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Posts Made By: Tony Aguire

March 1, 2019 08:23 PM Forum: Politics

This is funny. AOC isn't making friends in NY

Posted By Tony Aguire

Originally Posted by Richard Davis
Looks like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is pissing people off in NY with her achievement of driving Amazon away, killing 10s of thousands of New Jobs in that state.  

Andrew Cuomo was apparently begging Jeff Bezos to reconsider coming to NY.

My guess is that AOC isn't long for the House.  She has to re-up every 2 years.  Maybe she won't make it.  How long will Nancy Pelosi put up with her Bullshit?  

LOL.  Leftists in a tizzy, fighting among themselves.  tongue

P.S. It appears the radical left is taking over this party and the left doesn't know what to do.  

Tsk, tsk, such a shame.  wink
She will be around for a long time.

March 1, 2019 10:55 PM Forum: Politics

Here's Your Man, Tony

Posted By Tony Aguire

Bernie 2020. Already donated, already got the bumper stickers on my electric car and my hybrid. However, I will vote for the most electable to get the current crook in chief out.

March 1, 2019 11:29 PM Forum: Politics

This is funny. AOC isn't making friends in NY

Posted By Tony Aguire

You are all scared, lol. Not only is she brown, she is a woman, a beautiful brown woman. Don't make it to obvious how sexist and racist you are, lol...

March 2, 2019 04:07 PM Forum: Politics

This is funny. AOC isn't making friends in NY

Posted By Tony Aguire

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

At the risk of sounding "sexist", and realizing that your idea and juvenile definition of sexism is so utterly shallow that it amounts to somebody disagreeing with someone else on a political position, let me just say this.   

Your idea and my idea of beautiful are obviously quite different.  For one thing, I prefer my women without horse teeth.  There are many beautiful "brown" women.  And I use the term "brown" women, since like most far left radicals, you seem to be all about identity politics rather than substance based politics.

I take people as the are and I don't really look at their appearance.  I prefer common sense and reality over beauty when talking politics.

Perhaps that is why your party is so completely clueless and nonsensical.  

And the only thing I'm scared of are the idiot constituents who make up a very large portion of the voting Democrats.  

Where do you sit, common sense or stupidity?  Don't worry, that was a rhetorical question, as your postings provide ample evidence of your preference.  wink

Where I sit is someone who suggested in a very vague sense that AOC was beautiful, versus you going after her physically you worthless POS bully. Bring it on, bitch. 

March 2, 2019 09:59 PM Forum: Politics

This is funny. AOC isn't making friends in NY

Posted By Tony Aguire

Originally Posted by Richard Davis


I wasn't "going after her", I was simply commenting that I don't find her the least bit attractive.  I'm sure you find anything who will have you as attractive, a mule, a donkey, or any other 4 legged creature.  

My guess is you're familiar in that respect.  wink 

She is a 29 year old do nothing unaccomplished, arrogant loudmouth (kind of like yourself), who thinks because she was elected in a district of leftist fools, that the rest of the world needs to listen to her. 

I couldn't give a rat's as what that 29 year old bartender has to say about how the rest of us need to live.  If you are so ignorant that you think what she has to say is worth one cent, have at it.  

And bring what on, loser?  What does 'bring it on' mean?  You're a complete joke pal.  tongue

BTW, how much did you waste on Bernie's campaign you loser?  
My girlfriend is Latina, not much different looking than AOC, smaller and skinnier. So I take anything you say about her personal... As does her familia.

March 3, 2019 06:57 AM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Taking delivery

Posted By Tony Aguire

Of my Model S, White, 21"wheels, AWD. 0-60 in under 2.6 seconds....

March 4, 2019 12:48 AM Forum: Bad to the Bone Autos

It's Electric...

Posted By Tony Aguire

Originally Posted by Richard Davis

Facts sure are a funny thing.  In fact I rented a Prius for 2 weeks in 2015 when I was in Florida.  I calculated the gas mileage to be between 60-65 MPG, very impressive, but nowhere near the 200 MPG you are claiming.

The problem with the Prius and other electric cars is for 1, the battery consumption.  Replace those batteries and see how cost effective it is.  Those batteries have a life, which maybe you haven't considered, and if it costs $5,000 to replace the batteries after a certain number of years, that needs to be factored into the cost savings, or cost drain, however one looks at it.

Also, the cost to build that Prius is MUCH higher than almost if not all other ICE vehicles. 

Here's a report on it from WIRED mag: 

Here is more:

Here is another report that shoots down your claim of 200MPG.  And I'm sure you'll want to say it is full of crap, however it comes from the Liberal Environmental Protection Agency:

From that article above:

Although the cost of the car was and still is inexpensive, the other two claims, fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness, can’t quite stand up to scrutiny. Let’s start with fuel economy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Prius achieves a combined efficiency of 46 miles to the gallon, averaging 48 in the city and 45 on the highway.

Hmm.. so much for 200MPG eh?  

And one other thing to consider, in electric mode it achieves a whopping 80 HP.  

When combined with the ICE, the HP jumps to 137.  

The article points that out, and once you start laboring that engine, putting a load on it, you can't survive on Electric Power alone.  

That was my experience when I drove it for the 2 weeks back in 2015.  

I thought it was a neat car, but it certainly isn't the Panacea for all the concerns about the HORRIBLE Carbon Footprint, which really isn't horrible at all.  wink

P.S.   More from the equinox article:

The issue is, a car weighing that much ends up using more fuel to stay at highway speeds because of its lack of power. The problem increases when you drive even more quickly. The British television show, Top Gear, conducted an experiment involving a Toyota Prius and a 414 horsepower BMW M3. The Toyota was tasked with driving as quickly as possible around a race track for ten laps, while all the BMW had to do was keep up.

When the ten laps were up, the Prius managed 17.2 mpg while the BMW averaged 19.4 mpg. It’s odd then for any car sold based on efficiency, when that efficiency depends on the driver. To quote Top Gear further, “It’s not what you drive that matters, it’s how you drive it.” The second assumption made about the Prius is that, because it’s a hybrid, it will be environmentally friendly. This simply is not the case. The manufacturing process for the Prius (and all other hybrids) is extensive and complicated...
Oh my are you silly. That is my Leaf in the picture, which is fully electric and can get 200mpge. I typically get 48 mpg in my Prius, but it has a couple mods that reduced it's efficiency slightly. 1500 watt stereo, high performance tires, sway bar in the rear and a thicker one in the front, strut tower brace, mid chassis brace...  List goes on,  but it's basically a Japan spec roadcourse build. 

But the Tesla, lol. It makes your eyes hurt with acceleration, lol.

March 4, 2019 01:07 AM Forum: Global Warming - REAL or NOT

Taking delivery

Posted By Tony Aguire

Originally Posted by Darian Rachal

Sounds like a very nice vehicle. Do you still get some type of tax deduction for that? If you don't mind me asking, what does a vehicle like that run?smile
Thank you. 3,750 tax credit, just over 116k after taxes and fees. I did not opt for autonomous driving tech, so that saved a couple bucks. Long term though, while it seems expensive, the cost is dirt cheap in terms of maintenance. Later this spring we are hopefully finally getting solar installed, that's going to make this practically free to operate outside of tires, air cabin filters and brakes..

March 24, 2019 06:39 PM Forum: Politics

No surprises here

Posted By Tony Aguire

I've suspected this all along, now there is scientific proof Trump supporters essentially use him to compensate for their own weakness

March 25, 2019 04:41 AM Forum: Politics

No surprises here

Posted By Tony Aguire

Don't let your Viagra prescription lapse, snowflakes.