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Posts Made By: Darrell Fichtl

May 23, 2004 04:17 AM Forum: Polls


Posted By Darrell Fichtl

sad What's to like about either one? What fires me is those who say, "I'm a Republican, I like Bush" or "I'm a Democrat, I like Kerry."
How about, "I'm an Independant, an I don't like either one!"
I wish we had someone running for President that could be, or at least have the potential for being a President.
Harry Thruman, Barry Goldwater where are you now that we really need you.
Oh well, only six more months and it'll be over with.
At this point I believe that Jean Kilpatrick (former UN representative) or Madaline Albright (former Sec. of State)would be better than either one that is running.
How about Colin Powell, Howard Dean, or John McCain

May 24, 2004 06:33 AM Forum: Polls


Posted By Darrell Fichtl

Frankly, the latest "reporter" selection has gotten so far out of sync with the news that they are hardly worth the time to watch or listen too.
It's like getting in a evalvator with a really overweight ex-beauty queen who is wearing an over ample supply of obnoxious perfume. You can hardly wait to get out. It's all scare'em, scare'em, scare'em or shock'em, shock'em, shock'em. >sad
As for the Al Franken or Rush Limbaugh, forget it. Both are a total joke and a half! If you think you can get any real news there, you need a session with Sigmund Freud! :S