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Posts Made By: itz marcus

January 20, 2008 02:55 PM Forum: Maksutovs

IM m715 on the way

Posted By itz marcus

I sold my 100mm ed cwy in order to fund the IM 715 smile ( I got aperture fever but still wanted a very compact package.)
I bought from Teton. No I have not received the scope yet as I just paid for it last week. It is on the way (Friday).
I just wanted to use the forum to say that Teton is a class act. Mark has patience patience and then more patience. I could be annoying. i have a lot of questions and he spent a good deal of time patiently answering my queries. Some of the answers he gave me might have even disuaded me from buying the more expensive 715 and had me settling on the 6 incher. I ended up going for the 7 incher but Mark really tried to make sure that the 7 incher was best for my needs before suggesting it over the cheaper 6 incher.
He didn't just steer me to the more expensive one. Teton is a class act and even before I have my scope I am happy to be one of their customers.

January 24, 2008 06:02 PM Forum: Maksutovs

It is here IM 715

Posted By itz marcus

It came and one day early at that!!!!
I might even beat the curse as the weather calls for clearing skies ray:
What can I say It looks great and is built like a tank.
I need to order another counter weight for my svp mount!!
Clear Skies to me and everyone else too
Thanx Mark from Teton

February 25, 2008 11:30 AM Forum: Maksutovs

m715 first light

Posted By itz marcus

This was only a short observation but here it is!!
I finally was able to use my scope under the sky. My first target was Saturn. I thought it looked great in my ed 100 but this was at 216x (12.5 U.O. ortho volcano)WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!
There it just floating there with the ring going across the planet so extremely sharp that it was amazing. There was a band that I'm not sure if it's a band or the shadow of the ring. It was always there in the ed 100 but it was painted on in this scope.
Quickly to a star which showed a nice star test but somthing I'm no expert on.
Seeing was crummy crummy. A fuzzy layer of clouds coming and going and a neighbors bright bright bright back yard light to boot.
Thanx Mark from TETON

February 27, 2008 07:03 PM Forum: Maksutovs

collimatable diagonal

Posted By itz marcus

My scope itself is well collimated. The Orion diag. that I have shows the whole scope mirror through a cheshire sight tube and shows good cllimation. The problem is that the Orion diag. mirror is in very poor condition.
The Intes diag. that I have has a beautiful mirror but doesn't show the whole scope mirror through the cheshire site tube. It shows like a very gibbous moon.

The fact that the Orion works well and has shown the best images that I have seen and a very nice star test (rotten mirror and poor seeing and all)tells me that the Intes Diag. Might be off.
My question is would a collimatable Diag take care of this problem?
Thanx and clear skies

May 25, 2008 08:20 AM Forum: Refractors

Teton Telescope customer service

Posted By itz marcus

I don't where the forum for this would be but as I wound up with a refractor I will post it here.

We all hear complaints about customer service from time to time and I myself have made such complaints in the past.
I would like however, to relate an extremely positive experience I had with Mark Rieck at Teton Telescope.
A little more than a year ago (Neaf 2007 to be exact) I met Mark of Teton Telescope. I was impressed, then, by his friendly manner but never thought I would be able to purchase a scope from him due to my limited means. Then the price of gold shot up and I was able to sell some unused jewelry and a new scope became a possibility. I decided that a 5 inch apo (tak fs 128 used) was a real good choice. I then posted for advice on both AM and CN. It was Mark from Teton that opened me to the possibility of a 7 inch mak from IM. I did the research and eventually decided to go the Mak route. I went through Teton because of the favorable impression that I had gotten at NEAF ‘07. When the scope came I got it to Saturn right away and saw the planet better than I ever saw it in my life. It was amazing amazing and then still amazing. I thought that I had found the scope for life. After a short while I noticed that the scope was out of collimation (probably due to a rough ride to a dark site) and that’s when the problems started. I guess that I found collimating much harder than others do, and I probably obsess about it more than I should. Be it as it may be, I was getting frustrated with the scope. I contacted Mark and he tried to walk me through it but I couldn’t do it. Eventually I decided that my viewing sessions were too short to have to spend time with collimation and I decided to sell the scope.
Here is where working with Teton showed me what a first class act I was dealing with. Many others (and I not taking a swipe at anyone at all)would have gotten frustrated with me and told me to try my best and things would work out in the end or to go ahead and sell it. NOT Mark!!!!!!! A customer of his was having trouble. He contacted me and tried to find me a buyer for my scope. When that failed he offered to take the scope back and replace it with a first class refractor. He was the one who contacted me. I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that he would take back the scope, but he did and I now have a beautiful refractor instead.
Mark runs an honest business and stands behind his customer even when the problem is customer induced (as it was in my case). I’m glad I met Mark and I rate his customer service way above 100%.

