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Posts Made By: Rod Mollise

January 2, 2010 05:16 AM Forum: Antique/Classic/Vintage Optical Instruments

Time for a Change?

Posted By Rod Mollise

A NAME change, that is. Most of the older telescopes we like and talk and obsess about are not "antiques." Astromart does not have a Classic Telescopes forum. Many folks pass this one by, like I usually do, thinking "Clark refractors." Maybe it's time this one becomes "Classic Scopes"? Or time to start a forum devoted to those 60s-70s-80s scopes many of us fancy?

January 24, 2010 07:58 AM Forum: N.A.S.A.

Re: Soviet space history

Posted By Rod Mollise

david goldman said:

Does anyone know if the Russians have ever sent any animal payloads around the moon and back?, Dave.

Nope...not as far as I've ever heard or read.

April 14, 2010 04:44 AM Forum: Celestron

Re: C5+

Posted By Rod Mollise

Al Forman said:

Hi--I have C5+ Celestron scope--great optics, but I am getting older, and the setting circles are really slowing me up. Does any one know of a way that I can convert this into a Go-To tpye of scope. I have a C8 GPS ,it really has spoiled me, however it does make life easier. I would still like the use of the setting circles if ths is possible?----Al

The only pracical way to do this is remove the OTA from the fork and put it on a another mount, like a GEM. Converting the fork to go-to would be quite involved, since you'd have to fabricate and install a gear drive for declination. Get a CG5 or an Ioptron mount and keep on truckin' is my opinion.

May 19, 2010 03:14 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: ioptron model 8300

Posted By Rod Mollise

Al Forman said:

Have a C5+ which I would like to use with a ioptron 8300. How secure is the scope holder: The only thing I see that is holding the scope in place is a large screw. Any ideas on more security. The company says that it will hold a 25 pound payload--one screw makes me nervous.

The Mini Tower may have problems, but the screw you are referring to is not one of them. As long as it is tightened securely, it is not a problem.

May 28, 2010 05:51 AM Forum: Religion

Re: What evidence would make you believe?

Posted By Rod Mollise

Scott Satko said:

Since the oft-repeated line from the agnostics/atheists on this forum seems to be that "there's not a shred of evidence" favoring the existence of God, this makes me curious. Just what type of evidence would you need to see to accept as proof that God exists? Or is there any? No flames here--just trying to understand you guys better.

A repeatable experiment showing, by whatever means, action that could only be attributable to a supernatural entity. IOW...NOT;

What's written in the ancient book of an ignorant and primitive people.

Not what somebody feels in their heart.

Not what people say they believe and/or want to believe because they fear death or feel lonely.

Not because some famous man or woman beleived it.

A tall order? Carl Sagan was wont to say, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."


June 12, 2010 06:03 AM Forum: Religion

Re: Do Chris, Clyde, and Rod exist?

Posted By Rod Mollise

Scott Satko said:

I've read multiple posts on this forum (from those listed in the title of this thread as well as from others) that God does not exist.

Why are you angry at me, Scott? I don't know you, and, as far as I know, I've never even exchanged emails with you. I don't remember you, anyhow. Dang near spoiled my mornin' coffee to read I don't exist! LOL!


Try reading all that one more time. For comprehension. You cannot prove a negative, and I wouldn't try. What _I_ am saying is there is NO EVIDENCE for the objective reality of Big Juju. None.

The point is that _there is no evidence for the existence of ANY supernatural entities_.

Unless you have some?


June 12, 2010 01:10 PM Forum: Religion

Re: Do Chris, Clyde, and Rod exist?

Posted By Rod Mollise

Scott Satko said:

Alright, now that I've made my point, I'm done with this Anti-Religion forum. Life's too short to waste it debating endlessly with you guys. Have fun congratulating each other on how enlightened you all are. Adios!

What point is that? That you are tucking your tail and heading for the exit because your silliness was CHALLENGED?

July 15, 2010 02:30 PM Forum: Religion

Re: It's A Miracle?

Posted By Rod Mollise

Robert Provin said:

Why doesn’t God heal amputees? The answer is straight forward if you are a skeptic or a rationalist, maybe a bit dicey for believers and those of faith. Any comments?

Alas, Robert, if you get an answer, it will just be the same old tired rationalization: "God doesn't answer all prayers" (i.e. he doesn't want to). Backed by that oldie but goodie WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE WAYS OF THE LORD. lol!

July 26, 2010 01:07 PM Forum: Religion

Why Do Atheists Hate Long Twisted Threads?

Posted By Rod Mollise

Why don't we start a new one? The last one is becoming unwieldy and hard to read...

January 9, 2011 12:33 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: C8 Dovetail for a CG5-gt mount

Posted By Rod Mollise

No...a Losmandy D dovetail _will not work_. You need a Vixen compatible dovetail. They are commonly available, including from