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Posts Made By: Andreas Braun

June 3, 2012 12:52 AM Forum: Eyepieces

Is it just me?

Posted By Andreas Braun

Floyd Blue said:

Seems very slow around here lately. So, is it just the weather sucks or what? wink
I know that it is just the beginning of the new observing year for many, but what is going on with everyone as far as new eyepieces and experiences lately? grin

Well Floyd,

I have since a long time the impression that this forum slowly is fading away. It's very obvious if one compares the activities on eyepieces on "the other forum" where you are active as well. "There" (I'm alway amazed how painstakingly the names of the other forums are avoided! LOL) the activities on eyepieces, telescopes, and so on, are very high.

One reason - at least from my point of view - was the fee charged some years ago to further participate in this forum. With a deep sigh I spent 10$ to maintain my access. But seriously: I wouldn't renew the membership if requested again.

Although at the time of my joining this forum (around 2002) I liked it for being a bit more serious as the "other" one, not that much trolling. But in the meantime I've become aquainted whom to trust "there" (as "andydj5xp") and I do get much satisfaction from the many good contributions.

Having retired from work I've plenty of time to visit many forums. But as far as astronomy is concerned I'm always starting my visit on "the other forum" and only occasionally make a stop here. May be sad, but that's the way it is.