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Posts Made By: Don Wyman

June 5, 2004 02:37 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

PST Mountings

Posted By Don Wyman

Since the sun disappeared after letting me use my new PST on Thursday for 90 minutes, I've had some time on my hands and figured out two mountings for it. The first is on a Meade ETX-60 fork/base, set on a JMI Megawedge on an old CG-5 tripod. A real frankenscope. grin

Don Wyman

June 8, 2004 06:34 AM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

Venus in H-Alpha

Posted By Don Wyman

Got a few shots. Focus is a bit fuzzy. The views of the prominences were actually better in the PST than in the SM40/TV-76.

Images shot with SM40/TV-76, Nikon 995 and 14mm Scopetronix eyepiece.

June 16, 2004 02:05 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

Re: PST thoughts/question

Posted By Don Wyman

I noticed the "sweet spot" effect too. You can center the sun in the FOV and by using the tuning ring you can do the same thing. I used to see the same effect with my Daystar .7A system. So when I saw it in the PST, I wasn't alarmed. As to the sun being centered in the solfinder, mine isn't quite centered either but it's reasonably close. I guess you should ask Coronado about it.

Don W

August 11, 2004 03:53 AM Forum: Star Parties

Re: Astrofest or Disneyland?

Posted By Don Wyman

Amen, brother Ed. I'm so disgusted by the whole mess, I may not go to either event.

Don Wyman

August 18, 2004 07:00 AM Forum: Star Parties

Biting the Bullet, It's Astrofest for me

Posted By Don Wyman

It wasn't an easy decision, but it seems that a lot of my fellow club members and those from surrounding clubs are going with the new Astrofest, so I'm going to say "baaa" and follow the flock. I'm going to miss Camp Shaw and the people that have decided to go there instead. Hopefully this can all be worked out in the future.

Don Wyman
NEWSTAR (NorthEast WI Stargasers)

November 23, 2004 02:00 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Can we please stop the YELLING?

Posted By Don Wyman

Folks, it's common knowledge that using all caps when messaging on the net is akin to yelling. Please show some restraint and consideration.

Thank you,
Don Wyman

December 23, 2004 02:58 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

Aperture fever strikes again!

Posted By Don Wyman

Couldn't take it anymore. Ordered an SM60 with BF10 from OPT today. They had one in stock and it will be here tomorrow. Time to sell my trusty and faithful SM40.

Don Wyman

January 15, 2005 05:24 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

Converting ETX Base for PST

Posted By Don Wyman

Ok, here goes. I can't show all the steps since I did this mod some time ago and didn't take pics. The first step was to cut off the mounting ears etc. from the two altitude hubs and square them off.

January 18, 2005 09:34 AM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters

David Lunt

Posted By Don Wyman

This was posted on Coronado's web site this morning:

David Lunt, who along, with his wife Gerry Hogan, founded Coronado,
has passed away. He left us Sunday night surrounded by family. For
two years he has been living with prostate cancer and receiving
treatment. At around 7:30 in the evening his struggle ended
peacefully. We can't help but feel the large flare over the weekend
was a fitting tribute to his work.

In place of flowers the family has requested that donations in
David's name be made to an in home hospice care service in you area
or your local Humane Society.

Nicholas Ilka

Condolences to Ms. Hogan and the entire Coronado crew.

Don Wyman

January 28, 2005 03:41 PM Forum: Coronado-Lunt-DayStar Solar Filters


Posted By Don Wyman

Very slick. Well done. On the ETX-60 base/forks that I bought, the mounting brackets were banged up so I pretty much had to remove them. I have an ETX-90 base/fork that was not chewed up so I'm taking an approach similar to yours with that one.

Don W