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Posts Made By: charles hollman

January 11, 2004 05:04 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

viewing thru 1278

Posted By charles hollman

Ok. Has anyone been viewing through their 1278? Reviews on this scope have been minimal. I mostly hear just complaints. I have posted snippets of my views through this scope and am very satisfied with them. The build of this scope is a good notch above your typical synta. Optically I can't really do a true comparison as I don't have a scope in this category to compare it with. Compare it with a synta 120mm f/8.3 and go from there. Can anyone do that and give a meaningful review? The Burgess scope line is growing before our eyes and changing. A unique opportunity to follow continuing improvements and updates. This is all part of astronomy. If you choose not to wait you can do so. If you choose to wait you really lose nothing but can gain a lot. This scope has definitely kindled a fire. What chromatic abberation there is in this scope would, in my mind be greatly reduced by a good filter. Then what do we have? A sharp, well built refractor for some fun viewing. Which is what I have now. I consider myself lucky to have one.
P.S. I think this scope is closer to 16 lbs. It also looks good. Charlie Hollman

January 14, 2004 07:48 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports


Posted By charles hollman

Ok, here I am answering myself. I opted to put my mount on a pier. Purchased from Astro-Mechanics. A little more expensive than some wooden legs but I believe the ultimate for refractors. 4" diam. pier with wheels and height adjusters. I picked the 66" height. Under 300.00 U.S...
Just thought you all would like to know. Clear Skies
Charlie Hollman

February 16, 2004 03:44 AM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Burgess Binocs

Posted By charles hollman

Has anyone purchased the 8x42 or 10x42 triplet apo binoculars I noticed on the Burgess Optical Site. Seems like a great deal for 199.00. With a 3 ft. close focus and 7 degee field, sounds fantastic to me. Just curious.

March 9, 2004 09:47 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Re: Bill Burgess, get back to basics.

Posted By charles hollman

Excuse me sir! But my 1278 performs great and is everything that I expected in a quality 5" achromat. A lot of people just seem to want bad news, they thrive on it. My 1278 is way better than the 1026 optically, but with the new future semi-apo or even apo the 1026 should also be a great performer. As far as light gathering goes, the 5" will always outperform a 4". Try not to be so hard on Bill, I'm sure he is waiting for these things along with us. Like you said, Bill does sell quality products of which I have two, the 1278 and when the new lens gets in, the 1026. Both built like a tank and all heavy metal contr. Charlie

January 13, 2004 10:48 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Best mount for 1278?

Posted By charles hollman

I have mine on an HD Apogee mount. It actually works ok for visual use. I have ordered a wooden leg tripod from Talscopes in Canada to hopefully give more stability. Mount, dual-axis drives and legs=385.00. The only problems I have is aluminum stock tripod legs not high enough for this scope. The new wooden tripod will be 10" higher, a real plus. At high power image is not bad except when I focus, then it jumps madly around. Foam in legs seems to have helped a little. An electric focuser would help it think. My guess is that the best mount is either a Vixen GP-Dx or Losmandy G8 or G11. Unfortunately they don't match the scope in price. I can't afford a mount that costs 3,4 or 5 times what this scope does. Clear Skies,
Charlie Hollman

January 18, 2004 04:40 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Burgess line-up ?

Posted By charles hollman

John, The lineup you speak of doesn't exist yet because this is still a work in progress. I suggest you either call Bill Burgess or look at the yahoo Burgess Refractor Group. There is more info over there. If you are looking for an apo or something like it they are apparently coming soon. To get the best idea would be to talk to Bill on the phone. Take Care. Charlie Hollman

February 15, 2004 06:38 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

What To Do?

Posted By charles hollman

Bill, I opted to get mine now. I cancelled my order with anacortes and reordered with Bill. Nothing against anacortes, but situations the way they are dictate it will be better to deal directly with Bill. I got the scope a lot cheaper also by getting it now, plus the 1/2 off accesory coupon makes this a really nice deal. The lens that is in there is not a bad lens at all. When the new lens comes in I'll just pop that baby in there and pull out the baffle. Get the case also, it is a nice one. Give Bill a call and see if any are left. Just my opinion and advice. Charlie

March 5, 2004 05:14 AM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

Re: Burgess Scopes

Posted By charles hollman

Mark, That was not me, that was my friend Jim. I don't know how to take you reply. I hope we are all friends here. Aperture is aperture you know. Charlie

May 4, 2004 10:25 PM Forum: Chinese Optics Imports

So what is the problem with the 102F6....

Posted By charles hollman

Doug, These lenses are stopped because of a figuring problem with the outside edges of the lens (I believe). This problem was known before we opted to receive our scopes a.s.a.p.. We are all waiting for the replacement lenses when they are available.
In the meantime, I am fairly satisfied with the views through my 1026. I have since removed the rear baffle and replaced with a 87mm aperture stop over the dew shield. This works pretty well as I have taken this scope up to 250x with decent results. Low power is better though. This scope is better than my 80mm F/5 skywatcher. Much clearer and sharper and less color problems. The view through the skywatcher is milky looking in comparison. Therefore it has become my grabber scope. Looking forward to the improved lens however, as this will be a great scope then. Yes, for 150.00 I am satisfied. Charlie