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Posts Made By: Mark Costello III

September 20, 2017 06:14 AM Forum: Politics

Caption contest

Posted By Mark Costello III

I'm sure some interjections were included. Do I get the bonus points? smile

My thoughts FWIW: From President Theodore Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

September 26, 2017 06:41 AM Forum: Politics

RINO - Close but not quite

Posted By Mark Costello III

Russ Carroll said:

Some, who will go unnamed here (Richard), call me a RINO. A Republican in Name Only. That isn't true as many can attest. I am very conservative fiscally and economically, and libertarian in terms of social issues. I voted against Trump because I thought he would be an awful President. I was right. My vote for Clinton was a "maximum" vote against Trump. The rest of my ballot was pretty much straight Republican.

HOWEVER, I've reached a new tipping point. At least for the 2018 election, I am a DINO - a Democrat in Name Only.

That's right, I will be voting across-the-board Democratic for the 2018 election and investing resources into Democratic candidates that have a chance at flipping Republican seats, mainly in the House, but in the Senate as well, starting against my Republican representative Duncan Hunter Jr.

I PRAY Trump is out before the 2020 election, but the truth is that, until a Democrat congress exists, that will not happen. I don't believe we have the luxury of waiting until the presidential elections in 2020, given his reckless handling of N Korea and Iran.

I will be supporting candidates that I pretty much oppose across the board policy-wise and philosophically, but that's how bad Trump is IMO.

I don't like it that Donald Trump is President. I never have, and probably I never will. But unlike your opposition, mine will not be "maximum."

I, too, voted against Donald Trump in 2016, the only Republican on my ballot whom I voted against. But my vote for President went to Evan McMullin. If we have Donald Trump against any Democrat with any realistic chance of winning his or her party's nomination for President, I will again vote for someone else, probably again Evan McMullin.

Since I don't have the resources that you appear to have, I can't afford to give money to candidates who have my favor. Even so, I would do not foresee the time in the rest of my life that I would vote, much less support in any meaningful way, any Democrat.

Oh, I would quickly and with no regrets, vote for someone like Senator Joe Manchin. With much more reluctance and regrets, I m-i-g-h-t vote for someone like Bob Casey or even Nat Hentoff. But me getting to vote for anyone like them on any Democratic Party ticket is "ipso facto" not a set of any realistic circumstances.

I am no more conservative than you are on fiscal issues, perhaps not as conservative as you are. But on social issues, I am conservative, and no libertarian. That especially goes on the issue of death before birth by choice, also known as abortion. I understand that we (people who are like me on this issue) will have to wait maybe a long time to see this practice stopped in this country and have to work to convince others of how loathsome it is. But I expect that anyone I support for office will at least use his or her "bully pulpit" to convince others that abortion is the monstrous evil that it really is. Under no circumstances will I lend my support or confidence to anyone who, as Hillary did last year, pump fists together with the likes of the head of Planned Parenthood.

Also, I am for strict interpretation of the Constitution, that it should be interpreted as its authors and amenders interpreted it. Too many Democrats, including the last President, subscribed to the "Living Document" method of interpretation, which at least to me is an end run around the Amendment process and an all too accepted way to spindle, fold, and mutilate the Constitution.

On specifics, I will vote for and support both Senators in my state and my representative, all Republicans. Were I an Alabaman, I would vote for either Luther or Moore against the Democrat Jones, even though I am not jazzed up about either Luther or Moore. I looked up Jones' campaign website and saw what I needed to turn my back on him.

So my opposition to Trump will go only so far, and not so far as to embrace any Democratic opposition to him, at least under any foreseeable circumstances.


October 2, 2017 06:32 AM Forum: Politics

Trumpism is Bigger than Trump

Posted By Mark Costello III

Mel Maki said:

The man Trump backed in Alabama lost. Heard somebody say Trump was overcome by Trumpism.

Is that supposed to make me happy? 8O shocked

This could have been a good chance for Democrats to win a seat in the Senate from Alabama of all places. All they had to do was nominate someone who while being moderate on some issues (like race relations) would represent the core Alabama values, such as life. So whom do they nominate?

Too many of Judge Moore's statements are way over the top and give me concern. But were I an Alabaman, I'd vote for him over Doug Jones in a heartbeat.

October 9, 2017 06:22 AM Forum: Politics

Corker '20

Posted By Mark Costello III

I agree about Senator Corker. But you missed Senator Sasse and Govenor Kasich. smile

December 3, 2017 05:04 AM Forum: Politics

Seven years

Posted By Mark Costello III

I may have to give you the points on this one.... cwy

November 10, 2004 06:58 AM Forum: Polls

Most important technological advancement of the last century

Posted By Mark Costello III

The telephone was invented in 1876.

Mark Costello

November 10, 2004 03:04 PM Forum: Polls

Most important technological advancement of the last century

Posted By Mark Costello III

Sorry Herb, no offense meant. It must be the wannabe teacher in me ... 8O

Have a great day and clear night.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC

December 23, 2004 11:21 AM Forum: Polls

It should be.....

Posted By Mark Costello III

Merry Christmas to you all, especially to you Mark.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC

February 24, 2009 02:07 PM Forum: Polls

Obama is doing ......

Posted By Mark Costello III

George Blahun said:

Just a point of fact here, as far as I know we are not drilling in Alaska and not inflating our tires. However, gas is now falling out of the sky and I'm paying less than half of what I did only a short time ago.


That buys us a little extra time improve our gas efficiency or move to alternative modes of powering transportation. Another reason to do this will be to have an honest foreign policy. smile

January 5, 2010 01:56 PM Forum: Polls

Win the 2010 SuperBowl

Posted By Mark Costello III

Not to sure about your vote, are you? wink

I voted for the Chargers, too. Their quarterback is from my daughter's college. Go Rivers! grin