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Posts Made By: Terry swan

September 26, 2010 04:15 AM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Re: 2" visual back for C8

Posted By Terry swan

I'm new, to astronomy. Could someone explain what is meant by "1.25" visual back"?

September 26, 2010 05:11 AM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Radians, plosses, and naglers..oh my.

Posted By Terry swan

Hi everyone, Just got my first scope! grin First off I want to apologies for the long posting, but here goes.

10" zhumell f4.92
It came with:
Zhumell 32mm eyepiece,
13mm Baader hyperion
moon filter
Skycommander, and so on.

My bio:
Eyeglasses/astigmatism (doesnt really bother me looking through eyepiece).
I’m an ultrasound tech, so I have a train eye for detail and I prefer a quality eyepiece for clarity and details. Price is not too big of an issue right now…. But I will buy use, if I can and get just what i need and not what I want.
I will be using the scope for everything right now..planetary, DSO.
I've been coming to this web site for years, oogling over all the scopes for sale, and just wishing. I got to know fairly well all the ins and outs about scopes in general. But do ya think I would spend a little time reading on eyepieces? Why would I do that?

So now I’m a little perplexed. Here are the questions:

1. a)Where can I go, to a boiled down read of the various eyepieces? There’s nagler 2-6, plossels , hyperion, ethos ( I’ve read a little about ethos, and daddy really likey) etc....
b)And which size 1.25 or 2”

2.I’ve got a grasp on Barlows. I like the Powermates (I know it’s somewhat different from an average Barlow) But should I get 2.5x, 3x, or 4x, in a 2” or 1.25. Logic tells me that the larger diameter of input the more light going through? So is 2” better?

3.Are some eyepieces better for planetary vs DSO?

4.Also my thinking is that eyepieces, for the most part, are engineered to work together better if they are from the same company? EX- A Powermate would probably perform better with a Ethos or nagler, as compare with a Powermate and Baader eyepiece?
Ok that it’s for the long posting. I will keep it shorter the next time. Thank you all, so much, for answering these common newbie tedious letters.

P.S. would it be ok to post my scope pictures? When I can get it on the computer?

October 2, 2010 05:13 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Powermates and Barlows

Posted By Terry swan

At what point does a powermate become basically usless.

Lets say you have a 3x or 4x. Would the magnification of the 4x be some much that it is usless due to loss of resolution?

And what pieces would it be good for. I am assumint that a 4-9mm would not be to much mag. And does a powermate cut down the light coming through the eyepeice?

1.25 worse than a 2? for higher powermates (3x+)

Thanks guys for your input.


October 6, 2010 05:48 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

Why the price difference?

Posted By Terry swan

Why is there such a differences in prices between 1.25 and 2" eyepieces? Meade 2" is roughly 50-$100 difference in the use market and similar price from the new vendors. TV Powermate 2x 1.25 used is about $120, compared to $200+ for a 2"

What is a compression ring? is that like an adapter for a 1.25? on a 2"

Thanks to everyone


October 6, 2010 08:30 PM Forum: Beginning Astronomy?

focal lengths and fast scopes.

Posted By Terry swan

Ive notice that some people report that this eyepeice or that eyepiece does not function well in a fast scope (f/5 or lower). Why is that. I have a zhumell 10" f4.92. Are there certain brands or fl that I shouldnt waste money on and will a paracorr solve all the ills in regards to an eyepiece not functioning in a fast scope?