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Posts Made By: Vince Clements

August 15, 2002 08:24 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

satellite tracking with the Meade LXD 55 (ISS)

Posted By Vince Clements

I need some help with getting the mount to track the space station correctly. I input the orbit info by hand so that it is correct and up to date. (I heard that the autostar will not update ISIS properly) I align the mount get the pass info, the scope slews to the position, and when I push "enter" the scope will not track. It hardly moves. It does move but in no way to track the station. The battery power is fresh so I do not believe power is the problem. Any suggestions?

January 9, 2004 07:21 PM Forum: Binoviewers

1.25" or 2" diagonal?

Posted By Vince Clements

I have a Celestron 9.25 SCT and am thinking about buying a binoviewer. I currently have a Tele Vue 1.25" Everbrite diagonal. I plan on using 16mm Tele Vue Nagler type 5's. (I already own one) Will the 1.25" diagonal be sufficient or is it a must to have a 2" diagonal? Vince

January 13, 2004 04:00 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Burgess website

Posted By Vince Clements

Where is the Burgess wegsite? It went away a couple of days ago. Is there a new site? Just wondering, Vince

February 22, 2004 11:05 AM Forum: DVDs and Music and Books That You Recommend

Best album in a long time

Posted By Vince Clements

I picked up Norah Jones' new album a week ago and have not pulled it out of my cd player since. Her smokey voice and soft music are soo cool. A must for every collectoin.

April 28, 2004 03:19 PM Forum: Meade

LXD 55 Tracking

Posted By Vince Clements

I have a LXD 55 mount and it refuses to properly track satellites. It acts as as if the DEC drive is receiving a reversed input. It works fine for star gazing and the goto works, but when it comes to tracking sats it refuses. I have tried Meade to no avail, new batteries, re-alignment. It has the latest software and updated 2 line elements. Any help or ideas?

April 29, 2004 03:00 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

New PST delivery date?

Posted By Vince Clements

I just received an e-mail from Anacortes in which they say they expect to start receiveing small quantities of PST's in mid June. I'm now starting to think of them as being made of unobtanium

April 30, 2004 08:17 PM Forum: Religion

Thought for tomorrow

Posted By Vince Clements

First another stick in the evolution vs. creation mix. What about the dinosaurs? I know my answer and it does not oppose my faith in God. Now for the thought:
God’s love never ceases, Never. Though we spurn him, ignore him, reject him, despise him, disobey him, He will not change. Our evil cannot diminish his love. Our goodness cannot increase it. Our faith does not earn it anymore than our stupidity jeopardizes it. God doesn’t love us less if we fail or more if we succeed. God’s love never ceases. Max Lucado

May 4, 2004 01:57 PM Forum: Religion

Why live a moral life?

Posted By Vince Clements

If there is no punishment for sin from God after a man dies, and the only judgment one will see is that of the court system if caught, why live a moral life? Why not go rape, loot, pillage and rape? You said rape twice. I know, but I really like rape. (Blazing Saddles) Remember the Zodiac killer. Since he was never captured, he would never be punished for killing all those people. If when I die I will not face any judgment or punishment for sin, I should be having a drug induced, hedonistic orgy every night. And if someone says I shouldn't do that, beat the crap out of them. Hey if I don't get caught by the police, or if I do, hire a great lawyer who gets me off on some Twinkie defense, then why care? If once I die there is no God and it's all over, I am wasting my time as a Christian. Or as Paul put it to the believers in his letter to the Colossians "we are to be pitied more than all men". Vince

May 6, 2004 01:06 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

any PST notfication?

Posted By Vince Clements

I am becoming so impatient that I will take joy in the fact that some one, some where has finally received notice that their PST has shipped. Who will be the first to post this long anticipated announcement? Vince

May 8, 2004 09:29 AM Forum: Religion

Madman, prophet or con artist (Part. 1)

Posted By Vince Clements

Christopher, First I will deal with Paul. Paul was not a prophet. He was chosen by God to "carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel." (Acts9:15). In Judaism the prophets ended 430 years before Jesus Christ was born with the Italian prophet Malachi. (joke, think mal-a-chi not mal-i-ky). Now you are correct in saying Paul went around persecuting Christians but that was not his "job" it was his passion. He was a Pharisee. Of the three parties of Judaism at the time of Christ - Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes - the Pharisees were by far the most influential. So Paul being a keeper and defender of the Mosaic Law and a man full of zeal wanted to keep these blasphemers quiet. I am sure that he got a lot of pats on the back from other religious leaders for each one of these he infidels he imprisoned or eliminated. Now Paul was a Roman citizen by birth. He was born of the people if Israel, the tribe of Benjamin, and a Hebrew. He was well versed in Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek languages. At that time in history in Judea this pedigree makes him a power player. He had everything he needed, including the backing of the Roman army, to eliminate the "rebels". You are correct in saying that he was on the road to Damascus when he Jesus Christ appeared to him. The other men with him heard the sound but they did not understand what it was saying. Witnesses. This is what changed Paul's life. Christ appeared to him. (so your statement that he never met Jesus is incorrect) And as Paul put it "whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ." It is incorrect of you to say he never told the same story twice. The three recorded events of this story are in the book of Acts, chapters 9, 22 and 26. The book of Acts was not written by Paul but by Luke. The first account in chapter 9 was Luke's recording it as history. Chapter 22 was Paul talking to a crowd of people and in 26 defending himself before King Agrippa. This after he had already been on trial before the Sanhedrin, before Felix, two years in prison, and then Festus (Festus followed Felix a governor) He would have been set free at that time but his appeal was to Caesar. All three accounts are the same story, some with more detail than others.(cont.)