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Posts Made By: Joe Lentz

February 22, 2004 07:30 PM Forum: Politics

Pat Paulsen for President!!!

Posted By Joe Lentz

Common, ordinary, simple savior of America's destiny!!

P.S. Thanks for not dumping the forum Herb... I think. ;-)

February 22, 2004 08:05 PM Forum: Religion

P & R

Posted By Joe Lentz

"While an indifferent universe may confirm no purpose in our existence, we can give meaning to life by the way we lead it." - Reed:86

(Kurt Vonnegut)

February 27, 2004 01:47 PM Forum: Politics

Speaking of Progressives

Posted By Joe Lentz

Nice speech from Bill Moyers. Warning, may require more than a few seconds of your attention:

Here's a small excerpt:

""In one way or another, this is the oldest story in America: the struggle to
determine whether "we, the people" is a spiritual idea embedded in a political reality
- one nation, indivisible - or merely a charade masquerading as piety
and manipulated by the powerful and privileged to sustain their own way of life at the
expense of others."

February 27, 2004 07:41 PM Forum: Politics

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan

Posted By Joe Lentz

In case anyone wants to know what's going on over there:

March 15, 2004 04:52 AM Forum: Politics

One Down, Two to Go

Posted By Joe Lentz

The people of Spain just kicked out their government. Guess they thought the majority
of the people actually deserved to have their views represented. What a concept eh?
As I recall, that's what we used to have here at one time.

March 21, 2004 03:48 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Joe Lentz

Here's a nicely written piece on Scalia:

His own views about conflict of interest issues re: the Cheney business truly
reek of arrogance and disregard for the spirit of the law. Of course given his history,
that should come as no surprise to anyone.

March 22, 2004 05:03 AM Forum: Politics

GWB ongoing legacy... Mistrust

Posted By Joe Lentz

Here are some recent numbers from the PEW Research Center showing how popular GWB's policies are after the expenditure of all the money, lives, and promises.

April 5, 2004 03:34 PM Forum: Politics

Lessons learned...

Posted By Joe Lentz

...and put into practice:

I think Nixon and McCarthy would be proud of our current president. He (and his handlers) have learned their lessons, and put them into practice with a vengeance. Manipulating the people through fear and lies has never worked so well. And the prez has fun doing it too!,3604,1183336,00.html

Have we become so easy to fool? So willing to be held in contempt by our government? And the press eats it up like cotton candy. Well... don't worry about it, I'm sure we're in good hands. Go have another beer, turn on the TV, fix a snack... forget about it. Everything's quiet in your neighborhood right?

April 8, 2004 03:45 PM Forum: Politics

A breath of fresh air!

Posted By Joe Lentz

Are you yearning for an end to the droning, repetitive lies? Ready to dispel the darkness? Hoping to banish that elephantine virus coursing through your head? If so, tune into:

April 21, 2004 04:43 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Death count

Posted By Joe Lentz

Sobering indeed. And not a subject this administration wants us to look at either.
Better to just accept their version of events and reasons, and to be good americans...
vote them back into office, trust them... and their motives. Don't think too much
about it. Hey! I think there's something good on TV tonight! Have another beer!
Buy some fun stuff! Heck, those guys in the White House, they know what
their doing... right? Not to worry. We're in good hands..