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Posts Made By: Eric Planalp

May 15, 2005 03:17 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

V-Blocks and Secondary Spots

Posted By Eric Planalp

Thanks for the wealth of information, guys. For now, I'm going to pass on spotting my secondary (I've read both sides online and both seem pretty adamant about either doing it or not) but I am going to construct a v-block device to make sure my laser's square. Thanks again!


May 16, 2005 12:31 PM Forum: Equipment Talk

V-Blocks and Secondary Spots

Posted By Eric Planalp

I've eyeballed my collimator (standard "deluxe" version sold by Orion, Owl Services, etc.).

It basically consists of three pieces of different dimensions; the barrel that slides into the focuser, a knurled holding ring, then a cylinder in the rear that houses the laser.

The two barrel components that would rest in a v-block are of a different diameter. The front barrel is a little under 1.25" and the back barrel housing the laser is exactly 1.25"

If I used one v-block on each barrel, would this still work in theory, except the laser would be pointed down a little since the "rear" v-block would be higher than the front? Even if the unit were pointed "nose down," wouldn't it still rotate evenly and achieve the same effect?


May 2, 2006 06:25 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Lunar Scope, Which Of These Is Best?

Posted By Eric Planalp

Yes, it's true these two instruments are, as Mr. Moreno put it, "wildly disparate." I asked that size, cooldown, collimation, etc. not be considered because they are not factors for me with my 10". It stays outside permanently in a kind of removeable-top "observatory," made just for it, so it would actually be "more work" to carry another smaller instrument outside.

I know these factors could make a huge difference to somebody else in choosing between such different scopes, but not to me so that's why I asked that all discount them. I suppose, though, for practical purposes, "atmosphere" should not be disregarded.

As far as comparing the view through both scopes, does anybody have any thoughts on what views might be more, shall I say, "pleasing to the eye?" Would you be able to view a bright moon, say 3/4 full, for 10-15 minutes through the ED scope without any kind of filter to cut down on the light coming through, which I find to be impossible in the 10"?

With no chromatic aberration and no need for a filter, would the colors through the smaller ED scope be more "natural" than the larger reflector and allow one to pick up on color nuances on the surface besides shadows that might be obscured or "washed out" in the larger, but filtered, reflector.

I'm curious about any "intangibles" like this that I might not have thought of.

May 3, 2006 02:05 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Lunar Scope, Which Of These Is Best?

Posted By Eric Planalp

Thanks again for all your opinions, guys.

Since I really can't see how one of these smaller ED scopes would improve my observing time in the back yard, I think I'll just pass on the novelty of getting one and use the money instead to get a medium-power Nagler eyepiece I can use for lower-power lunar viewing and also globular clusters and smaller DSO's with the trusty 10" Dob.

Again, thanks for all your opinions and information!


January 4, 2009 05:55 AM Forum: Eyepieces

TeleVue Plossl Eye Relief

Posted By Eric Planalp

I think they will probably work for me. I never thought of calling TeleVue to ask. I think I'll do that. Thanks again!

March 16, 2011 04:09 PM Forum: Guns and Hunting Optics

best ak...

Posted By Eric Planalp

I don't know if it's the best, but based on experience the Norinco MAK-90 is definitely a very good one. You're just kidding about the rabbits and quail, right? Man, I wish I lived where quail are over-abundant. They're pretty much extinct where I live due to removal of their habitat. If you've got a lot around, consider yourself fortunate.

June 9, 2011 05:16 PM Forum: Guns and Hunting Optics

Buying A Walmart Gun

Posted By Eric Planalp

Lee Spain said:

I bought my last firearm at my local Walmart.

As the manager walked me out to the parking lot, I couldn't help but wonder how Herb handles such transactions. Do the sales folks act all befuddled, do they wrap your firearm six ways to Sunday and then walk it out like a suitcase nuke? They probably handle it in a far cooler way.

At least, the Walmart folks didn't say real loud on the PA: "Manager to Sporting Goods for A Gun Sale" They did that for my wife about 11 years ago when she bought a .22. She was mortified! grin

I bought a Mini-14 at Walmart awhile back and it was the same thing: escort you outside the store then hand it to you. The lady working in Sporting Goods said a lot of Walmarts are getting rid of their firearms sales, but that store made a lot of money in that department so didn't want to shut theirs down.

I'm guessing the background for this policy is the somewhat common practice of people walking into gun stores, asking to see one, then chambering a round they brought with them and killing themselves right in the store. When I was a kid, somebody where I live actually did that in the JC Penney store, of all places. It happens more than you think. The employees of every dedicated gun store I've ever been in all have handguns on their sides. Guess it would look bad if the associates at Walmart did the same.

You think the guns are bad: I bought an 8" Buck knife at the same counter and they sent it up to customer service at the front of the store and held it there until I paid up front and checked out. Don't know if that was an anti-theft deal or what. Seemed a little ridiculous to me.

It was worth the inconvenience for me: got the same rifle for $60 less at Walmart as opposed to a gun shop half a mile away.