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Posts Made By: James McSheehy

April 12, 2010 07:02 AM Forum: Meade

Meade 20" RCX back in production?

Posted By James McSheehy

Rumors are flying that Meade is going to re-start production of their 20" RCX systems. I saw an ad for the OTA on their Max mount -- $35K. It looks like the f/8 RCX design with the tilting corrector and fixed primary, not the f/10 ACF tubes being sold today.

May 10, 2010 01:32 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Interesting new camera mounts

Posted By James McSheehy

I came across a couple of interesting portable robotic camera mounts. These are intended for panoramic terrestrial shots, but it looks like a simple wedge could convert them for astro use as well. The prices are reasonable $400-$900.

May 11, 2010 03:17 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Re: Camera Mount

Posted By James McSheehy

Astro-Physics sells two nice piggyback adapters:



Very well made, adjustable, and inexpensive.

May 31, 2010 07:39 PM Forum: Star Parties

Colorado West Star Party 6/11-6/13

Posted By James McSheehy

If you're planning to be in western Colorado or eastern Utah the second week of June, please take a look:

Other events throughout the year:

June 21, 2010 09:51 PM Forum: Mounts

And you though the Chronos was cool

Posted By James McSheehy

The world of high-end cinematography and FX is inspiring unique camera mounts. In this five-minute clip we see mounts that are similar to the gear we use, and some rather odd stuff as well. Check out the CMOCOS mount at about the 2:35 mark. It looks like the Chronos mount and Venus de Milo made a baby. grin

June 24, 2010 06:28 AM Forum: Equipment Talk

Re: Custom metal fabricator recommendation needed

Posted By James McSheehy

Other than the black anodizing, almost any machine shop can make that part. Ask locally or try one of the online job shops like

August 17, 2010 07:48 PM Forum: Digital SLR AstroPhotography

Using a 5D Mk1 with Nebulosity or ImagesPlus?

Posted By James McSheehy

I'm trying to use a Canon 5D (the old one) with Craig Stark's Nebulosity software. The program (v2.3) will not connect with the camera over the USB port. I also tried ImagesPlus, and get the same result. Both programs claim to support the 5D, so something is amiss. Is anyone out there currently operating the 5D Mk1 via the USB port using either of these programs?

August 17, 2010 09:20 PM Forum: Telescope Making

Liquid metal alloys

Posted By James McSheehy

This company has been around for awhile, and it looks like they are turning the corner in commercializing their technology of metal alloys that behave like glass.

Liquid metal alloys can be injection molded, sprayed, and cast just like glass, and after cooling they remain amorphous. The lack of a crystal structure also allows a fine polish for optical applications. Apple Computer recently purchased exclusive rights to use this technology in consumer products, and the rumor is they plan to start molding product cases with these metals.

August 31, 2010 09:45 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Deep Sky

This one needs a field flattener...

Posted By James McSheehy

Who says "medium" format is dead 8)

October 7, 2010 12:15 PM Forum: Camping and Outdoors

Granite Gap Astronomy Sites

Posted By James McSheehy

A developer is offering a bunch of 1/3 acre camping/RV sites in SW New Mexico near the Arizona border. They're calling the project Granite Gap, and the covenants are dark sky friendly. The sites are offered on a 99-year lease and have septic, electricity, and internet hookups.

Sounds great, but is it too close to the Mexican border?