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July 1, 2013 10:31 AM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

The AstroMart FORUMS - What I like and HATE!

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

Here is your chance to get your wishes addressed

The Anacortes Web TEAM is starting changes on AstroMart feel and functions today. They are finishing up the www.BuyTelescopes.Com site this week and are ready to tackle AstroMart.

The changes will start not be huge but are to improve the experience of MEMBERS use of AstroMart.

I like


I hate

Fill in the blanks please!
Thank you
AstroMart LLC

July 15, 2013 03:59 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Can I get an AMEN....

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

.. for the web guys and the new picture format?

Come on now - you know it is very cool- and you were quick to bitch so.....

Can I get an AMEN???

July 18, 2013 02:56 PM Forum: Stolen Equipment - Please Help

Theft at Company Seven

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

At 6:05 am on Wednesday 3 July Company Seven's showroom was burglarized. Before Police arrived in response to the alarm several telescopes, mounts, and a number of binoculars were stolen. There was damage to some other telescopes and to the premises. I have really been saddened by this, several of these instruments lost have fond memories for me and for visitors to C7 – and even when we put up similar replacements on display the showroom can never be quite the same. I have no idea what the prospects are of recovery of these telescopes, I can only hope these guys do this again elsewhere until they mess up and may be caught.

I returned from overseas travel on Monday 15 July to deal with this, and since then we are instituting additional measures to harden the showroom against such attacks. I do not intend to put replacement telescopes or binoculars on display until all hardening measures are in place.

Please make note of the telescopes and the mounts damaged/lost/stolen, and feel free to post or circulate this information and be aware if you scour any auction sites (Craig's List, Astromart, etc.). Also note the stolen telescopes were not furnished with eyepieces or other common accessories, and some without even a 2" diagonal. Most telescopes stolen lack their carrying case, while the TeleVue 85 was taken with its carrying bag complete with registration card. The tripods and telescopes may have been damaged as they were hastily removed from the showroom.

1. Astro-Physics Telescope, Refractor, 105mm, Apochromat, Model "Traveler", 4.14" f/6, one of the two prototypes (NO SERIAL NUMBER), acquired 8/30/91 (STOLEN)

2. Astro-Physics Telescope, Refractor, Model "130 EDF", S/N 130EDF01 (the first production 130 EDF telescope), Apochromat 5.1 inch f/6 130mm EDF, acquired 2/27/1995 (STOLEN)

3. Astro-Physics German Equatorial Mount, Model 400QMD German Equatorial Mount Head SN400002C includes: Encoder Set, NGC-MAX CPU, 8" Dovetail Saddle, 'V' Series, Model AWT Wood Field Tripod, Adjustable Height, with Pier Adapter for 400/600 Mounts, 6 lb. Stainless Steel Counterweight, 9 lb. Stainless Steel Counterweight, Slide Bar, 8" long, V series, 8x50 Finder telescope with Quick Release Bracket for 8x50 Finder. (STOLEN)

4. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, 85mm, Refractor Brass, Model TeleVue 85 (Brass), S/N B0001 complete with carrying bag, 2 inch diagonal. Acquired 1/6/1999. (STOLEN)
This is shown in several photos of our showroom, and featured in our on-line description of these telescopes at

5. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, 101mm, Model NP101, PN NPC-4054 Ivory and Black Apo, S/N 1001 (autographed by Al 'Marty's Lens') on display since 8/9/01. (STOLEN)
The telescope was equipped with the Starbeam sight. The set is also featured in our on-line description of these telescopes at

6. TeleVue Telescope, Refractor, Renaissance 101mm, Brass/Blk, Refractor, Model RB4-4054, S/N 1037, Brass on display since 12/16/99. (STOLEN)
This telescope is shown in several photos of our showroom, and also features in our on-line description of these telescopes at

7. TeleVue Wood and Brass Gibraltar Mount (older style larger Gibraltar mount with teak wood tripod with solid brass top and with brass plated trim), supporting the 101 Renaissance brass 4" Apo telescope. Acquired 12/16/1999 (STOLEN)

8. TeleVue Wood and Brass Gibraltar Mount (older style larger Gibraltar mount ash wood tripod with black finished cast aluminum and trim), supporting NP101. Acquired 9/14/1994 (STOLEN)

9. TeleVue Wood and Brass Panoramic Mount (wood tripod with rare solid brass top and brass trim), supporting the TeleVue 85. Acquired 1/6/1999. Closest modern replacement cost $765.00 (STOLEN)

10. There were numerous 20mm up to 50mm aperture Carl Zeiss and Leica binoculars, and some Fujinon 50mm binoculars stolen.

