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Posts Made By: Rod Kaufman

September 23, 2004 12:51 PM Forum: Politics


Posted By Rod Kaufman

Well, it seems tests of our security precautions at airports revealed knives, guns and explosives could be allowed on airlines according to tests carried out by homeland security. They somehow slipped by our vigilant security forces.
It appears more tests will be carried out to see if corrections have been made.
What was that about Ronald stating guns and glock inserts being detected by x-rays/metal detectors,etc?...

September 24, 2004 06:26 PM Forum: Politics

Bush on the CIA Report

Posted By Rod Kaufman

As reported in the LA Times, "Bush now admits he was wrong to call the CIA report a guess". He admits he should have referred to it as an "estimation".
This is the intelligence report that denotes a pessimistic outlook on Iraq relative to political instability and the potential for civil war. The Times also states the obvious,"He doesn't believe it" but the Times also notes other reports indicate the same conclusions of the CIA report.
Again, if the president doubts the CIA report, why doesn't he demand an investigation on the inability of the CIA to provide him with accurate estimations of the situation in Iraq?
Why doesn't he provide the origins of his information that would lead him to believe his data is more credible than that of the CIA?

September 26, 2004 09:34 AM Forum: Politics

When Al Queda Will Strike

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Assuming for a minute that the president of Pakistan was correct in his statements yesterday and his belief that the war in Iraq has made the world less safe and Bin Laden is alive and well(and by implication, doing what that MF normally does), I believe additional assumptions could offer a potential timeline of when Al Queda may strike the US.
First here are my additional assumptions: The polls are correct and the number one priority of the public is security and the belief that George Bush is the man who can provide it and this belief system prevails in the elections in November. Furthermore, the statement as reported in the Los Angeles Times is correct: "officials warn that the Bush administration's upbeat assessment of its successes is overly optimistic and masks its strategic failure to understand and combat the Al Queda evolution". Additionally, the CIA report(as well as others) is correct and civil war is likely in Iraq.
The beliefs of americans that we are safer as a result of our war in Iraq and the sense of security provided by the Bush presidency lulls the the country into a steady state of self-confidence and prosperity, in the eyes of the public.
IF the above is accurate, an enormous opportunity exists for Bin Laden to undermine the belief system of the american public and to dissolve the confidence of the public in its leadership. I would suspect an attack or series of attacks shortly after the re-election of Bush or after the inaugration of his presidency.

September 26, 2004 05:36 PM Forum: Politics

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Well, it appears we forgot a lesson learned in WW2 when George Patton said he didn't want to pay for the same real estate twice meaning he didn't want to have take the same battlefield twice. It just makes sense.
Colin Powell announced today that US troops will have to enter "no-go" zones to tidy things before the elections (theirs and ours). This presumably means Fallujah where we have already taken casulties and where the Brookings institute figures 20,000 insurgents are hunkered down in their own turf. However, I have to cut some slack to the men at the top for being forgetful and not remembering what Patton said since WW2 was a long time ago.
Today, however, an Iraqi general was caught with his pants down, collaborating with the enemy. Didn't we learn that lesson from Vietnam or was that one too long ago as well?

September 27, 2004 07:10 PM Forum: Politics

When wrong is right

Posted By Rod Kaufman

A new poll reveals much about the thinking of the american electorate:
1. World Affairs: On who is less likely to alienate world leaders (even though he already has) George Bush!
2.Iraq: Should we send in more troops and who should do it? George Bush! How could it be any other way?
3.Terrorism: Who would fight it the most? George Bush. Afterall, he got us into Iraq!
4. The economy: who's the best: George Bush! Nevermind that silly 420 plus billion dollar deficit, Who's counting anyway?
5. Kerry was wrong for making anti-war statements about vietnam: you betcha! Nevermind history has PROVEN him to be correct...
6. Did the Bush presence (or more correctly, his absence) during vietnam affect your vote" No way!
7. Does Bush give you that warm and fuzzy feeling? Oh Yeah! I added this one but you know George does it the best! Nevermind Chenney, Rumsfeld and the others (who are they anyway?).
8.Will the debate influence your vote? There's a debate? Doesn't it come after the election?
The american electorate: informed, knowing and deftly stepping in. To it...

September 27, 2004 08:50 PM Forum: Politics

The winner of the debates is:

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Well, my wife reinerated a news story today about an interview with a speech professor and his expectations for a victor in the upcomming debates. Basically, he said the winner will not be decided by his debating skills but by the ability of the speaker to express his ideas in a simplistic, folksy manner. A speaking style, that for all intents and purposes, any moron could relate to and we all know who that speaker is going to be...

September 28, 2004 05:33 PM Forum: Politics

Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry

Posted By Rod Kaufman

In an embarrassment to Bush, his hometown Texas newspaper has endorsed Kerry for president. In this republican mecca of the west,a Texas newspaper has it's own tongue. I don't recall the name but it's probably something like, "The Daily Texas Longhorn". One thing is clear though, they want the GWB Brand off the range!
The Texas tune they sung to keafer, the twin jims and ronald is something like this:
Those of you who are shoveling that conservative stew,
Beware, the Daily Longhorn is hunting for you,
Take the cue,
Before they draw down on you,
Get out of town,
Before sundown!

September 28, 2004 08:04 PM Forum: Politics

LA Times: "Bush is a Coward"

Posted By Rod Kaufman

In reference to the current election campaign, the Los Angeles Times calls George W Bush a coward.The Times notes,"Bush happily benefits from the slime his supporters are spreading but refuses to take responsibility for it or to call point blank for it to stop."The Times asks, will he get away with it?" "The answer is yes".
Specifically, Bush supporters have stated "Terrorists support Kerry" and Kerry "supports the terrorists". The Times notes," Bush criticism of him and his Iraqi policy "can embolden an enemy" and called Kerry "obstructive" to the war on terror.
These inane statements by Bush are now attracting criticism by members of his own party. Perhaps there is still time...

October 6, 2004 01:05 PM Forum: Politics

The WMD Report

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Although there's no real suprise in the report of the top US inspector, I see the interesting conclusion that the capability of Iraq to produce WMD significantly weakened after the first gulf war and degraded in the following years.
Yet, we have still seen hawks within the Bush administration claiming to have seen "smoking gun" evidence of such weapons as late as a few months ago, as reported in Time magazine. This turned-out to be false, of course, but the stubborn inability of the Bush administration to accept reality is disconcerting, to say the least.Unfortunately, the inability of George Bush to acknowledge the realities of Iraq continues unabated with our only hope being the possibility of a change in our leadership.

October 7, 2004 08:42 AM Forum: Politics

Voting in Afghanistan

Posted By Rod Kaufman

So how are things going in the Bush belief system of "arising democracy in Afghanistan"?
Well, the news reports indicate 80% of the population can't read or write so the ballot needs to be a picture ballot wherein the voter places his ink stained thumb on a picture and selects the candidate of their choice. The news reports also indicate that a likely voter is apt to be threatened to vote for US backed Tarzark or his house might be burned to the ground or he can't marry-off his daughters,and so on.
I wonder what the pictures of the candidates look like. Perhaps the picture of the US backed candidate has a M-16 at his side for an easy ID while other warlords have the more traditional AK 47.
Ah yes, arising democracy...