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Posts Made By: Domenic Quadrini

October 21, 2012 08:59 AM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Polaris B (double star)

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

I have seen the companion many times with my Vixen 60 mm f/11.7 at 60X. It is usually easy with my Vixen 80 mm f/11.4 at 51X.

November 20, 2014 07:28 AM Forum: Politics

The Chiquita Banana Presidency

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

I especially like the quotes cited by one of the bloggers where Obama says that he must go through the legislature to pass immigration laws.

April 20, 2016 05:40 PM Forum: Politics

The REAL reason for hiking the minimum wage

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Richard Davis said:

to get Americans under the thumb of and dependent upon big liberal Federal gov't. Market economics dictates that producers and manufacturers must recover all their costs of doing business and they still need to be competitive with the world market. Therefore when FORCED by gov't bureaucrats (who really have NO business telling employers what they have to pay their employees), to raise their wages, they will have no choice but to outsource AND layoff employees... WHAT?????? Why how can THAT be?? Obama, Sanders, and Hilary Clinton TOLD US that they were going to raise the minimum wage (how they think they solely have the power to do this is beyond me), and then EVERYBODY will be making more money, right??

Oh, they forgot to mention this little caveat. Many employers will simply raise their prices or layoff workers. They will cut the hours of workers and that will result in more duties and more expectations on the workers that businesses do keep in place. They will even stop hiring if they can't afford to pay their employees the pay scale that gov't bureaucrats are now forcing on them. Many places will automate and will remove the human being altogether.

From the Los Angeles Times:

From that article:

In the last decade, local apparel manufacturing has already thinned significantly. Last year, Los Angeles County was home to 2,128 garment makers, down 33% from 2005, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. During that period, employment also plunged by a third, to 40,500 workers. Wages, meanwhile, jumped 17% adjusting for inflation, to $698 per week — although that can include pay for top executives, as well as bonuses, tips and paid vacation time.

Many apparel companies say Los Angeles is a difficult place to do business. Commercial real estate is expensive and limited, the cost of raw materials continues to rise and it can be difficult to find skilled workers who can afford to live in the city. They expect things will become even more challenging after the minimum-wage hike further raises their expenses.

Felix Seo has been making clothes for wholesale in downtown for 30 years. His company, Joompy, used to count giant retailers like Forever 21 among its clients. But as prices have gone up in recent years, he said, those fast-fashion peddlers are no longer giving him orders.

"I used to pay $5 to get this sewn, and now it costs $6.50," Seo said, holding up a patterned dress. "But my customer doesn't want to pay that, so I can't sell it anymore."

To survive, Seo, 59, said Joompy may have to start importing goods instead of producing them locally. "It will be impossible to make clothes in Los Angeles," he said.

Now, realizing that most of the proponents of the minimum wage hike have virtually no economic sense/knowledge, and they think that magic fairies will come out of the forest to wave their wands which will make business expenses cheaper, I'll submit that market forces drive expansion or contraction of business, based upon consumer purchasing power and cost of doing business. I.E. the more consumers see prices going up and up, the less goods and services they will purchase. On top of the costs of labor going up for all business, the costs of raw materials will subsequently rise, putting more burden on business, manufacturing and service.

That is just another aspect of the rising minimum wage, which none of the leftists promoting their economic socialism and redistribution of wealth schemes ever address.

So get ready for the costs of virtually everything in society to go up. And this is the goal of the leftists and Democrats in this country, to redistribute ALL the wealth across the spectrum of society. Bring down the living standard of everyone, because they know that as people are losing their jobs, they will gravitate towards gov't which WILL provide all of their sustenance for living, on the backs of the productive in society. As long as you can get FREE food, FREE housing, FREE utilities, FREE phones, FREE College, FREE everything, those who lose their jobs will lose their will, and will vote for the person who promises them the moon and gives them the scraps they can provide. Those whose contract wages are tied TO the minimum wage, will see their wages go up across the board, furthering the burden on business that employ the Union worker (notice in the article the statement whereby Unions are trying to form in the garment industry).

This of course has been the goal of Democrats for the last 80+ years, the complete destruction of the capitalist system, that system which has provided the most prosperous living for its citizenry on the face of this planet. European socialist countries are now imploding. Pretty soon, we will be in the same position, as long as liberals in the Democrat party gets their way.

So the minimum wage will go up and up, and businesses will go down and down. Get ready for California to come to a state near you.

What you said in a nutshell: "The democracy will cease to exist when the government takes from those who would work and gives to those who would not." Thomas Jefferson

January 23, 2017 06:58 AM Forum: Eyepieces

Meade Series 4000 Smoothies

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

I have the UWA's in 14 mm, 8.8 mm and 6.7 mm and the SWA's in 24.5 mm, 18 mm, 13.8 mm and the series 4000 APO triplet barlow. No Plossls, though. Great eyepieces.

I had the ES 8.8 mm UWA that I immediately returned after purchasing. Could not see the entire field without moving my eyeball around and the blackout (kidney beaning) was very annoying. I replaced the ES with the Meade UWA 8.8 and found nirvana. No blackouts and could see the entire field with one eye position. Same for the 14 mm UWA. And stars are pinpoint to the edge of the field. Both very fine eyepieces.

