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Posts Made By: David Vandervelde

January 1, 2006 08:56 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Canon 5D for astrophotography?

Posted By David Vandervelde

Hello! I am planning on purchasing a dSLR in the next month, and am curious if anyone has used the Canon 5D for astrophotography. I will be using the camera more for landscape photography, but would like to venture into basic astrophotography using my refractor and piggybacking on my C8. I was thinking about the 5D, but am curious how it compares to the 20D or 20Da for photos of the night sky. Thanks for any advice!


January 27, 2007 02:51 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Is GOTO worth it?

Posted By David Vandervelde

Hello all, I'm not new to astronomy, but I'm old school and have never used anything other than a manual mount with hand turned gears... and I'm ready to upgrade to a good solid mount.

So here's my question... is GOTO really worth the huge cost? I've been eyeing a Losmandy GM8, and it's about $2100 Cdn without the GOTO, and $3600 Cdn with it. Yikes... doesn't the non-GOTO version still have gears, hand controllers, and a clock drive? Is the extra $1500 only so that I can tell it to go somewhere specific? Is seems like a lot...

I should mention that I'd like the option of hooking up my laptop to my scope... I'm assuming I can only do this with GOTO. Also, as of now, I don't have the time or money to dive into astrophotography, but it might be something I'll play with later in life.

Is there a good driven mount or GOTO mount other than the GM8? I'd like one that could handle a 10" SCT, and the Losmandy is about the max for what I'd be willing to spend. Like I said, it would be primarily for visual use, but perhaps some minor attempts at astrophotography might be in its future.


February 3, 2007 11:42 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Advanced Series cheaper than OTA?

Posted By David Vandervelde

Am I missing something here? A store here in Canada has the C11 XLT OTA for $3200 and the C11 XLT Advanced Series scope for $2740... aren't these the same OTAs with the Advanced Series being mounted on a CG5? Why is the Advanced Series $460 less?


December 9, 2002 11:51 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Meade SWA vs UWA

Posted By David Vandervelde

I know I'm replying to my own message! I forgot one thing... does anyone out there know the eye relief for the Meade eyepieces?

December 10, 2002 09:14 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Meade SWA vs UWA

Posted By David Vandervelde

What about the 15mm TeleVue panoptic? Any opinions?

December 13, 2002 11:46 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Axiom 23 mm

Posted By David Vandervelde

Well, I don't have one, but mind if I ask what you think of the 23mm Axiom. I can't find much feedback about Celestron eyepieces but their specs seem good. Thanks.


December 20, 2002 03:47 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Eyepieces for an 8" f/10?

Posted By David Vandervelde

Hello, I have a Celestron C8 and am ready to upgrade my eyepieces. I am looking to eventually buy two or three premium eps along with a 2x Barlow or Powermate. While I have done my share of observing, I most certainly do not consider myself an expert and have limited experience with premium eps.

My thoughts on my final set of eps are all Panoptics... the 35mm, the 22mm and the 15mm. I've already upgraded my diagonal to a 2", so that's not a concern. I will keep my 32mm SuperPlossl until I can afford the 35mm, but I just sold my 20mm SuperPlossl and am looking to replace it pretty quick. My main question is whether to get the 22mm and the 15mm, or just go inbetween and get the 19mm Panoptic instead (and save some money in the end). Does anyone have any advice on the 19mm vs the 22mm? How easy is it to use a 1.25" Barlow on a 22mm, with its 2"/1.25" format?

So does anyone have any other ep combinations to recommend on a C8 f/10 SCT? Keep in mind that in the end I'll want at most three quality eps, and that the 35mm Panoptic is the highest price I want to go (i.e. no Nagler 31mm... I'd rather get a 35mmm Pan and a 22mm Pan for the same price). Also keep in mind that someday in the future I want to upgrade to a C9.25, and that I have plans to build a 10" f/6 Dob.

I've really rambled on now... Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

November 5, 2004 08:00 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Dobs Dobs Dobs!

Posted By David Vandervelde

I find it interesting that so many people talk about customer service, especially of Starmaster. I agree that I would prefer to support a company with great customer service, and here in Canada there are a few dealers I'll go back to even if their prices are a bit high, and a couple that I know I'll never buy from.

I have emailed most every major Dob dealer, asking them about an approximate wait time, as well as an estimate for shipping costs, because I'm in Canada. The only one - yes the only one - to reply so far has been Obsession, and it was within a day. When I sent another question back to Obsession, it was replied to within an hour. I find it kinda frustrating (yes, I know I'm impatient) that companies who are supposed to have great customer service are taking so long to reply to my questions. Do they simply not reply to emails and only deal with phone queries? I just found it interesting...

November 17, 2005 08:11 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Travel scope for a trip to Africa...

Posted By David Vandervelde

Thanks for all the suggestions...

I'm thinking that I'll bring my 9x60 binoculars and my AT1010... I just need to go through the suggestions and pick out a mount. I am worried, as mentioned, that I will get to the dark southern skies and regret not taking something bigger than a 3" refractor. Does anyone have any experience with a Maksutov? Perhaps a 5" Mak would work well? I would, however, like to purchase a scope that allows 2" eyepieces, as most of my high quality wide-fields are 2"ers.

Thanks again!


January 4, 2006 09:22 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Canon 5D for astrophotography?

Posted By David Vandervelde

Thanks for the responses... in all honesty, at this point in time I would be using the camera for 95% (or more) landscapes. I don't really have the set-up right now to dive into astrophotography much beyond prime focus shots of the moon and piggybacked shots... the thing is that eventually I will want to get into more serious astrophotography.

Right now, I'd obviously prefer the 5D over the 20D... the issue being the cost difference. I'm trying to decide if the extra money is worth it for the 5D. I've heard the noise levels on both the 20D and 5D are great... how much of a difference is there between the two? How different are the 20D and 20D, other than the extra sensitivity to red emissions, and the live LCD focusing?

And Jeff, I'd love some sample photos... thanks!