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Posts Made By: Ernie Spragg

April 3, 2015 10:48 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

astromart ads

Posted By Ernie Spragg

is it just me, or have the photos accompanying Astromart ads become so small as to be almost useless? Ernie Spragg Fresno CA

April 11, 2015 09:02 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

today's "Image of the Day"

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - Would anybody else be happier if the "Image of the Day" was not a photo of a gun? ernie spragg fresno ca

June 8, 2015 07:06 PM Forum: Lost Contacts and Personal Messages

Oregon Astromarters

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - i am looking for an Astromarter who lives in southern or central Oregon - Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseberg, Eugene, Corvallis - to ask a favor of. please email me privately through Astromart if you might be interested in giving me a hand. thank you - ernie spragg fresno ca

July 20, 2015 04:48 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Vernonscope Zoom 15X-50X Eyepiece

Posted By Ernie Spragg

Hi - As far as I can tell, this eyepiece has made only 2 appearances here on Astromart over the years. If you have any info, preferably that can be documented, about it and its origins, would you please post it here for all to see? It's a bit hard to believe that Don went to the trouble and expense to produce a zoom himself and then only made a few. Thanks - Ernie Spragg Fresno CA

September 24, 2015 05:29 PM Forum: Sports


Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - if your son plays, or is thinking about playing tackle football at any level, i suggest that, as 1 parent to another, you tune into the U of Cincinnati - Memphis State game currently airing on ESPN. ernie spragg Fresno CA

February 5, 2016 09:33 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Vintage Equipment Ads

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - I was going through my Quantum (OTI) literature tonight and I came upon a few magazine ads from the '70s and '80s for various things I thought folks might enjoy looking at. I'm going to try to upload some images here, but since I've not tried this before I really don't know how it will go. Ernie Spragg

February 18, 2016 11:49 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

throttled account

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - Occasionally my ability to respond to ads is suspended because I have exceeded some 24 hour limit for such activity. My requests for clarification have gone unanswered, so i am finally motivated to ask here if others have had this experience. Please don't use this space to rant about the policy - or about me, if you are inclined to, OK? thanks - ernie

April 11, 2016 08:58 PM Forum: After Dark

Jupiter tonight 4/11/16

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - is anyone else looking at Jupiter tonight? there are 5 faint objects near Jupiter - 4 on 1 side and 1 on the other - all on the same plane. does anyone know if all 5 are Jovian moons, or if 1 a star? Ernie Spragg

May 1, 2016 09:54 AM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

Astromart profile page

Posted By Ernie Spragg

hi - is there anything in the Astromart rules that limits the contents of the statement on our profile page? Are we free to make political / religious statements there - statements that have nothing to do with amateur astronomy - that might offend other Astromarters who are not of the same faith / political persuasion / opinion, or who feel that those opinions are better expressed in the forums, if they must be expressed here? Ernie Spragg

May 24, 2016 09:32 AM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

Avoiding Paypal Fees

Posted By Ernie Spragg

An increasing number of Astromart sellers suggest payment in their ads via the Paypal Friends and Family option to avoid Paypal's 3% fees. Whether or not one likes it, Paypal provides a very convenient method for completing deals - but it is a for-profit entity and provides a service, and cheating it out its fees is, simply, cheating. Would you condone your child's stealing a pack of gum because it only cost $1.50? CN deletes classified ads that mention this payment option. If the buyer and seller of a $1,000 item agree to split the Paypal fees, each is out a whopping fifteen bucks. Do the right thing - because it is just that, and not because you might get caught - and make your buyer drive to the post office, buy a money order for $1, and mail it to you - or pay for the privilege and convenience of using Paypal. Ernie Spragg