeks and let you know what I think of them.

If your pupils don't go out to 7mm you might consider a smaller exit pupil binoc. One thing I can say is I used my Fujis at a dark sky sight the other night and I could see farm animals clearly under star light but not with the naked eye. The amount of night time detail was amazing.
BTW I think I have approximately 6mm pupil dilation.