April 20, 2019 03:28 PM Forum: Politics

How Long Can the Dems Run With This?

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

As we now know there was never any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to interfere with the election.  The allegation that it did was invented by the democrats because Clinton lost the election.

If Clinton had won, does anyone doubt that the Mueller investigation would never have happened?  If Clinton had won (shudder the thought) the democrats would have celebrated their victory and the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians would have quickly become an after thought and no investigation of collusion would have occurred.

I find it ironic, though, that Trump was so intimidated by the Mueller investigation, even though he knew he was not guilty of colluding with the Russians, that he had to resort to bumbled attempts to stifle it, attempts that now have given the democrats more fodder to malign his presidency.

Had he not tried to quash the investigation, obstruction of justice would not have become an issue and the democrats would have no further reason to pursue his demise.  It is unfortunate that this has become their main focus, instead of enacting legislation to solve some of the countries more pressing domestic problems.

I blame the democrats for perpetrating the lies that led to an investigation that should never have occurred (we knew in great detail before the investigation what the Russians were up to) and I blame Trump for creating the evidence that allowed the democrats to keep up their whining and fruitless efforts to get him out of office.

The Mueller investigation was a waste of time and money and directed congress away from its contracted duty.  

April 20, 2019 05:17 PM Forum: Politics

How Long Can the Dems Run With This?

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

I disagree only in the sense that it really wouldn't matter if they hadn't completely concocted this fake nonsense, because they would have come up with another scenario to try and remove him from office.  

Remember the very day after the election, they were already saying he should be impeached.  They've never stopped and they never will.  

It is funny how the people who are the Dems' heroes suddenly become their nemesis when they go against the Dem play machine.  Mueller didn't find collusion, so he needs to come up to Capitol Hill to answer for his crimes.  

Even Nancy Pelosi was saying that William Barr was a trustworthy AG, then when he puts out his report on the Mueller Invest. and it doesn't comport with their fantasy world, he's the Devil.  He needs to be impeached according to the Dems.  

Jerold Nadler is a complete Fraud because back in the later '90s he was adamant that any of Ken Starr's report about Bill Clinton Could not and should not be released because of the danger of Grand Jury testimony and information getting out to the public, yet now, virtually every aspect of their perpetrated fraud definitely needs to be open and transparent, with NO redactions.

These Dems are just as phony as they come.  It was all a sham and like the Terminator, they will not stop... ever!  
Rich, I agree with your comments.  I was referring to this scenario only which led to a completely useless investigation.

April 21, 2019 02:46 PM Forum: Politics

How Long Can the Dems Run With This?

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Originally Posted by James Lacey

The Mueller report makes it crystal clear that Russia attacked our 2016 election to help Trump, and Trump and his campaign welcomed that help. These facts as established by the Mueller report is not media spin, it's not gossip, and it's not a hoax. It is the reason the investigation started and saying otherwise, or that it was a political witch-hunt is quite frankly just dishonest. The only reason the investigation started was because of Russia and the actions of Trump, his campaign and those around him. Then what made matters worse, was all of the lies, and attempted obstruction once the investigation did start. For crying out loud, Trump asked McGahn to fire the special counsel and then write a memo saying that Trump never asked him to do it. In the report Mueller's conclusion was this incident alone satisfies all the elements of obstruction. There are no less than twelve such incidents detailed. The only reason Trump's indictment for obstruction is not a reality is that he's a sitting President and many of his aides had the good sense to not follow through with his requests. I will grant you this though; the Mueller report did exonerate someone; it exonerated the media. It looks like most of their reporting about the White House's chaos and dysfunction and Trump's actions that cause all of this were entirely accurate. And now Trump is demanding political retribution and investigating the investigators. The man is awful, and America deserves far better than a President who acts and behaves like an overgrown childish bully and a banana republic despot.
Hey James, the Trump campaign may have welcomed that help, but they didn't ask for it and they didn't participate in whatever the Russians were doing; at least that is what Mueller concluded. 

The Russians would have meddled in our election no matter who was running and if it were a different republican that won there may or may not have been an investigation, depending on how PO'ed the democrats were that they lost and how much they disliked the personality of the winning republican. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Trump, but this whole investigation was a sham perpetrated by the left and fueled by the liberal media.  Again, if Clinton had won there would never have been an investigation in the first place.  And if you believe otherwise there is a bridge in New York that someone would like to sell to you.

April 21, 2019 04:08 PM Forum: Politics

How Long Can the Dems Run With This?

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman

There was plenty of back and forth quid pro quo between the Trump campaign and the Russians, as per evidence in the Mueller report, especially with interactions between gates and Manafort and Russia:
I also disagree with your assertion that there never would have been an investigation had Clinton won the election. The fact that the Russians interfered with the election and the reasons for doing so were more than sufficient to initiate an investigation at multiple levels. 

Not if Clinton had won.

November 26, 2019 12:47 AM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Mercury Transit

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Mercury transit.  Mercury near center of solar disc and at the edge just before egress.  Jaegers 4" f/15.5 refractor with Baader visual solar filter and Pentax K10D DSLR.

November 26, 2019 12:56 AM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Mercury Transit

Posted By Domenic Quadrini

Near center of solar disc.