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Posts Made By: Ron Sowers

August 24, 2006 04:28 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Dumb question? (optics and dew: physics?)

Posted By Ron Sowers

How can optics dew up? How can anything dew up? doesn't the surface have to be colder than the air? If the air is what is cooling the surface, shouldn't the surface always be warmer?

(obviously things can dew up, but what am I missing on how this works?)


August 31, 2006 08:33 AM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Ron Sowers

I was looking through an S&T buyers guide and saw a pic of a Parks 6 inch Reflector. It's almost a grand (yikes), I've heard the optics are really good (true?) the pier part looks strong enough to hold a car, but the mount axis looks all little and spindly, why'd they do that? Anyone used on in real life? Is it shakey? (just curious!)



September 9, 2006 04:12 PM Forum: Insects - Flowers and Other Small Stuff - Photos

3 dragonflies and a hopper

Posted By Ron Sowers

I've been trying to photo a dragon fly all summer... yesterday while I'm at work my wife runs out and their all over the back yard! She got some good pics!

July 19, 2003 08:00 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Dobs and Light Pollution

Posted By Ron Sowers

Hi Steve,

Your skies sounds exactly like mine, and I wondered the same thing. We just purchased (about 6 weeks ago) a 10 inch dob and it did make a big difference. Although I can't see detail in galaxies unless were at a dark site, I can see the cores and they are very noticable. I'm waiting for the Sombero to be up because we did see the dark lane in our six inch in our backyard so I'm sure the 10 will show it really well. Hope that info. helps and clear dark skies to ya!

July 22, 2003 06:28 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Your first scope?

Posted By Ron Sowers

My first was a HORRIBLE dept store 4.5 inch EQ reflector! This thing was aweful LOL. Tried using it for a few nights, then gave up and took it back. Then got a Celestron G3, which also was horrible! Then I found Astromart here, got some advice and got a 6 inch reflector, then we were happy :-)


July 22, 2003 06:34 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Maybe we should all just agee to disagree!

Posted By Ron Sowers

I agree with you. :-)

Plus I have been re-thinking some things and think I know why this is so hard. Refractors show crisp veiws, larger reflector CAN show lot's of detail, so when the seeing is limiting both scopes, I think refractor buffs are noticing how the veiw is sharper, and the reflector people are saying "yeah but it show's the same detail" etc. :-)

Funny too how I think everyone of us would LOVE to own what scopes?.... A nice apo and a huge reflector! So we all like them both anyway :-)

Take care!

July 25, 2003 08:10 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Mars 7/24/03

Posted By Ron Sowers

OOh OOH I have a question!!! :-)
How close is the eyepiece veiw to this image? Does it look this good to your eyeballs? :-)


July 25, 2003 09:58 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Televue NP-101 First Light (Long)

Posted By Ron Sowers

Congrats on the new scope! If you ever get bored with it let me know LOL. Sounds like a great scope!


July 26, 2003 10:23 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Mars in Six Scopes

Posted By Ron Sowers

So far number 6 is closest :-(

July 26, 2003 02:10 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

What can you expect on Mars....

Posted By Ron Sowers

Ok, I thought of something AFTER I posted this last one, heres a better idea. Not counting atmosphere, what we could see at two different resolutions. I divided mars into pixels then resized to represent two apertures.
25x25 pixels, then resized for a 4 inch scope and,
50x50 pixels, then resized for a 9-10 inch scope.

Now I can see that with good atmosphere, even an 80mm refractor with good optics could show A LOT!!!

Thanks for looking!