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Posts Made By: Mark Norby

May 11, 2009 08:14 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Congress Addresses Climate Change!!

Posted By Mark Norby I especially enjoyed par 6, where it says that "a cap on carbon pollution would curb climate change". Carbon pollution. Really. As if we're the only source of CO2,(USA) and that it is THE source of climate change.

May 12, 2009 08:22 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Poll concerning exaggeration

Posted By Mark Norby

I found this news piece this eve. It could go to the political forum as well.

May 14, 2009 10:02 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Ocean drives climate change

Posted By Mark Norby

This writter has only a PhD in Geophysical Science, and is Professor Emeritus, Dept of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, so he's probably not qualified to give an opinion, eh, Mr. Pasken?
Seriously, tho, let's see some discussion of his conclusions, and not simply character attacks, ok?

May 21, 2009 08:25 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

GCM accuracy

Posted By Mark Norby

A few yrs ago I read several articles/papers describing GCMs as very innacurate-for various reasons. Have there been any advances lately that have accurately "predicted" or "projected" during the last few yrs? What I mean is, has a GCM from, say, 2005 projected atmospheric CO2 accurately-verified by observation? How about temps, El Nino/Nina, etc. Also, are there separate GCMs for Northern and Southern Hemispheres? In a similar topic; how about Arctic ice/Antarctic ice grown and recession? Projections verified by observaions?

May 24, 2009 02:28 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

More influences

Posted By Mark Norby

I've mentioned ocean currents, now here's some solar evidence. As the author notes, their research is not complete.

May 25, 2009 05:38 PM Forum: ASTRONOMY

Link request

Posted By Mark Norby

At one time I had a link to a web page that had the ngc catalog with pics and descriptions. I thought it was but that does not seem to work. Does anyone know what it is? I think it was associated with work done by an astronomy club. Thanks, Mark

May 25, 2009 05:40 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Link request

Posted By Mark Norby

At one time I had a link to a body of work I believe was done with an astronomy club. It had images of the ngc &IC catalog, Messiers, history of each object, etc. I thought it was but it doesn't work. Any help is appreciated. Mark

May 25, 2009 07:47 PM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Climate is more than 200 yrs

Posted By Mark Norby

Climate change is more than what has happened over the last 200yrs or so, and the "highest temps since recorded history were in the last decade" is a useless statement. See this video series for a geological frame of reference. Edit: I forgot to include this link!!:

June 12, 2009 01:11 PM Forum: Politics

deficit and gdp

Posted By Mark Norby

I recall hearing that the defecit under Bush in 2007 was about1.3, or 1.7% of GDP. Right now it's 13% of GDP and will grow considerably. This cannot be good.

June 14, 2009 10:23 AM Forum: Politics

Re: Socialist

Posted By Mark Norby

May I recommend a book entitled: "Liberal Fascism". The author's name escapes me, at the moment. There's an interesting comparison of FDRs New Deal and fascism, and also Corporatism, and modern fascist economics.