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Posts Made By: Joe Lentz

October 31, 2004 02:58 PM Forum: Politics

A second Civil War?

Posted By Joe Lentz

Donald, it's difficult to brand Bush as "crazy", since you would then have to brand so many of his followers crazy as well (I think most of them simply don't know what is going on and are trying to behave in a way they have been convinced is patriotic).

Unethical might be a more appropriate word than crazy. Afterall, it should be clear by now (after nearly 4 years) that the Bushites are perfectly willing to suspend the truth and distort reality if they think it will futher their agenda and help keep them in power.

This election, as much as anything, will be an IQ test for the US electorate, not because Kerry is god's gift to the american people, but for the simple reason that Bush should not be rewarded for his gross failure of a term.

Those who have been saying that this is the most important election in many of our lifetimes are right on the mark in my opinion.

November 3, 2004 02:26 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Joe Lentz

Tom, I thought that was pretty darned graceful of you. I'd say congratulations on winning the election too; sadly, the country has moved huge step backwards as a result. Of course slightly more than half the electorate will continue to be happily oblivious to this fact. Another chapter in the dumbing down of america is in progress..

November 30, 2004 12:35 AM Forum: Politics

Better Opinion piece from the US of A

Posted By Joe Lentz

Jim, all your questions do nothing to change the fact that this was a case of lowering standards. Even you admitted that changing the rule was not a good idea. And comparing Friedman to Limbaugh is ridiculous; Limbaugh is more of an entertainer than a serious journalist, and is more partisan as well. Also I disagree that this is merely a liberal rant; it is pointing out more symptoms of value problems that many (usually on the right) prefer to ignore or downplay. Of course the irony of this, given the rights lip service to moral values is absurdly obvious, although it is only a small example.

November 30, 2004 05:54 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Why the Free Press Is

Posted By Joe Lentz

>>>>Thanks to the Reagan Administration eliminating controls on media ownership, most media outlets are controlled by a few...certainly not the "diverse".<<<<

Well Ray, I was going to make that point but you beat me to it. Fortunately there are still many who report news as it is, but they don't always have the mass market access and are also more often sidelined and attacked personally IMO.

As for the "sheep" comment, I think one needs to be careful about generalizing too much. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of folks out there who are unwilling to let others do their thinking for them, and end up being easier fodder for propaganda and manipulation. And since those folks aren't going out of their way to research the news in any critical way, they are going to be more subject to the views of the "mainstream"... such as it is.

December 2, 2004 03:24 PM Forum: Politics

US to raise troop levels in Iraq

Posted By Joe Lentz

>>>>It seems to me that the USA is only now starting to fight the real war.<<<<

Exactly the kind of scenario predicted by so many on the left back when Bush started this war. 150,000 troops in Iraq, last month ties a record for highest number of US casualties, (still little mention of the high number of civilian casualties) etc. Is there an end in sight? I doubt it, especially in light of what's going on with regard to Iran relations right now. I'm also seeing a big increase lately in the number of advertisements on TV for service recruitment. No surprise there. Wonder how that's working out? What a lovely legacy the Bushies will have when they are finally done with their reign.

December 12, 2004 09:22 PM Forum: Politics

A Rotten Deal in Iraq

Posted By Joe Lentz

Well, reading this story, especially after all the stories about the lack of armor for the Humvees and the trucks, just brings to light more of the hypocrisy of those who are suppposed to be responsible for supplying our troops. These guys are just trying to do the best job they can under difficult circumstances, If anything, give them a medal! Rumsfeld can get the boot as far as I'm concerned..

February 19, 2006 11:47 PM Forum: Politics

What's the End Point?

Posted By Joe Lentz

Howdy ya'll, haven't been here in quite awhile, but thought I'd drop in to donate a good Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that kinda goes toward this whole cartoon-religious-insult-madness. It came to me courtesy of my brother who is a voracious reader of brilliant pre-21st century minds. Here is the quote:

"The great army of cowards who bellow and bully...have no confidence in truth or God. Truth will not maintain itself, they fancy, unless they bolster it up, and whip and stone the assailants;...the being of God they seem to think dependent on what we say of it."

BTW, the quote can also apply to Christian fundamentalists afaic, or anyone else who's religious or superstitious beliefs are offended or threatened by freedom of expression. That isn't to say that a clash of drastically different cultures doesn't require greater respect and understanding... there is obviously a general dearth of that in today's world imo.

September 5, 2006 05:26 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

TeleVue 60° Everbrite Diagonal

Posted By Joe Lentz

I was told by Dave @ TeleVue today that the 60 degree Everbrite is the equal in optical quality to the 90 degree Everbrite (1.25"), the difference of course being the angle, and associated ergos. Just thought I'd share the info in case anyone else was wondering.

October 8, 2006 01:32 AM Forum: Sports

Baseball Season is Over

Posted By Joe Lentz

Yup, I love seeing the Yankees get beat, especially if it's by my team the Detroit Tigers, with less than half the payroll and few expectations of getting this far. As for baseball season being over, I'd say it's just getting interesting!

October 12, 2006 10:30 PM Forum: Sports

Tigers all the way?

Posted By Joe Lentz

I think they're going to have a chilly game in Detroit on Friday Jim. That sure won't keep the fans away though. Go Tigers!!!!!