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Posts Made By: Pernel Johnson

July 8, 2004 06:01 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing


Posted By Pernel Johnson

Could it have also been a sonic boom from a supersonic jet?

July 18, 2004 06:23 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Thousand Oaks Dew Heater?

Posted By Pernel Johnson


I own 2 of these units and while I don't have to worry about dew very often, I have had the opportunity to use them. They worked wonderfully in keeping the dew off my scopes. I have also owned the Kendrick unit and it works just as fine. I think the main difference in the two is the Thousand Oaks unit has individual controller knobs for each output jack. What this does is allows you to direct less heat on those surface not requiring alot and more heat to those areas requiring that. IMO, this alone makes it more attractive than the Kendrick unit. Also, for the price I think it's a very good bargain.

If you don't have constant dew issues that may require something like the Dewbuster which has the sensors then the Thousand Oaks unit would be a viable alternative.

BTW, I use the Kendrick heater strip with these units and there are others that can be used with them including their own.

Good luck and I hope this helps,


August 16, 2004 07:34 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Need advice on apo refractors

Posted By Pernel Johnson


I have a NX11 and 4" apo. The advantages the apo has over the NX11 as far as my concerns are:

1) Apo does better in splitting really close doubles (less than 2" separation) when the seeing conditions are not optimal for the NX11.

2) The apo has better contrast which makes planetary viewing a pleasure. It does not beat the NX11 on planetary detail.

3) Apo more portable - I can take the apo mounted on GM-8 out the door in one trip, plop it down, connect battery and be observing in 3 minutes. The NX11 requires setup, cooldown and alignment. Portability is only important when time is of essence.

Both scopes serve different purposes and I would only give one in a dire situation.

Good luck,

September 17, 2004 07:41 PM Forum: Eyepieces

UO Ortho- unusual marking

Posted By Pernel Johnson


OPS refers to Orthoscopic Planetary Series. I don't know much about them, but they are supposed to have some kind of filter coatings on them to enhance planetary viewing.

September 20, 2004 05:15 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

15X70 Binoculars

Posted By Pernel Johnson


I own a pair of the Burgess 15x70s, one club member owns a pair of the Skymasters and another owns the Oberwerks. The owner of the Skymasters and I compare ours to each other. Other than better coatings and the external stamps we could not tell any difference. We were at the monthly meeting and did not do any viewing, although we plan to in the near future.

I did not have my pair when I viewed through the Oberwerks. The Oberwerks were nice to view through, but I can't compare them to the Burgess just yet. The one thing the I can say for certain is that each owner are very happy with pair 15x70s.

It's no telling where these binoculars come from. I think it is safe for me to say they all come from either China or Taiwan.

Good luck in your sorting out,


January 6, 2005 02:17 PM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Splitting Sirius?

Posted By Pernel Johnson

I have split Sirius a couple times. Once in early 2003 and early 2004 using a C11. The trick for me was to wait until Sirius was highest in the sky for my latitude and steady skies. Both times were in the early part of the year (January, February).

I say keep trying.


March 3, 2005 02:06 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

When did you discover REAL telescopes?

Posted By Pernel Johnson

The day after first light with that cheap retail store junk my lovely wife purchased for my 31st birthday. Could not see anything and when I could it was difficult to track >sad . I knew there had to be better products out there and after picking up my first issue of Astronomy magazine, I headed to the local camera shop for a look at the latest and greatest scopes 8O . A few months later my lovely wife greeted me with a Meade 4500 reflector grin . Four months after that I moved on to a Celestar 8 Deluxe grin grin . Although she has little interest in astronomy she’s always been supportive of my hobby and I never have to ask for approval when I want to purchase new toys.

July 6, 2005 09:14 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

Most Disgusting Objects...

Posted By Pernel Johnson

For me it has been the Crab Nebula. Everytime I am about to look and think I am going to see more detail even with more aperture, but end up in disgust.

July 13, 2005 05:44 AM Forum: TeleVue

20 Nagler Type 5 VS 22 Nagler Type 4

Posted By Pernel Johnson


I once owned a 22T4 and loved it. I replaced a 27mm Panoptic with it and boy was that an upgrade. Practically the same TFOV with higher magnification gave me more contrast in my NX11. I only sold it because I did not use that mag. range often and could not justify leaving it in the eyepiece case just being lonely smile. Seriously, if I just had the money to spare I would probably get another one.

July 14, 2005 10:51 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Celestron (Vixen) 8x50 Illuminated RA Finder

Posted By Pernel Johnson

If you go to batteryguys com and do a search on PX14A, you will find the replacement batteries for this finder. They cost $5.99 plus shipping.

Good Luck,