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Posts Made By: David Simons

April 11, 2006 08:10 AM Forum: Telescope Making

Meade 114NT MONSTER project

Posted By David Simons

Stu Lieberman said:

1> The pipe mount with 2 axis balancing is a very stable, low for comfortable viewing, smooth, and portable.

2> The finders are in a great position and I was very lucky to find an extremely lost cost (Home Depot $15.00) 'setting circle' finderscope aimer.

3> I was able to create primary adjustment 'knobs' for under $1.00. Just buy 40mm long metric Hex cap screws and fabricate a 3/8" spacer. Replace 1 screw at a time. It takes 3 minutes to exchange them. No tools needed to turn the 'knobs', fingers will do it. (Remove 1 screw and bring it to your harware store for a match). I cut a piece of aluminum tubing for the spacers.

The EP moves only about 10" from horizon to zenith and I can be in one sitting position for all elevations.

Hi Stu,

Nice way to solve the collimation problem on the little four and a half. I will have to look for the settng circle finderscope aimer at HD. I like the offset counterweight to get the ep. of the scope near the axis. It think something like this was done for GE mounts a long time ago, but it put the counterweight next to your head. (Springfield mount?)

April 15, 2006 01:48 AM Forum: Eyepieces

Nagler 22mm T-4 is in the house!

Posted By David Simons


I am an eyeglass wearer, and for me the type 4 Naglers are wonderful.

Enjoy !

April 16, 2006 04:33 AM Forum: Deep Sky Observing

April DSO List

Posted By David Simons

Hi Dave,

For me, though I think the list will be a bit shorter:

clouds and or rain. cwy

May 4, 2006 01:33 AM Forum: CCD Imaging and Processing/Deep Sky

M 101

Posted By David Simons

Wow ...


June 25, 2006 10:50 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Should I go Orion, or build my own dob?

Posted By David Simons

Hi Michael,

You can buy some parts and make others, I bought the finished OTA with rings and built the classic style pipe mount. BTW this mount also handles my 8" and 10" ota's as they are all about the same length. It took 1/2 hour to build the mount !

July 7, 2006 12:35 AM Forum: Telescope Making

Contact Info For Alan Raycraft?

Posted By David Simons

Hi John,

I don't think he has a web page. Here is what I have about Alan:


Alan Raycraft,  719-347-7630
27730 Judge Orr Rd.,  Calhan,  Colo.  80808
[email protected] 

I think I have some more info way down near the bottom of my web page:, but don't laugh too much at my crude attempts at a web page !!

July 7, 2006 07:00 AM Forum: Solar System Observing

Asteroid flyby observed

Posted By David Simons

Michael Connelley said:

Did anyone else attempt to see this NEA? Any success?

Mike Connelley

Hi Mike,

Well ... I tried here in Northern, CA. We had good seeing for this location actually, maybe mag 5.5 skies. I first brought out the big bino's, and with a tremendous amount of imagination, I thought I saw something wink in and out along a straight line in the Cassiopeia area (8:00UT) according to the maps I downloaded from Sky and Tel. Then I pulled out my 10"SN for a closer look, but now could no longer see anything moving as I traced up the sky following the map time line. So I would call it a maybe minus.

I did have some fun setting up the equipment though, and had a very nice wide field tour of Cassiopeia.

July 15, 2006 06:52 AM Forum: Refractors

Anisotropic optics?

Posted By David Simons

Hi Jess,

I occasionally work with with folks who know a lot about non-linear optics and crystals that are used for doubling wavelengths of laser light. (I hope to be the first one on my block with a blue laser pointer this fall). IIRC the birefringence of some crystals (TiO2, Calcite etc.) means they have different indices of refraction for different polarization directions (hence the double image seen in these crystals), but I don't think it matters as much the angle, only the polarization.

August 2, 2006 03:23 AM Forum: Reflectors

Aluminum coating for mirror?

Posted By David Simons

Resonable price and average 4 day turn around:

Bob Fies
SF Bay Area

I have had about three mirrors done, so far so good.

August 17, 2006 12:39 AM Forum: Refractors

Possible new Petzval F/5 Apos from APM/TMB/LZOS

Posted By David Simons

Hi Markus,

Very exciting news.

Is f5 too agressive ?

Would f6 or f7 be easier, or less expensive ?

I am very interested in the:

[COLOR="Blue"]200 mm F/5 with 60 mm diffraction limited image circle [/COLOR]

Please keep us posted.