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Posts Made By: Guy Jordan

May 19, 2004 10:49 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Arch Buildings Roof Structure For Rolloffs??

Posted By Guy Jordan

Check out the Onan Observatory belonging to the Minnesota Astronomical Society. Probably larger than what you're planning but it looks like what you describe.

May 24, 2004 12:09 PM Forum: Astro-Physics

Re: gripping an SPL

Posted By Guy Jordan

Circumferential grooves would help the grip question and could be added to the space between groups of text. The engraved test itself likely offers good grip too. Alternately, lettering could be moved to the conical face and the grooves extended conpletelt aroud the barrel. You might also look into rubberize surface finishes. I know next to nothing about them except that it can be cheap enough to apply to disposable pens.

May 29, 2004 07:44 AM Forum: Pictures of Me and My Telescope and........

Scopes please Scopes

Posted By Guy Jordan

Well, here is my latest aquisition. I posted on the Vixen Forum but there seems to be very little trafic there. I'd asked about improving the mount for my GP mount and after all the advice, and a few attempts at improving the tripod, I took the expensive advice; a new Eliminator. So I contacted James at Astrosky and got what may be one of the last Eliminators. It works very well.

As you can see in the before and after the new tripod is taller than the old one. I can tell already I'll be touchong up the white paint but I really like the aperance of the white tripod with the white telescope tube.

Anyway, the telescope is a used Orion/Vixen NA120. Not a lot of money but enough to keep my spending quiet for a while. This is a great thread, I to like to see all the variety of instruments. Kind of a daylight star party.

Clear skies to you (mine are rainy)-

June 25, 2004 05:36 AM Forum: Home Observatories

dome project

Posted By Guy Jordan

Looks good from here Andy. 8) Is this your own design or are you working from plans? I am curious about the geodesic layout and the stability once you cut the slot into it.

July 22, 2004 08:54 PM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Guy Jordan

Did a quick Google for your area and found this...,+WI&oi=localr

July 29, 2004 10:37 PM Forum: Astro-Physics

SPL eyepieces now in production

Posted By Guy Jordan

Nice comparison Roland. I'd say the 12SPL looks darker than the Zeiss in your picture. The backgroung is about the same but the solar disk seems brighter in the Zeiss than the AP. Does the coatings on the SPL's impart a tint to the view?

August 1, 2004 05:18 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Reccomendation on Binoculars

Posted By Guy Jordan

If these are not too small they could work for you. I've bought small monoculars from russianoptics that worked well... these 4x36's should too.


August 2, 2004 04:03 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

the one that got away... and still kicking myself

Posted By Guy Jordan

Guitar equipment, yes... telescopes, no. I tend to keep too much stuff though because I think I might regret it later. The other side of the same disfunctional coin. shocked

Happy gazing-

August 30, 2004 11:08 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Things you'd like to see....

Posted By Guy Jordan

Automatic drift alignment.

Luminance only CCD's (like astro cameras) in "prosumer" digital camera for high resolution black and white photography (useable for astro too). 6 meg full color chip = 24 meg B&W chip.

Floater ektomy!


September 18, 2004 05:09 PM Forum: Eyepieces

My much awaited test of the Radian EPs.

Posted By Guy Jordan


Thanks for the report. I realize your expresed purpose with this test was to judge the Radians, but... did you rank the other brands? I have a 30mm Ultrascopic that I like but have considered getting shorter focal length versions. I would appreciate your comments comparing the Ultrascopics to the others in your test. BTW my 'scope is a 120mm f/6.7 refractor and I have access to an 8" SCT so I ralize your experience may not directly translate for me.