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Posts Made By: Rod Kaufman

November 28, 2021 08:57 PM Forum: Politics

The Leftist Blame Game

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Mel Maki
But Biden knows how to out smart those old economic professors with their old economic theories. You know in your heart Biden knows what to do. The future is nothing but "Blue Sky"

Forgot to add that at least the drunken sailor is spending his own money.
" Biden also said the $1.75 trillion bill is “fully paid for” and won’t add to the national deficit either. Biden said no one earning less than $400,000 will see their taxes increase.
“You can say ‘well, how are you doing that Joe?’” Biden said.
"It’s simple, Biden continued: Corporations “ain’t paying enough” in taxes. That includes GM, Biden said. The president said the cost of his social safety net package will be covered by raising corporate taxes and strengthening IRS enforcement to collect what’s owed from rich Americans.
“This law is going to help rebuild the backbone of this nation,”

November 28, 2021 09:55 PM Forum: Politics

The Leftist Blame Game

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Mel Maki
No reason to doubt Biden will be the first president to pull that off!
I have to agree with you there but there's always a first!

November 28, 2021 10:40 PM Forum: Politics

2022 and beyond......not looking good.

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Richard Davis


Rod the Fraud likes to mention me in various threads and try to call me out, so I thought I'd do a little chasing down of him to see how he can explain his hypocrisy since he himself owns firearms but doesn't think the rest of the nation should be allowed to own them.

You see Dave, Rod is like all the other Leftist Democrats down here in the states who feel as though laws are made for everyone else around them, but not for themselves personally.

When you see any hypocrisy going on in politics or with respect to guns for protection, you can bet your bottom dollar that its a dyed in the wool leftist like Rod.  wink
Richie and his itchy trigger finger pulling his usual and customary BS out of his rear end, the evident residence of his cortical matter in case anyone is interested.
After reading these threads, Itchy Richie seems to make the case that Jim and I have already posted about: taking suitable precautions against domestic terrorism. So, Richie, being the resident gun expert that you are,(among your other fields of expertise) what ballistic firearms do you recommend for both Jim and me? I'm just thinking of the camo-guerrilla types up in the backwoods of the hills in places like Georgia that probably ought to have a net dropped over them and then held over without trial for about ten years at Gitmo where they probably can begin a chapter of the aryan brotherhood. So what do you, Itchy Richie, recommend? An AR15? "Defense" shotguns? Or are you a Glock kind of a guy?(kinda doubt that).

November 28, 2021 11:04 PM Forum: Politics

The Leftist Blame Game

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Yeah "what's owed by rich Americans", and of course Biden doesn't include himself in that mix.

Gee, I remember just recently how Biden and his wife Jill skirted taxes by creating an S-corp so they could avoid paying the Biden Family's Fair share in Social Security Taxes.

Apparently President Biden and his wife Jill specifically created an S-Corp which let them take advantage of a loophole so that they wouldn't have to pay $500,000 in SS taxes.

You won't see Rod mention that though, will you Mel. wink

"Biden Tax Plan Starts Long Slow Death of the S Corporation"
"People have complained about the loophole, gosh, probably since President Eisenhower’s administration created it."
And here I thought Trump was touted in this forum and elsewhere for being a very stable genius and deft businessman for his prowess in avoiding taxes...

November 28, 2021 11:29 PM Forum: Politics

2022 and beyond......not looking good.

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Mel Maki
That sounds a bit unhinged.
Well, we are talking Richie here...
On edit, I'll add the insurrectionists at capitol hill on January 6th, too..

November 29, 2021 12:37 AM Forum: Politics

2022 and beyond......not looking good.

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Rod the fraud, you're an intellectual coward, plain and simple and now we know you're a fraud as well, running around for the last many years, calling out the rest of us as Right wing gun nuts, when you've owned guns for decades, and you've lied about it year after year.

Now you're such a intellectually dishonest lying sack, that you ran around the forum essentially lying by omission, when you wouldn't answer any questions posed to you about your gun ownership.

Do you know just how dishonest and sleazy you are, when you get on here and act as if you're all against guns, and as it turns out, you've been a gun owner your entire life?

I''d call you a clown, but you're just a fraud, plain and simple.

What's even worse is that not only have you railed all the while whenever there was a school shooting, and talked about kids not owning guns, you actually mentioned how you were going to take your teenage daughter to the range, where you could teach her how to shoot your Llama .22 semi-auto pistol.

Boy, if that's not an eye-opener, nothing else is.

Do you permit her to carry her gun to school in her backpack? 

Can you answer that?  

You're obviously the most disingenuous, and phony fraud who has ever existed on these forums.

Now its a certainty that you're just as big a liar as I ever thought.

Deal with that, and while you're at it, why don't you inform us if you've turned all your guns over to the authorities.  Have you?

Nah, now I know why you voted for Joe Biden.  You're as big a fraud and hypocrite as he is.  wink

Rod the Fraud Kaufman's motto:  Guns for me, but not for thee.  
Keep making it up, itchy Richie. Anybody with half a brain, after reading your daily Richie rants, knows who's unhinged in this forum...

November 29, 2021 12:38 AM Forum: Politics

The Leftist Blame Game

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Fake Rod (or do you prefer Rod the Fraud?), are you making more excuses for your President?

Since we're now finding out all kinds of interesting things about your completely fraudulent persona these days, do you take advantage of the same tax loopholes that your President does so in order to avoid paying SS taxes?

We know Joe Biden does. 

I'm not a huge betting man, but I'd put dollars to doughnuts on the line that you're also invested to the hilt in oil stocks all over the place as well.  

Might just be about time for you to quit making accusations about the rest of the world for at least a little while, don't you think?

And the only thing your link there proves is that Joe Biden has NEVER practiced what he preached over his entire life.

Hmm...  Kinda' sounds like you.  wink

November 29, 2021 12:42 AM Forum: Politics

The Omicron...

Posted By Rod Kaufman

"Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Sunday said vaccine developers have "a pretty good degree of confidence” that fully vaccinated individuals who have received a COVID-19 booster are protected against the omicron variant."

November 29, 2021 09:20 PM Forum: Politics

2022 and beyond......not looking good.

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

From the posting above dated 5/13/2009

Rod Kaufman:    I've got a llama .22 caliber semi-auto pistol that need its sites aligned so it can be reasonably accurate when fired. I assume I can take it to a local gun shop and have it aligned, right? What's the going rate for this service?

I'd like to take my teenage daughter target shooting and this model should be easy to hold and fire. It seems to work well with minimags whereas lessor rounds tend to jam it.

Fake Rod, can you tell me how I'm lying through my teeth?   You're nothing but a fraud, pure and simple.

Rod Kaufman's motto:   Guns for me, but not for thee.  
Gee Richie, can you show me a post wherein I lied about it and said I didn't have a gun? Maybe I sold that gun or turned it in to law enforcement for a gift certificate at target. They got lots of guns turned in that way.

November 29, 2021 09:25 PM Forum: Politics

The Omicron...

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Originally Posted by Jim Moscheck

I sure hope that's the case. Things are bad here in Michigan right now. Among the UNVACCINATED. There is no mask mandate here, but most everyone except the far right loonies are wearing them indoors when out and about. I thought I was done with the masking thing but I'm now wearing one when out shopping.

I'm sure things are different in the rest of the state than they are in SE Michigan, though. 
Did you hear the latest wacko conspiracy theory from GOP screwball Ronnie Jackson? According to him, Omicron is just another made up variant by the Democrats!
It's amazing how South Africa, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Israel are all in on it, too...