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Posts Made By: Rod Mollise

December 9, 2016 10:16 AM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Rod Mollise

I certainly wouldn't call it a "kid's toy." It _can_ be a decent RFT. In some senses it has been obsoleted by Chinese scopes like the StarBlast with better focusers (sometimes) better primaries, and collimatable primaries. But not in all ways.

No one has yet bettered its basic industrial design. It is perfectly suited to hand-holding it while scanning the skies.

Its liabilities? I have never seen one with a 1/8th wave primary and precious few that meet 1/4 wave. While the non collimatable primary mount CAN be OK, it's not unusual for the scope to get out of alignment as it ages. It can be collimated, but it is not a picnic. The focuser's problems are far more grave than just a skinny draw-tube: it is a lousy focuser.

None of these things really prevent the scope from doing what it was designed to do, providing spectacular low power views given its modest cost, even back in the 1970s. wink

December 9, 2016 10:19 AM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Rod Mollise

mike montreal said:

anyone know much about this scope? any input would be much appreciated!


AFAIK, it has not shipped yet. I suspect that it will be much like the revived ETX-90, however.