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Posts Made By: Michael Koons

March 11, 2004 07:16 PM Forum: Binoviewers

First Lites?

Posted By Michael Koons

Finally after weeks, got my TV85 up and running. If you have an 85 you may have a different length tube, which may change your gear. Anyhow, Jupiter with 3X barlow showed more detail in banding 2 nites ago than I'd ever seen, can't wait to try my 9.25SCT. I spent a long time on m-42 last nite, hmmm 2 eyes showed more than, I guess you all know already, comfy indeed. Balance is a problem though. Wondering if anyone has bino apparatus on a TV101. BTW thanks for the entertainment. I do miss my daytime soaps. Mid-time lurker, this is my first post. Dial me if you have bino TV 85 focus blues. Mike

April 29, 2004 05:15 PM Forum: Celestron

9.25 GPS

Posted By Michael Koons

Currently own TAK 102 for home and Ultima 9.25 (my favorite at dark sky site)considering consolidation with the nexstar 9.25 GPS. Any feedback with set-up/cooldown issues especially welcome, do those new tubes cool down quicker. Usually I am 1-2 hours for steady, high power seeing. If the GPS is more manageable than my ultima, I would transport it to and fro. Thanks

May 4, 2004 08:12 PM Forum: Binoviewers

FS102 low and high bino

Posted By Michael Koons

Love my Denk's but with multiple set-ups, newt, Tak and Cat, power switch was kinda out. Tak users with 2.7 focusers can go straight in the back for no mag viewing, it is great, but adding barlow's required screwing extensions on,(I hate screwing and unscrewing, extensions or OCA's), Siebert optics made me this cool little 3X OCA you just pop in, minimal back focus, now I have ultimate low power and pop in high power. It works great, the GRS was nice at 200.

May 14, 2004 04:11 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Wide Field EP's

Posted By Michael Koons

Knowing the 24 Pans are the deluxe, I've a f4.5 Dob, a FS102 and a SCT, how would say a UO konig or Siebert Ultra work? Weight is a bit of a factor and the Tak is the most used cause it is home. I'd really love direct feedback from owners of these ep's. I own the 12 konigs and really love them, I'd hope the 1.2 ocs would improve a 24mm konig edge from ratty(alledgedly) to good in the dob. Thanks, Mike

May 31, 2004 05:43 PM Forum: Takahashi

FS-128 cooldown??????????

Posted By Michael Koons

Have fs-102 for grab-n-go on gibralter but begs to be driven with planets. Have Ultima 9.25, awesome.....after 2 hours stablizing, wondering, fs-128 stabilization time and eq mount suggestions for visual only. Might consolidate to 1 scope then.


July 3, 2004 04:20 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Tak 12.5 LE's?

Posted By Michael Koons

Wondering how the 12.5 have performed for any of you for bino-viewing. Am considering a pair for a TMB f/7 with a power switch to get me to around 250X for max power. Thanks in advance

July 5, 2004 09:30 PM Forum: Binoviewers

Nagler vs. LE's

Posted By Michael Koons

Considering the Tak LE 12.5 vs Nagler Type 6 13mm. F/7 115mm APO gets 95% use and 16" F/4.5 Dob 5%, bino only anymore. Any feedback greatly appreciated.

July 11, 2004 01:40 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Siebert 2" Observatory 34mm-Nice

Posted By Michael Koons

I own an F4.5 16" Nightsky, Pegasus optics. I had owned a 26mm Nagler Type 5 which I loved. Opted for 24 Pans to save a few bucks with my bino. Lost so much FOV I figured I'd try a minimalist approach, I was fooled! No seagulls, sharp across field until the edge of the stop, M81-82 nicely framed, light, great eye relief, no black-outs. I am stunned and am calling Harry tomorrow to order a pair of 1.25's for my bino's.
Thought you all might want to know.

August 17, 2004 08:47 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Perfect 10-11mm

Posted By Michael Koons

what would you fine fellows recommend in the form of a 10-11mm EP for an alt az driven 115 APO. I will be binoviewing and am currently sporting a pair of 12.5 Konigs. They are fantastic, though tight on eye relief. Planetary performance is first in line, DSO's second. Thanks for your help!

October 3, 2004 05:53 PM Forum: Binoviewers

Wondering about 16 Nagler type 5

Posted By Michael Koons

After finding my newly acquired 12 Radians much nicer than the UO Konigs(actually the resolution was similar, but ER and color made a nicer contrast for banding on Saturn), I'm thinking about replacing everything with the 16 Nags! With my power switch, I would have 50-201. I use my 115LW f/7 on a unistar and a Orion Skyview pro. Any feedback from anyone using these EP's in bino-mode greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.