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Posts Made By: Rod Kaufman

June 24, 2005 04:47 PM Forum: Politics

Bush's Upcoming Speech

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Bush is set to deliver his rally the country around Iraq speech on June 28.
First, the venue: Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is basically the land version of Bush's plane trip on an aircraft carrier where he was surrounded by applauding troops with a huge banner in the background proudly proclaiming,"Mission Accomplished!".
With his approval ratings and support of the war in Iraq dropping left and right in just about any poll you care to name, the proud president will press forth his message amid the background of the approving troops. The "support the troops" theme will be prominent even if he doesn't mention it, given his surroundings and will, of course, be used to his advantage.
Like any other carefully orchestrated speech Bush has given to the country, any audience present will have been picked on the presumption of their support for Bush and his policies. Don't expect to see any disobedience from the assembled troops...
Why view or listen to the speech when you know it's going to be "more of the same"? Do you really have to hear it to know what he's going to say?
This is just another Bush horse and pony show, pure and simple...
Enjoy the show...

June 26, 2005 08:05 PM Forum: Politics

It's Official:We can't win militarily in Iraq

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Rumsfeld told America on national TV today the US can not win militarily in Iraq. He sees an "Iraqi-ization" of the war which will last "eight, ten or twelve years."
Like the "vietimization" of the war in Vietnam, the Iraqis are supposed to take over their own security in a process that will last a decade or more.
All of this for an insurgency described by the vice president of the United States as being in "it's last throes."
The Bush legacy: a decade or more of warfare in Iraq...

June 28, 2005 05:39 PM Forum: Politics

Bush's Speech: More of the Same

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Russian president Valdimir Putin has described our president in one word: "predictable".
What we heard tonight was a mission without time containing equivocal objectives predicated on justification of all ensuing events related to 9-11.
The theme of a stable and democratic Iraq is a myth and the explanations, clarifications, and litany of mistakes and failures of the Bush administration inflict continuing hardships on us all.

July 18, 2005 01:37 PM Forum: Politics

UK "At Risk" Over Iraq

Posted By Rod Kaufman

A cnn/usa today/ gallup poll noted americans feel the war in Iraq has made them less safe. Now a report from the Chatham House, a British think tank, echoes those feelings and states the situation in Iraq has provided a "boost to Al Queda network's propaganda, recruitment and fund raising" and has provided "an ideal training ground for Al-Queda-linked terrorists."
The report goes on to state the war in Iraq has "deflected resources and assistance that could have been deployed to assist Afghan president Karzai and to bring Bin Laden to justice."
The report further states the government of the UK "had been conducting counter terrorism shoulder to shoulder to the US, not in the sense of being an equal decision maker, but rather as a pillion passenger compelled to leave the steering to the ally in the driving seat."
Finally, the report concludes, "there is no doubt the situation in Iraq has imposed difficulties for the UK and for the wider coalition against terrorism."
The only US policy, of course, will simply be one: more of the same...

July 20, 2005 07:30 AM Forum: Politics

Bush's "Choice" Pick!

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Have we got a winner now or what? Bush's choice is clearly the best man for the job! Just feast your eyes and look:
1.Qualifications? Look buster, this guy used to be a supreme court justice clerk! I mean whoppe freakin do!!! In his private practice he was basically a walmart style corporate lawyer consistently arguing on behalf of big business: the guy is perfect!!! He even worked for Bush's daddy and argued on behalf of Bush junior in the Florida vote: well, the guy's got to get his politics from someplace, right?
2. There's no beating around the bush with this guy, when asked if he really meant it when he argued that Roe vs Wade was a sham decision, he was just arguing a ho hum decision! Meanwhile, his main competition for the job described her beliefs on the matter of Roe vs Wade as being "definitive." I mean the nerve of that witch to actually take a stand and speak her mind! Bush should send her butt packing to Iraq! Today!
3. So the guy's a Roman Catholic and won't state how he really feels about abortion rights. What's to know? I mean there's no potential for home grown bias with this guy, right?
4. Everybody's wondering about this guys qualifications for the job because there's no paper trail: he's perfect!!! No messy e-mails to worry about: what you see is what you get!!!

July 20, 2005 06:01 PM Forum: Politics

UN Troops in Afghanistan

Posted By Rod Kaufman

PBS news reported up to 4000 UN troops may be deployed to Afghanistan ahead of upcoming elections to join the 1000 UN troops already in the country. The reporter referred to the UN troops as IRON or IZAD troops or something akin to those designations.
My question from the news story is this: if UN troops are in Afghanistan then why not in Iraq? My google search on "UN troops in Afghanistan" has the info about them but when I search for "UN troops in Iraq", I get a story about the Bush administration and the pentagon being unwilling to accept them. Why the heck not?

July 21, 2005 07:43 AM Forum: Politics

Minutemen: Now Legitimate!