June 15, 2008 07:20 AM Forum: Refractors

EON 120 First Light

Posted By itz marcus

I finally had a chance to do some short but satifying observations albeit under unfavorable conditions.
The condition being that observation was taking place on a shakey deck!!!
Saturn: Low and close to rooftops and shakey deck !!!!Still got a sharp view WITH Cassini (at the edges)
Jupiter: Two main belts with much detail seen in the belts and darkening at the poles(180x) No color!!
Stars: Nice airy disc and diffraction ring(if I remained toally still and allowed for the shaking to subside and at 180x that alot to ask).
Focuser=Butter both coarse and fine focusing knobs.

All in all a beauty of a scope and a joy to look through.
I hope to deliver a more detailed report after a more thorough night of observing.

July 30, 2008 07:38 AM Forum: Refractors

Jupiter and the eon 120 ed

Posted By itz marcus

I caught Jupiter last night and it was real nice. The poles were brown and there were three other bands with detail in them (missed grs meridian was around 8 o'clock) one of the moons was occulted by jupiter and I watched it go behind (I lost it at about 11:50 P.M.)( at least I think it was occulted because no shadow spot was seen). Below one of the other moons (about 3-4 jupiter diameters) was a double star with one of the companions signifigantly dimmer than the other. It was visible at 58x (23mm barlowed) and even split at 39x though at the edge of splitability (is there such a word?) and maybe I was imagining it at that power.
If anyone can tell me what stars they were it would be greatly appreciated.
Jupiter was crisp and color free at 225x although whatever I saw at 225x (4mm omni plossel)I saw at 163x (5.5 series 5000).
Clear Skies

August 2, 2008 09:47 PM Forum: Refractors

Jupiter in 120 eon ed

Posted By itz marcus

Got Jupiter again this time with the great red spot clearly visible. I watched it transit the globe (over a 3 hr period) It was really nice. Of course I wouldn't call it red but cream but hey who cares it was beautiful anyway.I saw it clearly at 78x (23mm plus 2x barlow) I could've gone lower than that but the only lower power that I had was the 23mm without the barlow and that was to low. Wish I could see more but can't from my light polluted bungalow colony.
Clear Skies

August 4, 2008 09:40 PM Forum: Refractors

Double transit WOW (EON 120)

Posted By itz marcus

Once again the target was Jupiter. Actually it still is I just had to interupt to post this.
I Think that there is a double transit of Jupiter right now.
Over the top belt there are two black dots (actually one is clearly a disc) one moon is almost attached to Jupiter (I don't know whether it has just ended a transit or is about to start one. Anyway I think that I am seeing the shadow of one moon and the actual disc of another passing by the planet.
Let me know if I'm wrong but I think that that is what I saw.
I was viewing at 57x and at 140x and 163x and 225x.
Let me know

August 19, 2008 09:01 PM Forum: Refractors

Eon 120 and Jupiter via prism diag

Posted By itz marcus

Once again the target is Jupiter. In fact it was my only target. How I wish I could shoot out all those crazy lights!!!!!!
Anyway Thanx to Clive I'm using a prism diagonal and it's been grand. The atmosphere was roiling and the roiling was visible even as low as 72x (12.5 uo ortho) but wonder of wonders the great red spot was still clearly visible. I didn't have to look hard it just popped out. The full oval was visible. I upped it to 225x and then to 163x ugh the atmosphere mushed it (those powers have generally been really pleasant on most nights but tonight the atmosphere didn't support it.) I think that the spot would have been visible at 50x-60x but I didn't have the eye piece to get any powers bet 39x and 72x.
I love this EON thanx Mr. Rieck and my hat is off to you Clive for the prism info.