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Posts Made By: Ed York

January 3, 2009 06:40 PM Forum: Refractors

Diagonal Comparisons

Posted By Ed York

I'm historically a reflector guy and am dabbling in refractors. I have 0 feel for quality of acessories like a diagonal. I've been searching the threads for something like this but am coming up empty. Has anyone done a diagonal comparison? Does anyone have thoughts on typical ranking/rating of the obvious suspects? Thoughts on standard vs dialectric vs nubright?

I saw the WO review. I'm looking for something like this but a bit wider view.

January 11, 2009 04:29 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

The hardest part of a project

Posted By Ed York

I decided to take on a small project and now I am at the hardest part - the waiting.

I decided to put together a smaller scope package designed for star parties at my kids' elementary school. I've done a number of star parties with my scopes but they're kind of big and often put the ep in awkward spots. One is an 8" reflector on an EQ and the other is a 12.5" f6 dob. 5 year olds way up on a 6' ladder is not a prudent star party. I have a smaller nexstar reflector and could have used that but decided a refractor would be ideal. I did some research, got some advice from the boards here and started ordering stuff.

First up, I picked up the Baader adapter for the Nexstar mount to use with a dovetail. I think the newer mounts have these, but mine is from early in the series. That came in on Friday and I installed those pieces this morning. I would to add some type of chord lock to keep the power chord form getting pulled out so easy. I may also put together some type of sling to hang my power tank from the accessory tray. I'm pretty sure this would bump the stability of the tripod a fair bit.

Second, I made a deal on a used Stellarvue 809D here. The MO was sent, I have a tracking code and the scope is to be here on Tuesday. This seemed like it would have a little bit nicer glass then the usual suspects. I figured the views would be a bit crisper and the few times I get to use it would be worth it.

Third, I needed a diagonal. Being a reflector guy I didn't have one of these or know to much of the smaller details. I did some research and shopped hard. I ordered a demo model that I've yet to get a shipping notification. I'm hoping it ships Monday which would put it here Thursday. This scope will be used mostly for kids star parties so a 1-1/4" diagonal would be plenty for planets and the moon, but I will use this occassionally as a grab & go scope so I got the 2" one. I may be pushing the weight limit of my mount especially if I try to move it with the 22 nagler or 14 UWA.

The sky is clearing up here for the first time in a week or so. The diagonal will be here just in time for it to cloud up again. If the scope comes in and the sky is clear, I'll probably run it and the mount through their paces with no diagonal. I have 3 upcoming star parties and 2 camping trips planned, but the first is several weeks out. Plenty of time to work all the bugs out.

Compared to some of my other projects this one has been pretty simple and a short timeframe. For now, though, I just wait - the hardest part.

January 16, 2009 06:34 AM Forum: Telescope Making

Marrk Harry Link?

Posted By Ed York

Does anyone have a current link or email address for Mark Harry (Mark D. Harry Optics)? The only link I can find looks like it was shut down 11/08.


March 26, 2004 07:34 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Got my Stardust Chair! :^)

Posted By Ed York


Can't wait to hear the report out. I know how excited you were when your ordered it a couple of weeks ago. A lot of us suffer the the legs, back, and feet things as well.

Ed York

March 28, 2004 08:41 PM Forum: Equipment Talk


Posted By Ed York


I've been loading everything into Excel, including Magnitude, RA, Dec, and Constellation. My list is still a little thin, but if you are comfortable with filters it is pretty simple to get a view list for the night (filter by magnitude, max/min RA, ...). I also double up with The Sky software and tag things, then filter on the tag and print. I call the tag column "View" - pretty creative, huh!

I don't mind sending it to you as a start, but it will need some work to become "yours". You can build from scratch pretty quickly if you are familiar with excel.

Ed York

March 29, 2004 08:59 PM Forum: Solar System Observing

Instant Replay - Tonight's Double Transit

Posted By Ed York

I saw the double transit but I didn't get a photo - projection adapter in the mail on the way here.

Decent seeing here in Houston. Some clouds but a lot of breaks. I didn't know tonight was a double transit until I got up to about 250x. Since I was a few moons short at lower power, I looked a little closer at high power. They were both in the same band not too far apart. Nice view, excellent surprise.

Ed York

April 3, 2004 05:44 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

To all you experts!!!!!!!

Posted By Ed York


Ivan is right on. One additonal point can be made. The 400x is theoretical max - perfect seeing, good optics. The fact that you have a really fast scope (about a 4.1 using your numbers) means your optics break down fast. See is going to have to be great for you to get over 300x. I have an 8" f5 and have been to 400x and beyond only once or twice with it. Seeing usually doesn't allow and you and I need better seeing then most due to our short focal lengths. When you get it though, it's beautiful.


