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Posts Made By: Michael Minnhaar

May 24, 2006 05:53 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

R200SS direct wide adapter

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

I plan to get the vixen direct wide adapter for my canon 5D and wonder what the difference between the canon and the generic version is ?

I have canon and a nikon t-mount adapters and they appear to have the very same threaded inserts. Is the canon version specific for the vixen eos-t-mount adapter ?


November 18, 2006 12:23 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

Disappearing Seller

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

Two weeks ago a seller with 7 or 8 positive feedbacks spread out over
a year or so had an eyepiece for sale, I responded, got confirmation
and was asked to pay by paypal.
After I did so, the seller never responded to inquiries or sent the
eyepiece, today I noted all his ads and rateings have been deleted.

Guess I'm screwed, despite all the care applied. Happens the second
time now to me, after 30+ smooth trades.

I think we need a way to document and archive these cases, as I have
a very likely authentic full name & address (confirmed by paypal),
so guys like that cannot simply erase their history here and later
pop up with a new account.


November 20, 2006 12:24 AM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Eraseing ads

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

In a thread in this forum of 10/3 its suggested one cannot erase an ad totally.

But, I have a serious interest a certain for sale ad (I have the #), which appears truely
to be deleted. A search does not bring anything up, nor do my feedback link to it
show its contents. What can I do ? I need a copy of it.


November 24, 2006 04:37 PM Forum: AstroMart FAQ

Improvement suggestion

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

I'd like to suggest adding a few direct links to the "Howto use Ratings" in some intuitive places.
I tried today for quite a while to find these
rules and found it only via searching the forums for older posts:

"Intuitive to me" are e.g Astromart->About, Terms of Service, Help & FAQ, Unused Ratings Menu ...


December 12, 2006 07:19 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

Seller ethics question

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

I had a couple of deals recently that didn't go through smooth or not at all and I wonder if I'm too sensitive or out of line as I've been told. The latest one is:

I responded to an ad "I'll take it" and received a "Sounds good to me. My paypal info: . I will need your shipping info."
Paid within hours and emailed the info requested (although is quite obsolte, as paypal will show this).
Two weeks passed, no mail. I inquired in emails, direct & via astromart, no reply. Another week later I open a dispute on paypal. Within hours the seller comes forward and says he never sold to me, allegedly emailed me so and sold to someone else. But quickly refunded the money.

But I'm still disgrunted, as I think he was still negligent, even if he never got any emails from me nor from paypal as he claims: Notice the incomeing payment on paypal (it clearly said what it's for) and not rest until he got this fixed.
I think a neutral (3 star) rateing for this is still generous. Opinions ?

December 27, 2006 12:06 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System

ISS movie

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

This movie of an ISS transit beats anything I have seen before, by a margin:

Taken with a 80cm RC, manufacturer modifed mount to slew at 4 deg/sec, they wrote their own tracking & autoguiding (on the moveing sattelite !) software. Stunning effort.


January 22, 2007 03:37 PM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System


Posted By Michael Minnhaar

For all of you, that thought we northern hemispherers got some decent shots of McNaught:
Guess that exceeds the wildest dreams Robert might have had last August when he saw his first image of itsmile


January 31, 2007 10:53 PM Forum: Refractors

Right Angle Wrong Image finder ?

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

I wonder if I should post this under "like to complain about everything".
My RACI finder shows things flipped compared to my Refractor with diagonal. As I spend much more time looking through the refractor than the finder, I'm used to have things flipped. The finder is therefore of RAWI type, period :C
Any suggestions on a source for plain mirror diagonal 8x50 finders ?

Michael, ranteing

February 10, 2007 05:38 PM Forum: Eyepieces

Eyepiece Technical Database (fixed links)

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

Given many recent discussions about EP technical data I like offer here a spreadsheet with data about EP that I do or have owned. It is similar to Televue's eyepiece specifications found at

It allows to exactly answer questions like:
How does the field of view of EP xx compare to YY ? Which fits more into its field of view ?
Does EP xx show all of Pleiades in my scope ?
Is EP xx parfocal with yy ?
I have EP xx and with that I have 10mm focuser in-travel left. If I buy EP yy, will it still come to focus ?

I'd appreciate any suggestions to improve this as I'm sure many users will need more explanations how to use this data.
Or how to measure their own eyepices to add to this list.
Attached is a picture of the spreadsheet, the .xls file itself can be found at

February 18, 2007 12:46 PM Forum: Ask rating questions here

Re: Have you heard this one?

Posted By Michael Minnhaar

Honestly, to me this sound's like a possible scenario. Its certainly a bit rude of the buyer to unilaterally back out, but I see no evidence for dishonesty or negligence by the buyer here. You said yourself - you did not expect or request proof of mailing the MO. You could still ask him to email/fax a copy of the MO return receipt that the seller should still have and tell him that your rateing of him depends on that.

I myself once bought a telescope, sent the MO as requested and it 2 weeks later did not arrive per the seller. I asked (!) to call off the deal, the seller agree'd and that was it. A MO refund is subject to a mandatory wait of 8 weeks from the issue date. So I had no way of determining if the seller or a thief cashed the MO before that time and did not want to send another payment (was almost 1000 bucks) until I knew what is going on.
At the end - the MO (sent w/delivery confirmation) came back after 3 weeks with "Receipient Address does not exist", although the address was correct to the letter.

What would I do different next time ? Little, send the MO by real-time traceable means, like UPS. Make the seller aware that a MO might not be the best way to pay and may cause the payment process take unacceptable long time, if any problems occurs.