If any information comes up or suspicions are aroused then since the case is being handled by Prince George's County Police (Case #13-184-0366), please contact Detective Shapiro of their local Beltsville precinct in charge of this. That is PGPD District VI, 4321 Sellman Road, Beltsville, MD 20705-2543, telephone (301) 937-0910


Martin Cohen
Company Seven

July 23, 2013 12:46 PM Forum: Politics

This is exactly like I see it. Exactly!

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

Couldn't say it any better.

August 1, 2013 10:51 AM Forum: Stolen Equipment - Please Help

Anacortes nails another criminal - this makes 3 ..

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

.. for us now


A Jerry (edit) from Dallas Police called me today. Said he was trying to reach you, but y'all were closed and he had no home phone.
Long story short, they had the suspect in custody and goods recovered.
He was in an interview room and they needed a little help identifying what this stuff was based on our "greek" nomenclature.

I exchanged a few photos and since the guy only brought 2 of the 4 cases, they will need to get a warrant to search the house I guess.
So the photos you emailed me were forwarded to them so they can look for the still missing items.

I want to personally thank you for the time and effort you took. The quick thinking of your staff and willingness to go out on the limb like you did to keep this guy interested so the cops could nab him.
It makes me feel like our community is a little stronger and collectively we can make a difference standing up against bad guys.
We made a difference today.

Clear skies,

This was the the solar filter heist that we advertised a few days ago.

Anacortes - where we put criminals in JAIL and recovery your stuff

Yes - we BAD

December 3, 2013 04:11 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

16" LX 200 cases

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

Anyone know where we can get 3 custom made cases for a 16" LX200 and also for tripod legs?

Thank you

Anacortes Telescope

January 11, 2014 11:06 AM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

As a dealer can i pay less than the best deal ever

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

I am currently involved in a transaction with Todd edit of "The Sky edit" in edit seen here http://www.thesedit/ you will note at the bottom of his homepage a business name, which is his. He told me the telescope was as new and was a trade in by a customer. He packaged it poorly and it arrived with a dislodged focuser and a coating flaw in the objective. So I'm currently involved with my 1st Paypal dispute to get my monies returned and his telescope returned to him, but he is avoiding contact. I have enjoyed the hobby of Astronomy and trying new equipment over the past 2 + year's and doing so here on Astromart. I in no way blame Astromart for this, in fact, I've found that "most" people on Astromart are overly honest and a treat to trade with. BTW, thank you for sending me the stainless steel Astromart coffee cup, my wife uses it daily on her ride to work. I like to think a professional business should be held to the same "high" standards that I do when it comes to packaging item's and looking them over for the appropriate condition, I also think this seller should not be "avoiding" paying the Dealer Fee that is due Astromart. Here is the ad he posted on ebay with his business name, but after several failed attempts to move his product there, he resorted to "us" here at Astromart. I'm not asking Astromart to become invoid in my dispute with this guy, but I believe he should "not" be avoiding paying the modest fee that Astromart it intitled to. I'm happy to forward any other dialogue btw The Skyedit "Todd edit and myself, if you need it. Kindest Regards,
Chris edit

February 23, 2014 03:51 PM Forum: Unitron


Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~


February 25, 2014 02:03 PM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

I am sure it is over 30

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

Name: Mike - former Amart supporter

Dear Herb York,
You have really made a disgrace of Astromart. This is a message from one of your "30" dissatisfied customers (although I think that number is highly disputed).
Go Fuck Yourself!


The thousands of people you've screwed over and pissed off.

February 25, 2014 02:38 PM Forum: A Day in the Life of the Administrator

And when we aren't pissing off idiots.....

Posted By ~ AstroMart LLC~

Excellent. Thank you very much. Best, Danielle

From: Herb York []
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 5:33 PM
To: Danielle edit
Cc: dalsantoj2edit
Subject: Re: Request to Use Image for Online Course Taught by David Spergel

We have forwarded your request to the author and as far as Astromart goes credit for where you got it is payment enough - the author will need to give you his approval also

Thank you

On Feb 25, 2014, at 2:17 PM, Danielle edit wrote:

I am writing to you on behalf of Professor David edit, a faculty member at Princeton University, who would like to use your image from: for an online course.
Professor Spergel would like to use this image in an open online course titled “Imagining Other Earths.” The course will be distributed free of charge on the Worldwide Web via the Coursera platform: The image will appear in the recording of the classroom lecture. It will not be distributed separately from the video recording. The professor's videotaped lecture may be available to enrolled students as a downloadable video file. However, slide presentations with third party content are not downloadable. Princeton University’s courses on the Coursera platform are offered free of charge.
Would you grant us permission to use your image for the course? We would of course caption the image with whatever credit line you specify. If you do not hold the rights, do you have the contact information for the person or group that can grant these rights?
With thanks for your consideration,
Danielle edit

Special Collections Assistant
Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544