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Posts Made By: Charlie Nitka

January 11, 2004 09:37 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

stupid finder tricks

Posted By Charlie Nitka

Here are a few tips to get your finder lined up.

Sounds like your finder is loose in the mounting bracket. Make some "dimples" with a drill bit in the dovetail base where the mounting screws touch. This makes the mounting position consistent every time you re-attach it. Take your time and use a center punch before drilling to get them centered just right. Don't drill through, rather just deep enough to make a shallow hole.

Center the finder in the bracket with the front set of 3 screws. Make all your alignment adjustments with the rear set of 3 only. Leave the front ones alone.

Rotate the finder so the cross hairs follow the DEC axis... center a star and make sure it follows the cross hair when you tilt the scope up and down.

Good Luck