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Posts Made By: Paul Wefers Bettink

June 20, 2006 11:21 AM Forum: Home Observatories

Dome Rotation - Suggestions

Posted By Paul Wefers Bettink

I am almost finished building my dome observatory, but I am having a little problem with rotating the dome (which is why one choses a dome in the first place wink ). I am currently using a steel rail with steel V-groove casters (photo attached). The problem with this is that there is a tendency to derail the casters from the ring. I wonder if rollers would be more forgiving. Robert Hayes' rollers/ball casters look interesting. Appreciate your help.
Paul WB

June 23, 2006 05:15 PM Forum: Home Observatories


Posted By Paul Wefers Bettink

Hi Bob
I like the round base unit that you built. While having a square base, allows for some extra interior room, the corners have to be sloped in order to prevent rain/snow from accumulating.
As for the wise guys... 8)

July 4, 2013 08:23 PM Forum: Mounts

How hefty a mount for 10" RC

Posted By Paul Wefers Bettink

Hello John
That sounds like quite the project that you are undertaking. In terms of what mount capacity that you need, it depends on what you are planning to use your mount and telescope for. If you are planning to use your scope for only visual use, then you can probably go with a mount that is rated at the weight of your equipment (i.e. if your scope weighs 20 lbs, then you can use a mount that is rated up to that capacity). For astrophotography, one has to have more carrying capacity, by a factor of 2 (i.e. if your telescope and equipment weighs 20 lbs, then the minimum mount capacity should be up to 40 lbs). Generally, it is better to have more capacity than you may initially would need. Astrophotography involves a lot of equipment (e.g. cameras, guider & guidescopes, filter wheels, etc.) all of which requires mount capacity. More is better is the general advice in regards to astrophotography. Good luck with your project.