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Posts Made By: Mark Holden

July 1, 2005 08:16 AM Forum: Politics

Vacancy on Supreme Court

Posted By Mark Holden

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has submitted a letter of resignation to be effective after her successor is nominated and appointed.

Perhaps we should get an over and under pool going for how many more terms she'll serve while potential successors are fillibustered?

February 4, 2006 03:50 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: Advice wanted

Posted By Mark Holden

I understand it's an expensive gizmo, (iirc about $2500) but the McCarthy Observatory in New Milford CT has a fiber optic eyepiece extender.

It looks sort of like a black garden hose, and a wheelchair bound visitor can use it to see through the observatory telescopes.

I've never seen it in use so I can't tell you more, but I'm sure you could contact them for more information if you're interested.

The web page that mentions this device is:

Good luck.

February 6, 2006 01:07 PM Forum: Politics

Re: Blasphemy

Posted By Mark Holden

Jim Babcock said:

Libs continues their blasphemy. The article indicates that they are producing a film with black actors in the various roles including that of Jesus. Why is this acceptable? Would it be acceptable to blacks to have a movie with a white male in a KKK robe playing the part of MLK? How would the Muslims respond to a movie of their spiritual founder in a movie at all, yet alone if it were played by a black woman (you think they are pi$$ed about a comic strip 8O )? How about a film about JFK played by a Mexican?

"We really need to do something about the negative imaging of black America," he said. "Black America is the only culture that worships in the form of foreign symbols. The good that can be done is that it can help lift people's interest and combat racism and discrimination."

White Europeans are not Jewish. Typical lib think. Libs have to lie about everything to make themselves and their followers feel good. Gibson made a movie that they just cannot begin to comprehend, so they make up a typical lib response. As usual their screwy way of thinking demonstrates that they do not get it.

Jesus was a real MAN and he was NOT black.

I don't know what color Jesus was, but frankly, I don't think it really matters.

Tell me they're changing the story of his life to portray him as a bad guy, and I'll be concerned. But a quick skim of the article you provided the link to leads me to feel this isn't the case.

February 15, 2006 06:53 PM Forum: Refractors

Re: to much imformation help

Posted By Mark Holden


guys, wow lots of information there, about different types of glass, went way over my head. So lets say you have a tak fs 102, and a sv 105 next to each other,and viewing though both.Is one better than the other. As far as optical quality.And if not, whats the difference.And do both companies use the same types of glass, or does one use something else, please keep it simply, for all of us beginners thanks

The FS102 is a doublet with the fluorite element in front.

The SV 105 uses a TMB designed triplet.

Doublet - 2 lens elements
Triplet - 3 lens elements

I believe TMB considers their glass types proprietary information, so it'll be hard to track down what glass types they use. When Roland mentions a LZOS lens, he's talking about a TMB designed lens. (LZOS is the Russian company that makes them)

In this case, the fact the doublet has a higher F ratio will help compensate for the difference in color correction between 2 and 3 elements.

Higher F ratios mean more depth of field - so color errors will be less apparent.

Both will give beautiful visual images, the triplet will probably have a slight edge for imaging - in part because it's faster so shorter exposures will be required - and in part because the extra element allows the designer to have the lens do more stuff to make a nicer image.

Personally, before buying a scope with a front element made of fluorite, I'd want to make sure the coatings they put on were adequately protecting the element - as dew would damage an unprotected fluorite element. It's probably OK, as I haven't heard of problems - but I'd scour the net to make sure folks weren't having problems before spending my money to buy one.

March 10, 2006 08:44 AM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Re: one eyepiece

Posted By Mark Holden

don treat said:

im trying to avoid spending money needlessly on eyepieces. so here's my question. if you could only have one eyepiece for an 8" sct what would it be? and why?

I think you'll really want at least 3 eyepieces to start with.

If the budget is a factor, I'd start with some basic plossls or maybe something like the Meade MA line - I'd go for ones in the general range of an 8, a 25, and a 40. At star party swap tables, you can find OK but nothing special used eyepieces for as little as $5. You can often find somewhat nicer ones for $15-20. I've also seen eyepieces in this range on astromart.

If you can afford to, instead of buying all cheapies, replace one of the ones I suggested with a good high quality one. I'd make it the one I expected to use the most. If you post a question about what's a good deal in a given price range for a given focal range, you'll get good advice.

Odds are, you'll end up replacing the inexpensive ones as you become more involved in the hobby.

March 15, 2006 08:37 AM Forum: Politics

Republicans happier than Democrats or Independents

Posted By Mark Holden

Pew Research published a poll that says Republicans are happier than Democrats.

It's apparently true at all income levels.

< >

May 11, 2006 04:20 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Re: What are your 3 most used eyepieces?

Posted By Mark Holden

I have a TMB 115 CNC. It's an F7 scope. It's on a Losmandy Gm8 mount with G11 legs.

When I flew my scope to Florida for a vacation it was tough to weed down to 8 eyepieces.

But since this is three most used, and not the 3 you'd want if you were stranded on Gilligans Island...

Meade Series 4k 14mm uwa.
Nikon 7mm widefield
BO/TMB 4mm planetary

They're subject to change as my selection grows.

May 18, 2006 08:14 AM Forum: Refractors

Fraud attempt 4" Clark - you know where

Posted By Mark Holden

Someone has started an auction on another site for a 4" Alvan Clark

The picture, and most of the description is identical to one used in an auction about 6 weeks ago. (from 1915, been in the family since new, same accessories)

August 26, 2006 04:49 PM Forum: Refractors

First look - TMB 130 Signature Series

Posted By Mark Holden

I just returned from the Black Forest Cloud Party, where the 130 Signature Series was on display.

I looked at it, hefted it, and looked through it.

Build quality looks nice. The coatings look a little nicer than the coatings on my TMB 115 CNC. The tube is aluminum, and has knife edge baffles. The dew shield is flocked.

The tube rings are substantial.

The focuser is a dual speed 4" r&p that's reputed to hold at least ten pounds, and the reduction is supposed to be 11:1.

At 364 power, pine cones and leaves looked crisp, the focuser seemed smooth and precise, and I didn't notice any backlash.

Unfortunately, because of the weather, I doubt anyone will get a night time look through it at BFSP. Friday night was cloudy with lightning on all sides, and there were Tornado warnings for the next county over. Tonight's forecast was for clouds and thunder showers.

But it looks like premium apos are about to become more affordable.

September 26, 2006 08:10 AM Forum: TeleVue

Re: NP127 Price Drop?

Posted By Mark Holden

I'd expect the 127is would affect the resale of the 127 a little, as many will want the latest and greatest model.

But I think your marketplace research shows what you were asking was in the right ballpark.