April 6, 2004 07:53 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Nexstar Hand Controller Troubles

Posted By Ed York

Call Celestron and tell them what happened. I would not be surprised if they help you out.

Ed York

April 8, 2004 09:20 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Questions from yet another newbie

Posted By Ed York


I upgraded from a 4.5" Goto to an 8" Newt on an EQ with drives for tracking but not goto - put money in aperature instead of computer. For me it was a great choice. The 8" is big but not too big to move. I've read that the 10" starts to get to that too big point. Your mount becomes a killer. The 8" is a great increase in what I can see.

I have the Orion Sky View Pro and it is excellent for visual. I have taken pictures through it, but only up to 20 second exposures - due to light pollution in my area, the sky washes out after 15 seconds with 200 iso. The photos that didn't wash out were nice. I'm actually going to a darker sky this weekend and if the sky is clear will try some longer exposures. Due to light issues, I'll probably never take 30 minute exposurs, so tracking is not as critical. If you're dabbling in asrophotography the 8" SVP is quite easy.

My 2 cents.


April 17, 2004 09:01 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Help we seeing!

Posted By Ed York

Based on Mag 7 and brighter, try these:

Messier RA Dec Constellation Magn Type
M 93 7:44:36 -23.87 Puppis 6.2 Open Cluster
M 92 17:17:06 43.13 Hercules 6.5 Globular Cluster
M 81 9:55:36 69.07 Ursa Major 6.9 Galaxy
M 67 8:50:24 11.82 Cancer 6.9 Open Cluster
M 62 17:01:12 -30.12 6.6 Globular Cluster
M 55 19:40:00 -30.97 7.0 Globular Cluster
M 52 23:24:12 61.58 Cassiopea 6.9 Open Cluster
M 50 7:03:12 -8.33 Monoceros 5.9 Open Cluster
M 48 8:13:48 -5.80 Hydra 5.8 Open Cluster
M 47 7:36:36 -14.50 Puppis 4.4 Open Cluster
M 46 7:41:48 -14.82 Puppis 6.1 Open Cluster
M 45 3:47:00 24.12 0.0 Mixed Deep Sky
M 44 8:40:06 19.98 Cancer 3.1 Open Cluster
M 42 5:35:24 -5.45 Orion 4.0 Nebula
M 41 6:47:00 -20.73 Canis Major 4.5 Open Cluster
M 40 12:22:24 58.08 0.0 Mixed Deep Sky
M 39 21:32:12 48.43 4.6 Open Cluster
M 38 5:28:42 35.83 Auriga 6.4 Open Cluster
M 37 5:52:24 32.55 Auriga 5.6 Open Cluster
M 36 5:36:06 34.13 Auriga 6.0 Open Cluster
M 35 6:08:54 24.33 Gemini 5.1 Open Cluster
M 34 2:42:00 42.78 Perseus 5.2 Open Cluster
M 33 1:33:54 30.65 Triangulum 5.7 Galaxy
M 31 0:42:42 41.27 Andromeda 3.5 Galaxy
M 29 20:23:54 38.53 6.6 Open Cluster
M 28 18:24:30 -24.87 6.9 Globular Cluster
M 25 18:31:36 -19.25 4.0 Open Cluster
M 23 17:56:48 -19.02 5.5 Open Cluster
M 22 18:36:24 -23.90 5.1 Globular Cluster
M 21 18:04:36 -22.50 5.9 Open Cluster
M 20 18:02:36 -23.03 6.3 Cluster+Nebulosity
M 18 18:19:54 -17.13 6.9 Open Cluster
M 17 18:20:48 -16.18 6.0 Cluster+Nebulosity
M 16 18:18:48 -13.78 6.0 Cluster+Nebulosity
M 15 21:30:00 12.17 Pegasus 6.4 Globular Cluster
M 13 16:41:42 36.47 Hercules 5.9 Globular Cluster
M 12 16:47:12 -1.95 Ophiuchus 6.6 Globular Cluster
M 11 18:51:06 -6.27 5.8 Open Cluster
M 10 16:57:06 -4.10 Ophiuchus 6.6 Globular Cluster
M 8 18:03:48 -24.38 5.8 Nebula
M 7 17:53:54 -34.82 3.3 Open Cluster
M 6 17:40:06 -32.22 4.2 Open Cluster
M 5 15:18:36 2.08 Virgo 5.8 Globular Cluster
M 4 16:23:36 -26.53 5.9 Globular Cluster
M 3 13:42:12 28.38 Canes Venatici 6.4 Globular Cluster
M 2 21:33:30 -0.82 Aquaruis 6.5 Globular Cluster