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Bush castigated the minutemen by calling them "vigilantes". The Bush administration opposed the efforts of the minutement to slow the tidal wave of illegal immigration from across our broken borders.
That was a few months ago...
Today, Robert Bonner, a chieftain in the Bush hierachy, has directed his border patrol to begin a cooperative effort with the minutemen to further slow the tidal wave. Jim Gilcrest, the founder of the minutemen and a resident of Orange county California, initially couldn't believe it but is now apparently delighted at the turn of events. His minutemen will become the "eyes and ears" of the border patrol, as per Mr Bonner. Mr Gilcrest likened the change of heart of the Bush administration as an "awakening"!
Perhaps there's hope for Cochise county Az yet!

July 24, 2005 08:26 PM Forum: Politics

CNN Interviews Insurgent Commanders

Posted By Rod Kaufman

CNN carried a news report on the tube the other night entitled "A Progress Report on Iraq."
A significant portion of the report was devoted to an interview with those either commanding or having direct contact with the insurgency. First, an insurgent commander identified himself to the extent of being a former general under Saddam. He provided his original uniform with identifying features that would tend to substantiate his claim. Moreover, he also stated the training for the insurgency began five months prior to the anticipated invasion of Iraq by the US. He also provided a videotape of soon-to-be insurgents snaking their way through flaming pipes in their training period. The insurgent commander appeared relaxed as well as confident and determined and noted the insurgents have more than enough men, money and arms. He claims a standing force of 200,000 insurgents while he placed his losses at 10,000 dead, 10,000 wounded and 30,000 captured or detained. If his claim of 200,000 insurgents is accurate, it would exceed US forces in Iraq by 60,000. By contrast, US accounts of the size of the insurgency vary considerably and defy credibility. For example, the size of the insurgency reported in the news accounts have varied from as little as about 5,000 to as much as 25,000. If these figures are correct and the claimed number of dead, wounded, and detained insurgents are subtracted from the figures reported, you would not find very much evidence of a standing insurgency in Iraq. However, we do find evidence of 300-400 insurgent attacks per week in Iraq which would lend credibility to the claim of a much larger insurgency than previously reported. A shiek claimed there is a "culture of insurgency" in Iraq and each time the US mounts an offensive such as operation spear or dagger, the insurgency actually increases in size with new recruits obtained as a direct result of US military activity.
Rumsfeld has refused to provide an estimate of the size of the insurgency, stating this is an intelligence matter. Senators like McCain have argued the US forces on the ground and the American people need to know what we are up against. It would seem we are finding this out from the insurgents themselves rather than our own government...

July 25, 2005 11:08 PM Forum: Politics

US Military Creates it's Own Iraqi

Posted By Rod Kaufman

CNN has reported that two essentially identical quotes from an unidentified Iraqi regarding two different bombings were released from Task Force Baghdad and the US military now expresses regret over the reports. CNN goes on to state, "the military quoted an Iraqi calling the attackers "enemies of humanity" and vowing to "take the fight to the terrorists", the latter an expression president Bush frequently has used in speeches." Both of the quotes from an "unidentified Iraqi" were released after an attack on Sunday and initially after an attack on July 13.
So we either have an unidentified Iraqi who get's around town after viewing the latest bombings and issues identical statements after each one which happen to match Bush's rhetoric or we have some enterprising soul at army command following in the footsteps of his commander-in-chief. Perhaps the US miltary now hires an "rent an Iraqi" for the latest appraisal of this weeks hit parade. You've heard of "rent a wreck" right? Well, now we've got Joe Iraqi who sounds an awefull lot like a stand-in for GWB...

July 27, 2005 07:37 PM Forum: Politics

Springtime Iraqi Pullout?

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Both MSN and CNN have reported the remarks of a top US miltary commander in Iraq who has stated, " "I do believe we'll be able to take some very substantial reductions after these elections in the spring and summer of next year."
Hmm, the general said, "there is no agreement on how many insurgents are battling coalition forces." That's not exactly reassuring. Nor is last week's report from the pentagon which states, "171,000 Iraqi security forces are now trained and equipped but only 2,500 are capable of mounting counter-insurgency operations on their own." Nor is the call from the Iraqi defense minister who stated, " it was time for a co-ordinated plan to transition from the American to the Iraqi military and urged it be done in a speedy fashion."
So we have our top commander saying we can go and the Iraqi's second the motion. Don't forget the american public, wherein a CNN poll recently stated 60% don't believe the US will be able to establish a stable permanent government in Iraq. So why stay? The top general says we can go and the Iraqis want us out and the american public doesn't believe our presence will not help the Iraqis anyway so let's go. I didn't read any blurbs about Bush's war against terror in Iraq from the general or the Iraqi defense minister and the public doesn't buy it either so let's get the show on the road, hey GIs, start packing!