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Posts Made By: Mark Costello III

February 1, 2016 01:33 PM Forum: Politics

Iowa Caucus Bets

Posted By Mark Costello III

Same here. Regarding the post from Russ, an important slot on the GOP side will be 3rd place. That will be taken by the lead "Establishment" candidate.

February 2, 2016 02:24 PM Forum: Politics

Who will win in Nov.?

Posted By Mark Costello III

It depends on who is the GOP nominee. The common wisdom here is that HRC will win if the GOP nominee is Trump or Cruz. FWIW I would not presume to contradict this. But someone else like a Rubio or Kasich or Christie could likely win. (I believe that the US is "Bush-ed out," unfortunately.) The problem for the Ds is that HRC has her own problems, the e-mails, Benghazi, Bill, all ammo for the GOP. As for Bernie, IMHO the US will not elect a socialist, and not someone whose idea of a honeymoon was a vacation in that "Workers' Paradise," the USSR.

PS: It's too early to get into this little contest. At this time, we have no clue who will be the GOP nominee, and as mentioned, that could be a big deal.

February 11, 2016 05:48 AM Forum: Politics

STILL waiting

Posted By Mark Costello III

Let's see how this might have played out. wink The waiter comes up and asks, "Well, which of you is going to pay for this?" Bernie answers, "We're still trying to figure that out." The waiter shrugs, "It doesn't matter to me." As he and Bernie get up from their chairs and walk out, Reverend Al says over his shoulder, "Well then, you pay for it." smile

February 26, 2016 01:16 PM Forum: Politics

Christie backs Trump

Posted By Mark Costello III

IMHO, taking down Senator Rubio is a big part of it, since in the earlier debates he really went to work on Rubio.

I feel as if I've been slimed. cwy

March 4, 2016 05:47 AM Forum: Politics

Romney Dismantles Trump

Posted By Mark Costello III

To me, that's a no-brainer. Romney. Another good guy IMHO. But if I might ask, how many people here do you think are going to say otherwise? So far, I haven't seen anyone here favoring the Donald.

March 11, 2016 10:16 AM Forum: Politics

Ben Endorses Trump

Posted By Mark Costello III

I'm very sorry to have seen this. I don't see Carson as a hypocrite but as someone who is a little naïve and who might easily be swayed by more dominant persons. It's looking more and more like a steamroller victory for the Donald. My personal stance is unchanged: I'll not vote for Trump in the primary, and probably not in November (but absolutely not for any Democrat)....

March 11, 2016 10:45 AM Forum: Politics

Ben Endorses Trump

Posted By Mark Costello III

Just saw this.

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that this is a practical move on their part.

March 16, 2016 05:53 AM Forum: Politics

Ted Cruz is getting a lesson in

Posted By Mark Costello III

Russ Carroll said:

Karma. It's a bitch, ain't it. He wants to be the "establishment" Republican now. He wants our support to defeat Trump.

What you sow you reap, dude.

OK, maybe it's better to have a fight on the deck of the Titanic....

March 18, 2016 01:49 PM Forum: Politics

Romney: "Vote for Cruz"

Posted By Mark Costello III

I missed the quotation mark at the end and for a few moments thought it was YOU saying this. 8O OK, everything's back to normal smile Well, except maybe for this....

Best Regards,

March 25, 2016 11:29 AM Forum: Politics

Trouble in Cruz-land...

Posted By Mark Costello III

If this is true, it will hand the GOP nomination to the Donald on a platter. cwy