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Posts Made By: Rod Kaufman

January 15, 2005 08:43 AM Forum: Politics

Barbra Walters Interview with Bush

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Barbra Walters "powder puff" interview with Bush was a sight to behold. As our president struggled to articulate a structured sentence, Ms Walters proceeded to ask Laura Bush about our involvement in Iraq. In particular, Mrs Bush was asked if our involvement was justified even though weapons of mass destruction do not exist in Iraq. Incredibly, Mrs Bush responded September 11 justified our involvement in Iraq. Unfortunately, Ms Walters did not pursue the fact that Bin Laden directed the attack without any involvement of SH or Iraq.
In what appeared to be the typical Bush-mandated pre-arranged scripted interview, Barbra Walters asked if the Bush's were excited about the "democracies" in Afghanistan, the PLO, and Iraq. Since when are these areas democracies? Of course the Bush's were elated in describing them as such.
Mr Bush appeared as if he were one of those bobbing head dolls with an attached smily face and grunted one or two word answers with an occasional statement of a questionable fact.
What a joke...

January 16, 2005 08:32 PM Forum: Politics

The Neocons and Next Wars

Posted By Rod Kaufman

The CNN website is reporting an article by New Yorker magazine journalist Seymour Hersh on planning by Rumsfeld, Chenney, Wolfowitz and Bush for military operations in as many as TEN nations.
The current choice for both covert and overt operations is Iran where the neocons believe their "mandate" from the american people is to root-out terrorism in that country as well as nine others. The neocons believe US led strikes will bring about an uprising against the current rulers in Iran and opinions contrary to this view are not allowed to be discussed!
Is this madness or what?

January 17, 2005 07:15 PM Forum: Politics

Guess who's really voting in Iraq?

Posted By Rod Kaufman

The Bush administration is trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat by actively recruiting Iraqis living in the states in order to vote via absentee ballot in the upcoming election. At present, the administration has signed up 30,000 in Irvine, California and 100,000 in Detroit and is scouring the country for more.
The Iraqis, many of whom have not been in Iraq for decades, are lining up to vote and one representative Iraqi told a KNX news reporter, "I don't know anything about the candidates or their issues or positions." Hmm, sounds like a typical Bush voter!
Join the delusion, sign-up a local Iraqi today!

January 19, 2005 06:06 PM Forum: Politics

France: Alliance with US/Not Submission

Posted By Rod Kaufman

France, as noted on CNN, is willing to have an alliance with the US but not a policy of "submission". Good luck trying that with Bush at the helm especially with Ms Rice as Lady Diplomacy.
Bush stated he would try to unite us when asked to do so by Kerry in the concession phone-call.
Bush had a golden opportunity to try to do so in a nationally televised interview with Barbra Walters. The thought never crossed his mind. His theme of the festivities is "spreading freedom". What about bringing us together? If not then, when?
If Bush can't even acknowledge the problem, how can he fix it?
So if he does not attempt to reconcile with 50% of America, what chance does France have?

January 20, 2005 03:52 PM Forum: Star Parties

Pinos Update

Posted By Rod Kaufman

As of 1-19-05, interstate 5, the principal route to Pinos, is reported by channel 7 news to be blocked in both directions at Templin highway for FIVE MONTHS. Channel 7 claims this is the estimate from Caltrans.
That seems incredible, but that's the report on the tube...

January 21, 2005 09:34 AM Forum: Politics

What Bush Did Not Say Yesterday

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Bush never used the word,"Iraq" in his speech yesterday. Not one single reference to it.
Since his message and theme was "spreading democracy and freedom",would it not have been appropriate to reference Iraq?
Would it not have been appropriate and timely to offer a olive branch to nations alienated by our decision to go to war in Iraq?
Would it not have been appropriate to at least consider the desire to have called upon other nations to improve our status in Iraq?
The thought never crossed his mind...

