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Posts Made By: Freddy WILLEMS

January 1, 2004 11:22 PM Forum: Meade

Meade 10"LX200 GPS vs meade 12"LX200 GPS

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

I have a Meade 10"LX200 GPS telescope and planning to buy a meade 12" LX200 GPS telescope, is it a good idea to switch to the 12" ?? Is the viewing remarkable better ?
and is the diference really great ?
Is there something I should be aware of, elctronics, optics or malfunctions ??
Please do responce, planning to start astrophotography.

January 3, 2004 12:10 AM Forum: Meade

Meade super Wedge

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Can the superwedge been used in Hawaii ??
I think is only goes down to 25 degrees, so is there a solution for it to use it in I have to modify it in someway ??

January 10, 2004 10:22 PM Forum: Meade

Superwedge adapter ??

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

since I live in Hawaii I can not bring the wedge down more then 25 degrees. is there a possibility or an adapter to tilt the wedge up to 21 degrees for Hawaii ??

January 18, 2004 03:18 AM Forum: Meade

Meade super wedge

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Can some one mail me a picture of the tangent arm and screw from the meade super wedge ?
I bought the super wedge a few months ago and it is missing that part 'the tangent arm and screw'...
If I have a picture from the tangent arm then I can try to copy it and make it myself ! I guess that Meade does not sell these parts seperately....
Thanks everybody and have a nice Aloha day...

May 9, 2004 01:40 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

14"LX200GPS - UHTC

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Bought a 14"LX200 GPS with UHTC, there is only the GPS label on the tube, but when you open the cover in front the optical specs says: ULTRA HIGH CONTRAST - multi coated is that the same as the UHTC ??
Please do email me, just want to know what I got.
[email protected]

May 11, 2004 01:09 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Meade LPI imager

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Bought a 14" LX200 GPS with UHTC and the LPI imager a few weeks ago, Try to start with some astrophotography before I spent some money on real digital astrophotography.
If somebody can give me some information on the setting for taking pics of the planets or a website I can refer to.

August 16, 2004 04:16 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Meade 14" LX200 and canon 10D

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Just a question..
Looking for a good setup for my meade 14" LX200 and the digital canon 10D.
I have the Meade micro focuser, the meade flip mirror # 647 system which is a 2".
Just want to use the maxview from scope tronics with the Flip mirror, want to connect the 2" maxview to the flip mirror which comes with 1.25" adapters in front, want to convert to 2" to fit the 2" maxview adapter from scope tronics for the digital cam canon 10D.
Does any one have a good setup for this items and were can I get the adapter for the flip mirror #647 to convert the front part to 2" ?
A bit confusing he....


December 12, 2004 08:56 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

14"LX200GPS - UHTC

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

Aloha from Hawaii........Just want to know if somebody has experience with (guiding) using a Meade LX 200 telescope with a (laptop)computer.
I want to use the Starry Night Pro program to pinpoint my telescope to certain objects, which are NOT on the Autostar II memory. I guess I have to use the serial cable and connect it to the Telescope ports, but has somebody really experience with this. I just need some help with this for astrophotography purposes...

December 26, 2004 10:55 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

Merry X-mas Saturn processing

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

First of all a Merry X-Mas to all,
I live in Hawaii and I admire those who go out at night for hours to take those great images in the freezing cold. Like Wess, Tom, Ivan, Mike, Brian, Paul, Stefan Paolo in Italy and all those other that I forgot to mention.... They all post great, incredable great imgages on Astromart and I enjoy looking at it every single day.
For more then a year I have a Meade 14"LX200 GPS with UHTC and I love that scope, I want to get into serious astrophotography as well and it took me months before parts where shipped to Hawaii, still waiting on some parts which will arrive in January.... Hawaii is a looong way....Still waiting for the wedge for my 14" which will be a hudge tilt at 21 degrees in Hawaii !!!
I made some pictures with my Canon 10D and need some help, I know I made some great pictures of Saturn with the 14" and the Canon 10D, just want to know what to do with them, do I need to stack lots of images like when you take images with the Toucam, (stacking 1000 or more pics ?)...I did see some GREAT Saturn images just taken with the Toucam and a 5X Powermade.. I hope my setup can handle the same result. If not I will get a Toucam too..
I post some of my raw images of Saturn taken some days ago, just want to know how process them to get already a reasonable result so I can start from there...
Thanks to everybody again for sharing those great 'professional' images, cassini can't do better......
I even used Wes' advise to pull out the 5X powermate about 3/4 inch and even retract the cam about 1 inch on top....


December 27, 2004 07:46 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Focal reducer f/6.3

Posted By Freddy WILLEMS

have a Meade 14" LX200 and a celestron focal 6.3 reducer,it seems that I can not get the focus right. Is there a focal reducer that works with a 14" LX200 ? Or do I something wrong. I keep turning an turning the focus knob and it seems that I can not get a clear focus.