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Posts Made By: Linton Rohr

March 9, 2006 05:10 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Re: one eyepiece

Posted By Linton Rohr

Hey Dan, I'd hardly call investing in good EP's "needless", but I'll offer this from my own experience...
I can't imagine having only one EP, but if I absolutely had to make that choice, I think I'd probably go with a 20mm Nagler T5. 20mm is what I'd call the sweet spot on your SCT. Assuming you've got 2000mm f/10, like my LX-90, that'll give you 100x at .8 degree FOV and a 2mm exit pupil. That's a pretty good compromise between power and FOV, I think.
But I'd supplement that with a 14mm UWA (4000) for 156x at .6 degree FOV and a 41mm Panoptic for 41x 1.3 degree "wide field" FOV.
That's what I used for a long time, except that I had an 8.8 UWA too, which provides 227x at .4 degree, on nights where the seeing will permit it. But those three met most of my needs.
Have fun! grin

March 20, 2006 07:46 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Knight Owl diagonal?

Posted By Linton Rohr

Has anyone had any experience with Knight Owl Eyepieces?
I'm considering a nice Televue scope I found here,
but I've never heard of Knight Owl, and fear it is not very good glass. :S
I hope someone can tell me otherwise.
Thank you.

April 6, 2006 05:15 PM Forum: Binoviewers

TV BinoVue's on Starmaster f/4.3?

Posted By Linton Rohr

Greetings binoviewers. I need a little help.
I'm hoping someone with a Starmaster like mine,
has experience with the TeleVue BinoVue unit.
I'm looking at one that includes the 2x amplifier/corrector,
but the owner cannot find the 1x extension tube, which he hasn't needed to use.
Will the unit come to focus without the extension?
Or perhaps, the 2x corrector is what allows it to do so.
I am just beginning to learn all this, as I have been
telling myself I would never buy a binoviewer. cwy
I've got too many EP's already. But alas, I am weak!
The temptation has become too great!
Linton grin

April 30, 2006 05:37 PM Forum: Pictures of Me and My Telescope and........

Troy's first scope

Posted By Linton Rohr

I recently found a good starter scope for my nephew, Troy, who occasionally accompanies me observing. His first outing with it was my club's public star party at Vasquez Rocks last night. Shortly after this photo, he was surprised to have 10-20 cub scouts lined up to look through his new scope! grin

Orion 8" XTi

May 3, 2006 05:27 AM Forum: Binoviewers

Matched pairs?

Posted By Linton Rohr

Being a recent convert to the binoviewing scene, I am wondering if there is any validity to the term "matched pair". While I'm sure there are very minor differences in performance between two random eyepieces (same manufacturer and type, of course), I have yet to see the "matched pair" option on any EP or vender websites. :S
Perhaps someone can clarify this for me.
Thanks. See you after work...

May 7, 2006 10:02 PM Forum: Binoviewers


Posted By Linton Rohr

Hey all,
Well, I got my first semi-dark sky outing with the TV BinoVue's last Saturday (yeah, I'm running behind on my posts). My only pair of EP's, at that time, were TV 25mm plossls. The seeing was better than the transparency, and once the large public star party turnout had subsided, I put the binoes in and had some very nice viewing of Saturn and Jupiter. The ring details were quite sharp on Saturn, with nice color banding on the sphere itself. Jupiter was a thrill, as it revealed colorful festoon detail on the equatorial belt and zones. 8O
Next outing, I will be better equipped, as I was able to pick up a second 24 Pan this week, as well as another 18mm U.O. HD Ortho. I also snagged a second 9mm T6, but have already traded it away for an 11mm T6, which will provide a more reasonable high power level (270x vs. 330x). With the 2x corrector in play, I'll have power levels of 132x, 176x, and 270x now. Of course, the FOV's will vary as I switch from Panoptics to Orthos to Naglers. At least I've got options now. I'll probably need to get a lower power Siebert corrector next.
No, really sweetheart, I'm almost set now. wink

May 15, 2006 10:51 PM Forum: Solar System Observing

HST Red Spot Jr.

Posted By Linton Rohr

Here's an awesome image of Junior, I received from a fellow club member...
Linton grin

May 28, 2006 10:44 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Omega Centauri

Posted By Linton Rohr

Prior to last night, I had only seen NGC 5139 in binoculars.
I was amazed nonetheless, by the apparent size, relative to M13.
But I captured its photons in my Starmaster last night and my world will never be the same! 8O
The resolution was remarkable, especially considering the low viewing angle.
I was near to, and looking out over the ocean. Perhaps that helped.
I first caught sight of it in a 31 Nagler (58x), which gave me a good perspective on it's vastness.
I then worked up through 20mm to the 12mm T4 (150x). WOW. It filled about 2/3 of the FOV!
Tried the BinoVue's on it too, to good effect, though the balance became a real problem at that low angle.
Once it left my line of sight, I went up to M13 for comparison. The poor little thing.
I'm a bit perplexed though today, as I read that the width of each is 150 light years.
M13 is 20,000 light years distant, while NGC 5139 is 15,000.
M13 is host to 100,000 stars though, while Omega Centuari has 10,000,000!
I just feel blessed to have seen it.
I'll try again at Mt. Pinos tonight, but the treeline may be a problem there.
Linton grin

June 11, 2006 11:12 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Zambuto bathtime

Posted By Linton Rohr

I had something of a spiritual moment in the bathroom tonight. 8O
I gave my 14.5" Zambuto mirror a bath, in preparation for my first trip to the Grand Canyon Star Party next week.
I usually keep it in the mirror cell and place the whole thing in the bottom of the tub.
This time though, I took it out of the cell, since I had to mount one of Floyd's dual fan units anyway.
It was the first time I have had the mirror in my hands, without the cell.
I have to say the mixture of my anticipation of the event, and my appreciation for the fine mirror
I was carefully cleaning, turned what is a fairly mundane task, into quite a special moment for me.
Hope to run into some of you at the North Rim.
I'm really looking forward to this event.
Linton grin

June 28, 2006 08:42 PM Forum: Pictures of Me and My Telescope and........

Starmaster at Grand Canyon

Posted By Linton Rohr

Here I am with the 14.5" at Cape Royal, on the North Rim during the GCSP.
It's a very nice dark site, with views into the canyon just a few steps away from the parking lot.
This was the first night, and I ended up being the only one there.
Note the stylish Astromart t-shirt! grin