January 21, 2005 03:52 PM Forum: Politics

Getting Oil Prices Down and Uping Stocks

Posted By Rod Kaufman

I, like many people, have money invested in stock mutual funds. I take the usual precautions to protect myself from the risks inherent to exposure in equity funds: I diversify my portfolio with balanced(stocks and bonds), international and domestic funds. I am in it for the long haul.
The problem for me and many others like me is the rising costs of crude oil and the resulting decline of the stock market. One could argue the so-called January effect(ie as January goes so does the market which currently is taking a major dump)is being produced by decelerating growth in the economy and rising interest rates. The latter forces weigh heavily on the market but most economists blame the rising costs of crude oil.
The costs of crude oil was supposed to be at 40.00/barrel but currently rests at 48.00/barrel and may break 50.00.
The airlines are losing billions as a result of energy costs and some companies may go under. Gasoline prices, especially in California, are surging again to levels of two dollars per gallon.
Most of the increased costs of oil is due to speculation and fear versus actual shortages from the major producers.
How can the US decrease the cost of oil and gasoline quickly and expediently so that the stock market is partially satisfied?
One way is to increase the capacity of refineries. Note that I have stated the latter and not necessarily the number of refineries. The reason we would want to do this is because the supplies increase along with increased capacity of our refineries and when supplies go up costs go down. So how do we do this?
One simple expedient do it today way to go is: eliminate mid-grade fuel. If this were to occur today, our refinery capacity would increase(without adding new refineries) and our supplies of fuel and their costs would go down.
Can this really work and can it be implemented? The answer is yes because it already happens to a limited extent today. Costco sells only regular and premium fuel and sells it for about 20 cents per gallon less than the competition. The costs saved in refining and utilizing capacity of mid-grade fuel are enormous and the savings are passed along to the consumer. Most vehicles do not require mid-grade fuel and those that do can run safely on regular or premium fuel.
This is one simple solution that can substantially help to lower our energy costs. Does the Bush administration advocate or encourage it? Absolutely not. Their way: Dig up Pinedale Wyoming, the closest national forest or wherever else they think it might be.
I think it's going to be a tough sell for the president on his privatization plan for social security when he adovates putting your money in equity funds as the markets take a dump. The public is opposed to the idea by substantial numbers in the polls anyway so cutting energy costs and reducing the costs of oil makes sense as the markets would likely respond favorably but it's all lost on dubya...

January 22, 2005 05:04 PM Forum: Politics

The World Comments on the Bush Speech

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Since some of the Bush supporters on this forum expressed their dismay regarding the comments of the locals on the Bush speech, I thought I would include a sampling of world opinion on the matter.
Let's start with our allies, the Brits. Seems they were a bunch of befiddled blokes after listening to and watching the Bush bash at the local pubs. From the conservative perspective, a pro Bush British newspaper had this to say,"The president's ambitions are admirable, but he has got to get Iraq right if they are to have a hope to be realized."That is unfinished business of his first term and will doubtless preoccupy through the second." The London Daily Star was more direct," The US president issued a blood-curling cry yesterday, warning America's enemies to expect an untamed fire of freedom." The paper urged prime minister Tony Blair to make sure the US defends freedom "with a cool head." The Daily mirror stated," Super zero Mr Un Credible goes on the warpath."
In France, WE also think about his economic policy based upon abysmal deficts puts the US and the rest of the world on the edge of a financial crash."
Other reports were similar from Italy and Russia.
Today, the White House brought-out Bush senior to attempt to explain and calm the fears generated by the Bush junior speech. Somehow, I don't think it's going to help...

January 26, 2005 09:56 AM Forum: Politics

Dr Rice Confirmed

Posted By Rod Kaufman

Ms Rice was confirmed as our new secretary of state today.
Hmm, this is the same Dr Rice that was characterized as being "divisive" and "ruthless" in her role as a university president. Her answer to those characterizations was relatively succinct: people are always unhappy in a university, someone does not get tenure and they are upset. Oh, ok, that must explain it.
Dr Rice would not answer direct questioning from senator Boxer on her her mistakes in planning our liberation of Iraq. Oh, I almost forgot, Bush has a mandate from the people for the war in Iraq and nobody in his administration made any mistakes in Iraq. Oh, ok.
Today, according to MSNBC news, Bush apparently backed-off his rhetoric from his speech, due to world-wide criticism, by stating his visions would take "generations" to accomplish. I suppose it will take generations when you have a secretary of state with all the diplomatic flair of a pit viper as our diplomat to the world...

January 28, 2005 06:23 PM Forum: Politics

Third Columnist Paid to Push Bush Policies

Posted By Rod Kaufman

CNN is reporting yet another columnist was paid by taxpayer's money to promote Bush policies. Promoting propaganda with taxpayer's money is under ban by federal law.
Bush is fond of stating "Our agenda ought to be able to stand on it's own two feet."
It seems the columnist, a Mr Mcmanus, was compensated to train marriage counselors to promote family ties/values in accordance with Bush philosophy.
Too bad the Bush value system does not include the origin of the funding of the message and consideration of whether or not the public wants it crammed down it's throat...