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Posts Made By: Andy Campbell

May 4, 2005 09:42 AM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Just a quick poll.

Posted By Andy Campbell

I did the same as Darrell! I have a friend named Derek who is really into optics. However he really wasn't into telescopes he was into making a tracking missile head or some such nonsense! but anyway I hounded him for a few years about telescope optics and finally one day he showed up at my house with an 8" mirror kit complete with grit and pitch and a book named "ALL ABOUT TELESCOPES" by Sam Brown. over the next few months I ground and polished that glass.I had to parabolize it three times :C because I went to far twice and had to return it to a sphere! I made the spider and fibreglassed the tube and even made a mount from plumbing parts as described in that book. The scope turned out great and I will never get rid of it! Although I currently am using an LX200 12" Classic in my dome I often pull out my 8" in the yard to look at stuff! 8)

May 7, 2005 09:08 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Strengthening Observatory doors

Posted By Andy Campbell

Bryan, My first obs. was an Arrow 10x8. and the doors were very flimsy, and not very secure! if you push and slide them you can open them even if they are locked together! I never got around to a fix because the wind took the roof right off! and I decided to make a dome. But if you can make them lock to the channel so they can't slide when locked! 8)

May 9, 2005 11:44 AM Forum: Reflectors

Help with the camera cap alingment method.

Posted By Andy Campbell

Do you mean this post by Michael Campbell (

May 15, 2005 09:51 PM Forum: Home Observatories

Gearhead motor source?

Posted By Andy Campbell

Well, I've dug up a 115v DC bodine and I haven't got a clue how to control it! Bodine's site is no help! cwy Any electrically inclined users out there willing to clue me in on a circuit to make it work from 115 AC and do Reverse?

May 16, 2005 11:37 AM Forum: Home Observatories

My Skyshed is finished

Posted By Andy Campbell


May 26, 2005 11:57 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Concrete vs Steel "I" Beams

Posted By Andy Campbell

Your pier should be independant of your floor structure to avoid vibrations!

June 1, 2005 01:05 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Evolution of the astronomer

Posted By Andy Campbell

Looking at things through the eyepiece does give me great pleasure! But I like to see Deep space objects and the view of most DS objects through the eyepiece is disappointing! to be able to accumulate photons and actually see the detail of very faint objects instead of just a fuzzy blob is what gets me excited! and I am also one of those people who sit up at 3 am processing images!(I wouldn't be able to sleep before I see them anyway! :S )

June 3, 2005 08:59 AM Forum: Home Observatories

7' Observatory Update - Cylinder Primed

Posted By Andy Campbell

Congratulations on this major step forward! It looks like it's coming together nicely! smile Those rounded doors can be a bother can't they! I made mine out of 2x6's and door skins and it was challenging!
Good luck on the weather!

June 20, 2005 10:40 PM Forum: Insects - Flowers and Other Small Stuff - Photos

Moth of some kind.

Posted By Andy Campbell

No I think it is a Butterfly! A great shot of a Least Skipper! 8)

June 24, 2005 08:55 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Ever discover you had a ready made pier??

Posted By Andy Campbell

That's the best use of a basketball goal I've heard of! wink Just think no more tripping over tripod legs! Not to mention not having to store a tripod with the scope! I have two tripods on my patio and they take up a lot of room. I did notice a Polar alignment feature on your mount are you able to use it that close to the house?