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Posts Made By: Paul Atkinson

June 16, 2004 05:44 AM Forum: Polls

Kerry's VP

Posted By Paul Atkinson

Who cares who Kerry picks? He is going to get humiliated in the election. smile But since he is so rich (as is his wife) maybe he'll give away most of his money to help all of the "middle class" people he keeps saying he is going to give better lives. Better yet, his wife can get us all high paying jobs in Heinz (sp?) ketchup factories she owns. wink Oooops... forgot most of those factories are overseas... you know... where Kerry says Bush is sending all our jobs. 8O Maybe he ought to start by having those Heinz factories brought back to the USA. :S

July 29, 2004 03:32 PM Forum: Polls

I will be watching the Democratic Convention

Posted By Paul Atkinson

I usually stay away from politics but I can't help it.

Why do you think things are so horrible? I am better off than I was four years ago and much better than I was under the previous administration that thought getting sex in the oval office was more important than tracking and capturing the terrorist the current administration has been left to deal with. I believe in the current administration and what they are trying to accomplish even if faulty information led them down the wrong road. It is too late to turn back. You see the glass as half empty and I see it half full as we move towards a more secure America and hopefully the Middle-East. If burying our heads in the sand so that other nations will "like us" is your idea of achieving results... look what that got us under the previous admin... the USS Cole, WTC 93', African Embassy bombings, North Korea working on and obtaining Nukes...have you forgotten about all those, or was that the present administrations fault also? We did nothing and tried to play nice while the old Pres was busy with... let's just say... other things under the table. What did it get us? 9/11! Enron! Corporate Coruption!

If you think Fahrenheit 9/11 is a truly accurate movie and a representation of facts, you are out of your mind. Michael Moore is an idiot. The comment someone before me made about morons comes to mind. Many have acknowledged that many of the "facts" he states simply aren't so... including most of the biased media who know what the truth really is. If this movie is so full of truths why aren't clips of it blaring in TV ad's for the Democrats, or at the Democratic convention... or the major media playing them everyday as proof of wrong doing by the present admin? Because they know the deal and they know that 95% of it isn't true. They like the rhetoric and the misinformation because it hurts Bush, stirs controversey, but they know it isn't true. I went and saw SpiderMan. Looked real. Sounded real. But that doesn't make it real.

Oh, by the way... for those of us that had people (relatives or friends) we know die in the "ivory" towers called the WTC... we think that kicking the crap out of the people who did (or would do) us harm IS fighting for global peace and security... not against it. Maybe you ought to watch the footage of people choosing to jump to their deaths from 88 story's up vs. burning alive or the planes slamming into the buildings with hundreds on board to jog your memory of how others view of the USA. Seems to me we were minding our business and doing nothing that beautiful morning that turned into HELL on Earth for the poor souls on the planes and in the buildings. What do you have to say to that?

Get out from under the stars and take a good hard look at who is doing what in the world... and 99.9% isn't the USA doing the bad stuff. I am sick of people acting like we are some evil nation. We are the first to defend or help others who want democracy, or after catastrophes such as N. Korea (Nukes and all after the train explosion) Iran after earthquakes, Iraq and an EVIL dictator, food to poor nations, HIV medicine and research money to poor nations, loans never repaid (some from close allies)... and on and on....

If you think things are so "BAD" here move to another country that affords you all the USA does and take Alec Baldwin with you.

October 11, 2004 04:41 PM Forum: Polls


Posted By Paul Atkinson

Televue didn't seem to mind using the term for the Ranger and Pronto. Companies like APM/TMB use it to refer to some scopes they sell from other makers. In fact, APM had a Zeiss Scope listed as a "semi-apo" in the auction section just recently. So there must be some validity to the term if the manufacturers use it also.

November 3, 2004 12:42 PM Forum: Polls

It is over and I...

Posted By Paul Atkinson


I am with you. What's to get over. In my opinion, the best person won and I am thrilled.