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Posts Made By: Ron Sowers

August 31, 2003 04:54 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Light in the tube, contrast, ?

Posted By Ron Sowers

I was just messing around with the dob, Discovery 10 inch, and noticed that even if a light source is way off to the side, you can see the wall of the tube opposite the focuser, lit up when looking through the empty focuser. The spider is pretty deep in the tube, so I figured I didn't have to worry about that. Does anyone put like a shield on their dob also? Does it make a difference? We have a street light south of us, it would be about 2 degrees below Mars in the FOV, I'm thinking it might really be messing with the contrast.

Also (oops) someone gave me a link a while back for flocking paper stuff, and I know I clicked favorites, well, I thought I did, anyway I don't have it smile

Thanks folks!

August 31, 2003 07:52 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Fans blowing across mirror

Posted By Ron Sowers

Me again,

Can ya tell I'm getting in the mood to do mods to the scope? OK, I need flocking paper, and a light sheild off the end. But, how about fans, has anyone here done like they talked about in S&T and put fans blowing across the mirror on their scope? If so, how did it work? I'd be so nervous to cut holes in the new dob unless it was really beneficial.


September 1, 2003 01:26 PM Forum: Solar System Observing

Mars last night

Posted By Ron Sowers

We had our best seeing last night, heres a pic, it shows what the Mars Preveiwer program says' we should see on the left, and on the right is my sketch of what it looked like. I tried to get the contrast to a realistic level as the details are there but the contrast is weak. I think I’m definately going to have to flock the inside of the tube as I can see that back wall lit up when a street light is shining in at an angle and I know that must be messing things up.


September 6, 2003 05:07 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: My grab & go scope

Posted By Ron Sowers

Wow, you wouldn't want to remove a counter weight and have that sucker swing down on your head!

October 2, 2003 07:02 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Newt Fans

Posted By Ron Sowers

Hey Folks,

I finally did the big fan project. I asked questions about it, read Tom Hole's website (thanks Tom) and for anyone considering doing this method, do not hesitate! It works great!
I finished it up last night and was dying to try it, I went out and let the scope cool for about 20 min. (not enough normally) then got old Mars in the eyepeice. At 266x it was pretty featureless, then I flipped the fans on, and just like Tom said, within 30 seconds, boom, it cleared up! I could see some great detail on it considering it's fading size. :-) I turned the fans off, then within 20 seconds, eeww it was ugly again. :-)
And the scope isn't even permanently marred. :-)

Really cool stuff man!


October 4, 2003 02:53 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Newt Fans setup pics part one

Posted By Ron Sowers

Fans on Discovery DHQ 10 inch.

February 6, 2004 08:35 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Views in Disc Dob

Posted By Ron Sowers

Hey Folks,

Last summer I purchased a Discovery 10 inch dob and believe it or not FINALLY had clear skies to view the gas giants! Egads! I waited forever for this to happen!!!
And it was the best views I've ever had, really cool. smile

I made a couple "eyepeice views" in photostudio close to how they looked, detail and size-wise. How does this compare to others views?

Take care!

April 14, 2004 02:51 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Fan on Dob

Posted By Ron Sowers

Hey Folks,

I'm thinking again of trying a new fan arrangement. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the "fan over the center of the primary blowing down" configuration?

I've tried everything else short of the dreaded 'cut holes in my scope' approach. Yikes!

BTW, it's a 10 inch F5.6 Discovery Dob. I have an idea on a way to mount a fan like this, and still be able to collimate with my laser ;-) But I thought before I went through the trouble, I'd ask and see if anyone else has tried it. smile My veiws have been awesome with this scope, I finally see all those goodies on Jupiter that my 6 inch F5 wouldn' show me, but I read others have improved their views even more, going up to 500 even on the planets with XT's and such. I wanna do that ;-)

Thanks for any input!

(Hey Michael, I see your missing your Tak, is it the veiws or just that those are so cool?)


April 14, 2004 07:59 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: Skunk Chaser?,

Posted By Ron Sowers

OH man, you were LUCKY!!!!!!
Also lucky it wasn't a bear you stepped on! =O


April 18, 2004 01:00 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

After last night.....

Posted By Ron Sowers

I'm not going to worry about adding a fan to the scope, oh man, the veiws were breathtaking!!!

I put a fan behind the scope like I've done before, but left it going for an hour, that combined with nice transparent atmosphere and steady skies, gave me the best of Jupiter I"ve ever seen! See bottom of pic for representation of the veiws I got. Here is the verbal report of what I saw that I emailed to a friend, the pics look close to my visual, but do not do the "awe" factor justice. So I think this set up is good enough!
I got even better than my best views of Jupiter last night, oh man, it was amazing! It almost looked like a CCD photo! The GRS was pinkish and easy, I could see the line around it, detail in the band that's right by it, the split. I could see a line (actually below but newts veiw is upsidedown) above the GRS and whitish where the ovals are in the polar region. The lower band had wisps and a arm thing sticking out of it! That was all at 256 power, THEN I put the barlow on and went to 512 power, Jupiter lost some contrast but was still sharp!!! It was HUGE!!!! All that detail was still there, just bigger like a picture.

And when the moons went by (this is the best part) I could tell that they were defined orbs and see their different sizes. One moon had a dark area on it and a shiny spot!!!! I am still in awe over this. I saw something on one of Jupiters moons, man, I'll never forget that view!

The moon in the pic below is very accurate to what it looked like, it had a bright spot and a dark area, amazing!