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Posts Made By: James Brown

May 23, 2022 10:58 PM Forum: Politics

WORST Performance by the US Stock Markets in 90 YEARS and its occuring under the Biden Presidency

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

The worst 8 weeks in a row, in 90 years.  

Let me explain it so you can understand.

The US Market hasn't experienced a period where the stock has drupped for 8 straight weeks since since 1932.  

Argue with people who know,-amid-weak-china-data-378640
You seem to have lost your "A" game Rich, such as it was...  First that embarrassing post about the liberal party in Australia.  Now you link to an article about the markets in 2016?  Maybe you need a bit of R & R?

May 24, 2022 01:24 AM Forum: Politics

Meanwhile Down Under

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

P.S. And if I"m wrong, Guess what Jim?  I couldn't give a rat's ass! 


May 26, 2022 03:07 PM Forum: Politics

2nd Amendment Fallacy

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Additionally, I have no idea why you are challenging me to comment on the shooter's mental state.

Holy crap, I was being sarcastic you fool. 

I was mocking your commentary, because you had just gotten done berating me because I didn't speak of the dissenting decision, and berating me because I didn't speak of the precedence and that I didn't speak of the the fact it was a 5-4 decision, and on and on.

I made a simple statement and you criticized it because I didn't take the time to give and in-depth multi-variate analysis of the Heller decision when I only made a one line statement

And NOW you did NOT get the fact that I was being sarcastic??

God almighty, did you miss these lines I penned right before my other:    "I didn't elaborate, I made a simple statement about Heller.  I didn't need to elaborate about it. I also didn't give a lengthy psych evaluation about this evil SOB who murdered 21 people". 

Really?  Tell me you're not THAT Obtuse????   shocked
Rich as victim.  A classic.

May 26, 2022 03:16 PM Forum: Politics

Report: Trump Approved Of Hanging Mike Pence

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Greg Shaffer

Trying to understand.....what has June 9th got to do with Jan 6th? 
Typo I'm guessing.  No big deal. 

I was at Churchill Downs with my grandma when Secretariat won the Derby in '73.  The one and only time I've been to Churchill Downs.  I was 11.  We had great seats, Grandma had held tickets for many decades and she took me and my brothers (one kid per year) around this time  The big ancillary grandstands flanking the twin spires would not be built for many years.  It was totally cool.


May 26, 2022 03:23 PM Forum: Politics

19 kids and 2 teachers dead at Texas elementary school

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

We are permitted to drink at 18 (at least in most places that I know of)

Ok, I have two options here.  I could point out that the drinking age in all 50 states is 21.  We know Richard disdains international travel based upon his recent interaction with Maurice.  So it appears that Rich is simply misinformed.  No big deal.  Let's move on.

Or, I could go on a 75-100 line rant beating down poor Rich because he is wrong, he's a moron, he's a buffoon and so on.   I would quote a federal statute and call him an idiot.  He would reply boldly stating that he was talking about Italy and France, not the US.  Maybe he would reply that he was talking about parents serving their kids at home or some other exception to the general rule...  We would engage in several cycles of name calling.  In the end, Rich would convince himself that he was right all along.  No one, absolutely no one, would believe him.  That exercise  takes a lot of time and energy though, so I'll pass.


May 26, 2022 03:31 PM Forum: Politics

19 kids and 2 teachers dead at Texas elementary school

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck

My God, man, you are obtuse and being a dick about it is par for the course for you. There is a federal law banning handguns until you are 21 years of age. Both the Buffalo and Texas shooters were 18 and used rifles, which they can buy at 18. Make them the same as handguns. 
One personal opinion, FWIW - my sons are both >21 now.  There was a big difference in maturity between 18 and 21.  I remember this in myself too.  So, if I were dictator, I'd be OK with a ban on gun purchases of any sort for kids 18-21.  I would certainly consider an exception for purchases expressly authorized or co-signed by a parent.  I would not ban gun use under adult supervision at the range or for hunting for any reasonably mature children.  

May 26, 2022 03:47 PM Forum: Politics

What Changed in this nation?

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Mel Maki
Maybe I was more responsible than some but born in 51 in rural WA I owned a .22 rifle in 5th grade. I could be in the woods all day with nobody but my rifle and never did anything irresponsible. All of my friend's families had rifles in their front rooms and we never touched them without the parent's consent because they told us not to. In rural areas some high school kids did have gun racks with rifles in their trucks but in my area it was rare by the late sixties.
Is it as simple as kids are less likely to obey parents compounded by the parents are less likely to have a lot of strict rules?
Are modern kids in their own world (much different than parents) sooner now, so parents have less influence?
Millions of kids are on legal and illegal drugs now. Do the largest cities now give young people a more difficult start? Do young people now have less character? Something happened.
Our problem is larger than guns.
Hi Mel:

Yes, I think so.  I have several wide ranging and probably conflicting thoughts on the problem. Maybe our problems are not as bad as we make them out to be?  Youth violence and bullying that result in death are not new things.  The scale of individual mass-shooter type events has increased I think.  Is our own demand for 24 hour news and round-the-clock sensationalism in part to blame?

For what it is worth, Me and my wife probably both partied more in high school than our sons did.  It is not like we are reactionary uber-strict helicopter parents either.  I was born in '61.

I think that media and video games do coarsen our children earlier.  The opportunities for a child to be radicalized by people outside of their physical community is new too, thanks to social media.

I think that the decline of Church in many communities is an issue, although I am extremely disappointed with my own Church's track record (Roman Catholic).  I have personally seen well-intentioned zealots in my Church's youth programs  turn my own kids away from active faith.  It has been a difficult and frustrating ride which has left me personally disillusioned.  That cycles back to the example I set of course.  Children are very perceptive.

I hate the way each shooting event is politicized.  I am confident that the parties see a mass shooting as a fund raising opportunity, with each party knowing that nothing will be done and maybe nothing can be done.  My cynicism on this topic is nearly 100%.  Jim

May 26, 2022 04:58 PM Forum: Politics

What Changed in this nation?

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Luckily, all my brothers and sisters turned out good and never had any serious problems 
4 outa 5 isn't too bad.  

I'm joking!!!! tongue

I agree with a lot of your post above and on the broader issues.  I can't think of a simple gun control law that would be Constitutional and would make a difference.  

May 26, 2022 05:10 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis
This is a very good resource.  I feel better informed after reading it.  Thanks for posting.  Jim

May 26, 2022 08:44 PM Forum: Politics

2nd Amendment Fallacy

Posted By James Brown

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Victim?  Really?

How is that?

The guy gets all pissed off and then I make sarcastic remarks to the fool, and he doesn't get it?

So I call him on his abject ignorance.  That's kind of what happened.  

It had ZERO to do with Victim, but since we're on the subject, blow it out your ass!     tongue
James Lacey pissed off?  I have never seen that in my nearly 20 years here...  James is the epitome of cool, collected, and analytical.  Jim